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The Observer, The National Sri Lanka Newspaper - Reporting About Malaysian Volunteers

Homeopathic Doctor Without Barrier
Philosophy and Motto
" Our principle is to place medicine above all. Those poor people needs our help. We cannot just leave the suffering of the population to the government alone. We should come forward to help the. Tha's why I join this group, " says Dr Mohamad Ali Hamzah, one of the volunteer member's

Thailand Newspaper : Talking About Malaysian Homeopathic Volunteers at Nakorn si Thamarat Worst Flood Disaster in 1988

Kuala Lumpur:
It is not only Malaysia that this DRTB works, but they were every where, this is the proof that the group has being helping the Thailand Worst Fllod Disaster at Nakorn si Thamarat, Thiland in 1988.
The Governor of Nakorn praised the volunteers.

Homeopathic Volunteers at Afghanistan 1987

Malaysian Homeopathic Doctors Without Barrier has being serving people around the world for the last 25 years from 1979 till 2009. This group of homeopathic doctors headed by Dr Nik Omar bin haji Nik Daud has served at various places such as:-
* Afghanistan
* pakistan
* Sri Langka
* Malaysia
* Indonesia
* Cambodia, etc.

see more detail at

Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia and Its Development

From Utusan pengguna, Pulau Pinang

The development of homeopathy in Malaysia in brief. Written in Chinese language, give chance to the chinese to understand what is homeopathy and how it works. It is written Prof Dr Nik Omar as one of the pioneers of homeopathy in Malaysia.

Dr Nik Omar Spread Homeopathy Not Only in Malaysia but in ASEAN Countries

Prof Dr Nik Omar went to Pakistan to be a medical student but ended up as an expert in alternative medicine instead. Today he heads what is, perhaps, the biggest and only homeopathic organization in Malaysia. He has written more than 500 articles about his works in newspapers, magazines, local and abroad. He is one of the leading homeopathic scholar ever produce by Malaysia.

Malaysia Centre of Homeopathic Learning

Kuala Lumpur:
Malaysia has the potential of being the centre of homeopathic learning in the region. The setting up of the Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia which conducts a five year courses in the testimony to this potential, Deputy Minister in Prime Minister department Drs Suleiman Mohamed said this at the opening of three days Congress of the Asian Homeopathic Medical League here.

Earlier, Association President Dr Nik Omar bin Haji Nik Daud said Malaysia needed more qualified homeopathic doctors to cater demand for their services. " Homeopathy is becoming popular because it is simple, effective, economical and harmless, " he said.

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Swine Flu: A Dangerous Scenario

Swine Flu: A Dangerous Scenario

Sally Tamplin DSH, PCH, MARH

On April 26, 2009 the US declared a public health emergency for the emerging new swine flu. As of Monday April 27th officials have reported 20 U.S. cases of swine flu in five states, with the latest in Ohio and New York. There have been outbreaks in Canada and other parts of the world including Europe, Israel and New Zealand. Unlike in Mexico where the same strain appears to be killing dozens of people, cases in the United State have been mild. U.S. health authorities can't yet explain why. In Mexico there have been 103 suspected deaths and 1400 people have severe respiratory illness, at present it is unknown if this is swine flu related.

The US has released 25% of its national stockpile of anti viral medications. The anti - viral medications Tamiflu and Relenza have proved to be effective in cases so far. No vaccine specifically protects against swine flu. The human flu shot given every winter won’t help. Vaccine makers have taken initial steps to make a vaccine; those with older technology will take 26 weeks once a vaccine has been developed. Companies such as Baxter International Inc. have more advanced technology and state that they can make a vaccine in 13 weeks once it has been developed.

Swine Influenza (swine flu) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type-A influenza that regularly cause outbreaks of influenza among pigs. Swine flu viruses do not normally infect humans, however, human infections with swine flu do occur, and cases of human-to-human spread of swine flu viruses have been documented.

From December 2005 through February 2009, a total of 12 human infections with swine influenza were reported from 10 states. Since March 2009, a number of confirmed human cases of a new strain of swine influenza A (H1N1) virus infection have been identified. An investigation by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is ongoing.

This new strain of virus appears to have claimed its first victims near Mexico City where the impact is being felt the hardest at the moment. It is believed to have originated in Veracruz, in an area called La Gloria which is surrounded by an expanse of many pig farms. The CDC has said that the virus has the capability to mutate and evolve with the possibility to render it a formidable and deadly wipe-out virus.


Symptoms include a fever of more than 100 degrees, body aches, coughing, sore throat, respiratory congestion and, in some cases, vomiting and diarrhea. In adults emergency warning signs include difficulty breathing, pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen, sudden dizziness, confusion and severe and persistent vomiting.

The Homeopathic Solution:

There is a wealth of information on Flu take time to look at the site, read how homeopathy works and pass on the address to all of your family, friends and colleagues.

Homeopathic remedies are safe, cheap, easily available and extremely effective for acute and very serious disease. There is no interaction between a homeopathic remedy and a conventional medication - if you take drugs prescribed by your doctor a homeopathic remedy will not interfere. You do not have to wait for a diagnosis before using homeopathy, simply pay attention to your symptoms and determine which remedy fits your present picture of ill health. Homeopathy proved its effectiveness in the epidemics and pandemics of the past. During the 1918 Spanish Influenza the use of homeopathic remedies saved countless lives.

The Minnesota Homeopathic Association has worked extremely hard for several years to produce a plan to deal with pandemic flu scenarios. When homeopaths have been able to see enough sick people we will post on the front page of the flusolution web site the homeopathic remedies that we have found to be the most effective for the majority of the people seen with swine flu. It may also be possible to use these remedies identified as a preventative measure, similar to a vaccination. There are many professional homeopaths all over the world who are available for private educational consultations they are ready, willing, extremely knowlegable and skilled. Feel free to consult them for their expertise.

Dr. Jacob Mirman and Sally Tamplin developed an influenza kit that is available from Washington Homeopathic Pharmacy (, details can be found at This kit is the culmination of over a year of research, and takes into account the remedies to all previous pandemic influenza outbreaks over the past two hundred years. The kit includes remedies in potencies not usually available in your local health food store or co–op. We strongly suggest that you purchase this kit, as each kit has the potential to help hundreds of people.

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Swine Flu & Homeopathic Treatment by Delialah Falcon

Delialah Falcon

Find out more about Delialah:

Delialah has a Bachelor's degree in Naturopathic Medicine with a concentration in herbology. She is almost at the completion of her Master's working towards a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.

Swine flu viruses do not normally infect humans, however, recent human infections have been diagnosed in the United States and abroad. There are 2 out of the 4 anti-viral drugs used to treat influenza viruses that have been effective in treating this new strain of swine flu. Herbal remedies, although they can not cure the flu, can stimulate the immune system to better combat the effects of the flu while relieving symptoms and speeding recovery. There are a handful of herbs that are well known for their anti-viral and immune-boosting properties.

Echinacea is considered by many to be the best overall herbal remedy against viruses. By helping to destroy the virus and boost the immune system, it allows your body to effectively eliminate the virus in a shorter time span, resulting in less severe symptoms and decreased rate of complications and/or secondary infections. Echinacea works best as a preventative measure and with the possibility of a swine flu pandemic, it may be a good idea to stock up on this herbal remedy.

In a possible pandemic swine flu scenario, there are likely to be shortages of Tamiflu and Relenza, the 2 anti-viral medications that have been proven to be effective in treating the swine flu. Treatment with herbal remedies may become a necessity if the swine flu does in fact emerge into a pandemic. Black elderberry extract has shown promising results in treating influenza viruses.

A small study published years ago showed that 93% of flu patients given Sambucol, a black elderberry extract available at health food stores, were entirely symptom-free within 2 days while those taking a placebo took an average of 6 days to recover. In folk medicine, flowers from the black elder bush were used to calm symptoms associated with colds, flu and sinus problems. Unlike Echinacea, Elderberry is not affective at preventing flu and will only aid in treating the flu symptoms in infected individuals.

While the world anxiously waits to see which directions this swine flu will take, it is never too soon to begin preventative measures. Increase your daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables to boost antioxidant intake. Get plenty of rest to improve internal healing systems and engage in aerobic exercise which will strengthen respiratory function. Stop by your local health food store and pick up a few bottles of Sambucol and Echinacea. It’s better to have these items on hand should the need arise to use them.

Swine Flu & Homeopathic Treatment For All Flu

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Swine Flu treatment questions
April 30, 9:12 AM · 3 comments
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Question: I read your article about elderberry to treat Swine flu. Can you provide more detailed data on studies or clinical trials using elderberry extract? Also, what are your feelings on the homeopathic remedy Oscillococcinum which is popular in treating regular flu to treat swine flu? Any evidence you have on either would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: Oscillococcinum is an FDA approved, inexpensive homeopathic treatment for the flu. I have had much success in treating myself and my children just this season when the flu made it’s way through our home. In fact, my pediatrician prescribed Tamiflu which I did not administer to my kids because their symptoms improved dramatically after just 2 doses of Oscillococcinum. With that said, we do not yet know the mechanics of the swine flu and the manner in which it will affect the body, making it difficult to speculate on the best course of natural treatment.

Both elderberry syrup and Oscillococcinum are inexpensive and available at health food stores with the latter even sold in traditional pharmacies. Because they work to stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal from within, it is probable these will be effective in treating the symptoms of the swine flu.
I recommend purchasing these items and having them on hand to treat the swine flu should the need arise. If this pandemic does not come to fruition, these treatments are always good to have in stock to treat any future cold and/or flu outbreaks.

Once again, I can not stress enough the importance of prevention. Start by sticking to the basics: frequent hand washing, increased fruit and vegetable intake, stay hydrated with 8 glasses of water daily, get an adequate amount of sleep each night, exercise a minimum of 5x per week, avoid stress (that includes the stress caused by worrying about the possibility of a swine flu pandemic).

Below is further information on both remedies.


Oscillococcinum is the number one over-the-counter flu medication in France, where it has been used for over 60 years. The medication, a dilute extract of duck liver and heart, comes in granule form. It's believed to indirectly stimulate the body's immune system and other defenses, according to pharmacist Christophe Merville, west coast branch manager of Boiron, a French manufacturer of homeopathic remedies.

A study in the April 1998 issue of the British Homeopathic Journal reported that 17.4 percent of those taking oscillococcinum were symptom-free the day after treatment began, compared to 6.6 percent of those taking placebos. In a similar study published in the March 1989 issue of the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 24.6 percent of those with mild to moderate symptoms had recovered by the second day, compared to 11.9 percent of those taking placebos. No significant side effects were found in either study.

Homeopathic remedies work quickly, says Merville, and you should see an improvement in your symptoms within 48 hours. If not, you're taking the wrong extract for your condition. Merville also says you can take oscillococcinum with over-the-counter preparations, prescription medications or other natural remedies without worrying about drug interactions.

Elderberry extract
Elderberry extract contains a high percentage of three flavonoids -- naturally occurring plant substances -- that have been shown to possess antiviral properties. A study published in the winter 1995 issue of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine examined the flu-fighting abilities of Sambucol, a commercial elderberry extract preparation.

In the study, scientists found that Sambucol interfered with the growth of multiple strains of both influenza A and B viruses in cell cultures. In human tests, 35 healthy subjects were given four tablespoons of Sambucol daily for three days, and researchers recorded no side effects. Twenty-seven subjects were then given either Sambucol or a placebo for three days during a flu outbreak at an Israeli kibbutz.

Children took two tablespoons daily and adults took four. None of the study participants had received a flu shot. Fully 90 percent of those taking Sambucol were completely cured within three days, while most of those who took the placebo needed six days to recover.

Email your alternative medicine questions to Delialah at

Malaysia Free from Swine Flu

Kuala Lumpur.
April 28 (Bernama) -- Malaysians need not worry about the deadly swine influenza as the country was free of the epidemic, said Health Ministry director-general Tan Sri Dr Mohd Ismail Merican.

He said there were no cases based on observation for signs or 'influenza-like illness'.

Dr Mohd Ismail said to ensure that the situation remained as such the ministry had activated the disease control division yesterday to monitor the situation as well as check for signs of the virus at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and all other entry points.

"The ministry will also have a joint meeting with relevant agencies tomorrow to discuss steps that can be taken to prevent and control any epidemic.

"In that regard, the ministry will make press statements from time to time to inform people about developments and steps taken," he said in a statement here today.

Dr Mohd Ismail said a World Health Organisation (WHO) report dated yesterday said there were 40 cases related to the Swine Influenza A (H1N1) confirmed through laboratory tests in the United States and in Mexico 26 cases with seven deaths.

He said there were 1,840 suspected H1N1 cases in Mexico involving 104 deaths.

Six cases were detected in Canada, two in Scotland and one in Spain while there were 25 cases reported in New Zealand, he said.

Dr Mohd Ismail said based on the situation, WHO had raised the influenza pandemic warning from Phase 3 to Phase 4 and this showed a possibility of a pandemic.

"Phase 4 means the virus going from humans to humans and causing an epidemic among communities but WHO has not placed any restrictions in health, travel and trade.

"The increase in phase does not mean the pandemic could not be stopped but the phase could go down or go up based on the information and situation," he said.

He said given that WHO had raised the level to Phase 4, the Health Ministry advised people not to travel overseas especially to countries affected.

Dr Mohd Ismail also advised individuals who fall sick while travelling to get immediate treatment.

Any information on the swine flu can be obtained on 03-88810200 or 03-88810300 or on


Swine Flu Virus

Latest News 30 April 2009

By Valentino Lucio - Express-News At the San Antonio International Airport, it was business as usual Saturday, except for passengers traveling to and from Mexico, which is coping with a deadly outbreak of swine flu.

Several travelers from Mexico City said people back home are scared about the swine flu virus and are taking extra precautions to stay healthy. According to reports, 70 people have died in Mexico from the outbreak.

Alberto San Roman had a blue surgical mask in his pocket as he waited for his flight home to Mexico City to arrive. It was one of the precautions he is taking, including not shaking hands or visiting crowded areas.

“When you have people dying, even if it's only one or two,” said San Roman, 39, “you need to do what you can to protect yourself and your family.”

As a high school teacher, San Roman was glad the classes were canceled for students in Mexico City on Friday. He mentioned that his students seemed to be taking the warnings lightly, but hopes they use caution.

“I've talked to some of my friends who are doctors, and they told me that it's more like 150 people have died from this flu,” he said. “So people should take this seriously, and I hope my students pay attention to the warnings.”

But Jose Campos, a photographer from Mexico City, thinks the media have exaggerated the threat of the outbreak. Although he said his young children and his wife received a flu shot this year, he didn't feel the need to get vaccinated. Campos said many people back home are scared, but added that he wouldn't take any extra precautions until the number of people diagnosed with the virus increased.

“People are afraid because the media is making a lot of noise,” said Campos, 51. Even with several dozen deaths recorded in Mexico City, he said, “in a city of 23 million that's almost nothing.”