Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Is Homeopathy Slow ? - Second Case

Case Record From
Homeopathic Hospital Gelang Mas, Kelantan.

Name of Patient: Raja Rusnani Raja Sulaiman Lady Age 43 years
Adreess; Kg Kedai Lalat, Kelantan.
Diagnosed: Chronic Ammenorrhoea.

The patient came to our clinic on 14 July 2008 complaining of Absent of period for last two years. During this two years she has been to various hospital and private medical centre in the city of Kota Bharu, but no improvement. Still no period.

The patient was our patient at Kuala Lumpur clinic since last 10 years, which she had the same problem and after getting homeopathic treatment her period was normal for 8 years until year 2006 she again having the same problems when shifted to Kelantan.

On first consultation 14 July I prescribe her Sepia 200c for one week and ask her to come back after one month.
Today 27th August 2008 she came back and told me that her period has come after 3 weeks of taking the medicines.
No more medicine were given, Only free consultation.

Is this we consider as Homeopathic Is slow working ?
Other method of treatment failed to bring good result. But within one consultation of homeopathic pills, the patient is alringht !

Homeopathy is not slow. It is one of the best method of treating chronic cases with holistic approach.

Is Homeopathy Slow ?

Some of layman complaint that Hoemopathy Is Slow !
Slow Result ?
Slow Action ?

First Answer: Yes it is true in Chronic Cases, such as a cse of Asthma of long duration say 10 years history or hypertension for 20 years history, gastritis for last 15 years, definately it will take some time to cure them through homeopathy.

Second Answer: Homeopathy is Not Slow
It is Very Fast and Prompt Cure.

On 26 of August 2008 at 8.30 pm I was called by my friend's house to see his wife who is suffering from severe vomiting, diarrhoea and severe cramp.On my arrival at the house, I can heard his wife vomiting frequently. She was exhausted. My friend told me that his wife has vomiting more tahn 20 times since last 20 minutes.
On taking a careful examination, I gave Ipecac 30c alternately with Cup Met 30c , every 5 minutes.
Suprising after 10 minutes the voting stop, cramp stop and the loose stool stop.
I left the house after 30 minutes.
After 2 hours I again called my friend as ask the condition of his wife. He said his wife is completely cured after taking about 10 doses of Ipecac and 5 doses of Cu Met.

Does Homeopathy Slow
The answer is Homeopathy is Fast and Prompt Result

Two Cases of Infertility Successfull Treated with Homoeopathy

Recorded by Dr Faridah
Homeopathic Medical Centre, 128 Jalan Raja Abdullah
Kuala Lumpur.

Lady Mrs K Age 32 years married 6 years - no cildren
She first came to our Homeopathic Fertility Clinic on 25 April 2008
She was diagnosed by allopathic doctor as endometrosis and blockage of right fallopian tube.
After homeopathic case taking, I prescribed her Sepia 200 bid for one week to be follow up by Platina 30c bid for one weeks

2nd follow up : I have given Mang Phos 12x for two weeks

2nd month: Not much changes but the priod was lest pain

on 3rd months the lady was confirmed pregnant


Surgical Cases Cured by Homeopathy

Case No.1: Diagnosis : Multiple Papilloma
Recorded by Dr R. P. Mathur, India

Mr A , Age 16 was refferd by E.N.T. Specialist of S.M.S. Medical College and Hospital, Jaipur, India. He was first admitted in the Hospital on 30th March 1981 and was operated.

The Operation Note is:,

D/L done under G.A and biopy taken. Diagnosed as Multiple Papilloma of local cords.
I was consulted on 1st April 1981 and the symptoms was hoarseness only. The was no modality. On my previous experience, I prescribed Calc Carb 1000 one dose through he had no symptom of the medicine

12 April 1981 : No improvement. Calc Carb 1000 one dose
21 April Voice slightly clear. No medicine
2 May: No further improvement, Thuja 1M one dose
1 June : Papilloma disappeared as reported by ENT specialist of SMS Hospital
17 June : The patient reported that the more he excerts the more clear is the voice. Rhus Tox 1M one dose.

Since then there is no report.