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Writers Cramp

Writers Cramp

Involuntary contraction of fingers, partial paralysis of fore arms, swelling of ankles. writers cramp.
Trembling of hands, lack of power of muscular control of forearm
Weakness of fingers with slight cramping
Fingers dropping things and not holding things properly.

Using ‘Integrated Medicine ‘ i.e. Acupuncture and Homeopathic is the best to overcome this type of cramps



Worms are referred to as helminthes, they constitute a major health problem> although few serious infestation are likely to occur in temperate climates, in the tropic worms cause a wide range of depilating diseases.
Some of the worms that cause trouble in man actually have another animal as their primary host.

The worms constantly digging or boring. Pitiful weeping while awakes starts and screams during sleep. Grinding of teeth, jumps and jerks during sleep. Restless at nigh disturb your children sleep. Frequent swallowing as if something is coming up in the throat. Pale sunken face and eyes surrounded by blue rings, sluggish disposition, fetid breath and passive fever, children prefer to lie on stomach.

Homeopathic medicines for worm are excellent such as: ‘Cina, Santnonine, and Ipecac. Puls, Cup Oxy Nig., Nux Vom.’




Warts are very common, usually harmless skin affliction and often embarrassing. However facial and genital warts may cause some ugly look. Although the majority of warts are harmless. However warts in the genital region can become a considerable nuisance if they obstruct the vagina, anus or penile orifice, and wart like growth in the throat may cause some obstruction to breathing.
Very rarely, however, a wart may develop from a benign growth into a malignant or cancerous one which requires urgent surgical removal.

I have treated a large number of warts with great success after taken homeopathic medication ‘ Thuja 200c’ for 2 weeks, the small disturbing warts at the tip of finger, ears or face dropped unconsciously within a short period of time.
Homeopathic info 013 9314166

Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins

Veins are said to be varicose when they become tortuous, thin-walleted and widened and easily visible below the skin. The veins in the superficial tissues of the legs are most commonly affected.

There is no known case for varicose veins of the legs, but there are many factors which may lead to a worsening of varicose veins which are already present. Varicose veins do run in families, but there is no clear – cut reason for this. They are also much more common in women than they are in men.

The veins normally, the blood which supplies the tissues of the lower limb flows down the arteries to the feet and than back up the veins, and so to the heart. In the lower limb, there are two systems of veins: the deep system, and the superficial system. It is the superficial system that is affected us as it consists of veins in the tissue between the muscle and the skin, veins which can easily be seen and are called ‘varicose’ when they become enlarge.

Homeopathic medication for varicose veins is:
Puls, Carbo Veg V., and Sulph are the best remedies. Dr Jouseet suggest “ham V’ to be useful. When it is ulcerated ‘Ars Alb. Calc Carb., Lachesis, Puls, Sulph may be thought of.

Pregnancy, Ailment During

Pregnancy, Ailment During

Ailment During Pregnancy - Masalah Kandungan

Homeopathic medicine considered as the best choice. Since homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural sources, it is very safe to consume during the pregnancy.

Masalah Kehamilan

Nausea and Vomiting During Pregnancy ‘ Ipecac”. Sepia. Nux Vom
Morning Sickness – Ana O., Puls Vomiting of food and acidity
Loss of appetite – Carium Oxa

Mornig Sickness early months – Symphoricarpus.
General Nervous Depression ‘ Acon., Cham. Ignatia.
Convulsion , Eclampsia “ Act Rac, Bell., Gels’
Sore Breast – Bell , Bryonia’

Excessive Foetal Movement “Opi 200c’
Labour Like Pain –“ Caoulph., Puls., Nux Vom.”
Cramps of Legs “ Colocyth., Hyos., Calc Carb.”
Oedema of Legs “ Bry, Sulp” are considered the best remedy.

Toothache “ Sepia id the best remedy’
Acidity during pregnancy “ Acetic Ac.”
Constipation during pregnancy “ Bry., Sepia, Nat Mur”
Urinary Difficulty “ Puls, Cocc, Nux Vom

General Weakness : China Off, Arnica Rhus Tox”
Pain in Back, lumbago “ Calc Carb., Lyco., Arnica M.”
Varicose Veins “ Arnica Mont.’
Mental Depression ‘ Ignatia”

Anda boleh dapat Ubat Mudah Bersalin dan
Persiapan Bersalin Homeopathy dari Klinik Homeopathy Nik Omar


Paralysis / Lumpuh

There are three known therapy to treat ‘paralysis’ with great success i.e. by a Malay Urut, by Acupuncture Treatment and by Homeopathic Medication’

In almost all homeopathic colleges and hospital throughout the world, homeopathy therapy has given special attention to treat paralysis. It is considered as one of the best homeopathy can offer – Rawatan Lumpuh or ‘Paralysis’

Dr Hempel MD of USA recommended “Acon’ to be given as a sovereign remedy in almost all sort of paralysis. Numbness and great tingling. Facial paralysis caused by exposure to dry cold winds.

Dr Mohd Nasir of Kota Bharu suggests “ Alumina” for paralysis of lower extremities especially of spinal origin. Inability to walk with eyes closed. Loss of sensibility of the feet. Legs are so heavy that the patients can scarcely drag them.

Dr Diwan Harish Chand MBBS, MDhom., MF Hom , President International Homeopathic Medical League suggest ‘ Ars Alb 200c’ when paralysis associated with great prostration and neuralgic pains.

Dr Chandhok of Punjab, one of visiting professor at the Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia recommended “ Causticum 1m” for paralytic conditions, it one of the most important remedies; its usefulness has been tested on too many occasions. Dr Hartman of Germany and others have seen the best effect from it in partial paralysis or in hemiplegia after suppressed eruption.
In paralysis of facial nerve, it has been found curative by most prominent homeopath throughout the world.

Premature Ejeculation

Premature ejaculation

Pancutan Pramasa, Cepat Pancut Air Mani

Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual problem for men. It is a lack of control over ejaculation so that it always happens sooner than the man or his
partner would want. How soon depends on the individual. Some men ejaculate as soon as foreplay starts. Others lose control when they try to insert their
penis, while some ejaculate very quickly after penetration. Whatever the case, premature ejaculation can create tension between a man and his partner.

Occasionally losing control is normal

Premature ejaculation is only a problem if it happens all the time. It’s important to remember that most men occasionally reach orgasm sooner than they’d like. For
instance, it is normal for a man to ejaculate quickly the first time he has s ex. It is also normal if a man hasn’t ejaculated for a long time. The occasional loss of control doesn’t mean the man has a sexual problem.

The causes are psychological

There doesn’t seem to be any physical cause for premature ejaculation. Although the exact cause is unknown, it is suspected that the problem is psychological.

Some factors include:

•Depression or anxiety, particularly about performance
•Feeling anxious about rejection •Expecting failure
•Feeling afraid of harm (some men have an irrational fear that penetration can
cause injury to the penis) * Stress
•Negative sexual experiences in childhood •Religious beliefs
•Problems within the relationship.

Would you like
•to know how it feels to take a woman to the heights of sexual pleasure?
• to have a woman who is deeply fulfilled and satisfied by your lovemaking curled up in bed alongside you?
• to be a great lover with complete ejaculatory control?
• to stop your premature ejaculation ruining sex?

To solve the problem, try homeopathic treatment.

Dreams , Dreaming , Nightmare

Dream, Dreaming; Nightmare [ Mimpi ]

The simplest through as yet unproven, theory as to why we dream is that we do so by chance. Although we may not be remember all our dreams, everyone dreams several times a night.

There two type of dreams

• Normal dreams – happy dreams
• Dreadful dreams – nightmare – fearful, frightened and very bad dreams, such as dreams of ghost chasing, killing someone, accident, falling from high building, nervous and irritable dreams or nightmares.

One theory states that while we sleep deeply, some of our brain neurons ( nerve cells) charge up slowly with electricity by means of a spontaneous natural process, stimulating neighboring cells in much the same way as when a fleeting idea occurs to us while we are awake. This random firing of groups of cells alerts our memories and displays them as action scenes; we remember in the body on waking and term them dreams.

Prof Dr Nik Omar says that, there is no other system of medicine that has a complete detail of remedies regarding dreams, except that, in homeopathic system of treatment.

Dreams of Quarrels – “Nux Vom., All C., Phos., Arn.”
Dreams of amuk , fighting – “Am M., lach., Op., Ph Ac.”
Dreams of Accident –“ Ars. Graph., apis., Bell., Cha.”
Dreams of Animals, such as dogs, monkey etc “ Arn., Aloe., Merc., Puls., Tarent.”
Dreams of ghosts –“ Ana., Hyos., Ignatia., Acon”
Dreams of Dead people / corpses “ Ars., Anac., Arg Nit., Croth H.,”
Dreams of sexual “ Ignatia., Anar., Acon”
Dreams of drowning “ Alum., kali C., Lyco., Mrc.”

Double Vision

Double Vision

Double Vision or diplopia, is the seeing of two objects where there is in fact only one. Seeing double can be frightening, but the causes are not often serious and can usually be treated easily with homeopathic medication.

Sometime a squint which develops in an adult may result in double vision.
Eyes have six muscles ( extra-occular) each whick keep the eyes parallel in all directions of glaze. If any weakens, a squint and double vision may occur. Double vision might happen without any general or ocular ( eye) symptoms being evident. It may, however, be accompanied by tired and strained eyes, eye ache, headache or fuzzy vision.

Homeopathy Dr Zaharah Loman, who has practiced homeopathy for last 10 years suggest that ‘ Causticum 200c’ should be given on the first vsiti to be follow up by “ Euphrasia’ while Prof Dr Mohd Nasir recommended ‘

Diseases of Eyes

Diseases of Eyes

Eyes burning – burning in the eyes but the tears are not acrid – “Allium Cepa’
Eyes Affections – all possible affection of the eyes, acute and chronic conjunctivitis, iritis, spots, vesicles –“Euphrasia’

Eyes – Colour Blindness – There is every conceivable kind of deception in colours and vision. Various bodies fly before the eyes. Jerking and twitching of the eye-lids “ Agar’
Another excellent homeopathic remedy for colour blindness is ‘ Phos’

Eye Cataracts;

Cataract Soft ‘ Colchicum’
Cataract cure ‘ Cineraria Maritima’

Dr A B Norton suggest “Causticum’ for acute cataract
Eyes detachment of retina – patches of retina, soft cataract ‘ Napthaline’
Eyes lids Dropping swollen ‘ Gels’

Eye lids itch in day time and stick together at night “Euphrasia’
Eye redness and swelling ‘ Merc Sol.’, Bell’
Eyes Weakness, tired ‘ Conium’

Night blindness with or without glaucoma ‘ Physostigma ‘
Night blindness ‘ Lycopodium’

Drug Abuse : Drug Addict

Drug Abuse

Penagihan Dadah

Drug Abuse is becoming a great global problem, particularly among young people. To be addicted to a drug means that you cannot stop taking it, either because you ‘need’ to experience its effect, or because you will feel ‘restlessness’ if you do not.

Only certain drugs are truly addictive in this sense of both physical and mental dependence. There are drugs on which some people develop just a mental dependence, and this can be dangerous, too, but there are no unpleasant physical effects when one stops taking the drug.

The most commonly used drugs today are – Heroine, morphine, barbiturate, glue
[ gums], pill kuda etc.

It is not easy to eradicate this problems, government has spent million of dollars to solve the problem, but drug addicts in increasing day by day.

At Nik Omar Homeopathic Centre, Kg Gelang Mas, Pasir Mas, Kelantan , our approach to solve the problem through a special ‘integrated’ treatment by using three therapies together to detoxify the addiction i.e. by using Islamic Medicine, Acupuncture and Homeopathic Treatment.

In Hong Kong Acupuncture proof to be very effective to detoxify drug addicts. So we follow the same pattern of treatment.

Homeopathic remedies to detox drug addict: “Nux Vom., Coffea., Cham., Acon., Thuja, Chian Off., Stram., Hyos., Ignatia.”

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dr Nik Omar Homeopathic Clinic

The Story by Alison Nadel
A British Journalist

THE WAITING room of Dr Nik Omar's clinic is busy. A school boy whose asthma cleared up within a day of taking homeopathic remedy has come back for some medicine to treat cold. A young woman is waiting for a pregnancy check up and to start a course of medicine for an esy birth. A man whose severe migrain vanished after being treated by Dr Nik six months ago, has dropped in to pick up a repeat prescription.

For them there is no question that homeopathy works. Like many of Dr Nik's patients they show little concern about how or why it is effective. Only a few of the people in his waiting room sy that they have come because homeopathy uses natural substances. Mre stress the fact that it is cheap.

One elderly man, partiallt paralysed and walking with a stick, sys that since his last heart attack, there is nothing more his doctor can do for him, homeopathy is his last hope.

Dr Nik Omar does not fit the stereotype of the dedicated healer quietly pioneering his art. He is too bulish. Both his colleagues and his rivals acknowledge his tremendous energy. All recognised that he, more than anyone, is responsible for raising the homeopathic medicine profile in Malaysia.

further reading

Comments on Homeopathy

Says, Mathma Ghandi, the first Prime Minsiter of India

" Homeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and non violently. Government much encourage and patronise it in our country."

says, Dr Khalid masood Qureshi,Chairman Homeopathic Trust, Lahore, Pakistan.

" Homeopathy has made speedy in roads during the past quater of a century into Asian countries. The poor and backward countries of the 3rd world stand in dire need of an inexpensive and effective medicak care and treatment. Homeopathy is the best solution for healthcare for third world countries."

Samuel Hahnemann from Germany

" Homeopathy is the natural medicine based on law of similars. Dont go and argue about how homeopathy works, instead 'try my medicine and publish the failure'"

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 1

" The Britsi Sovereigns and the Royal Family are traditionally the patrons of Homeopathy in England. In the Royal panel of five physician,a Homeopahic doctor is included "

Field Marshal Ayub Khan, President of Pakistan.

" My countrymen, God has given you an excellent opportunity to serve your nation. Make full use of it and complete the task assigned to you with devotion, honesty and sincerity."

Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen, Ex Minister of Defence Malaysia

" I feel proud of the ability of the Registered Malaysian Homeopathic Practitioners association which has gained support and confidence from members of Asian countries to host a great homeopathic conference in Malaysia."

Reasons For Female Infertility / Sterility

Reasons for Female Infertility / Sterility

Sebab-Sebab kemandulan Wanita
Kenapa Waniat Tidak Subur ?

There are many reasons for Infertility in Female

There major etiologies are:-

1. General Reasons• Dietary Disturbances
• Severe Anaemia
• Anxiety, fear, emotional

2. Development• Uterine Absence
• Hypoplasia
• Uterine Abnormalities
• Gonadal Dysgenesis

3. Endocrine• Pitutiary Failure
• Thyroid Disturbances
• Adrenal Hyperplasia
• Ovarian Failure
• Polycystic Diseases

4. General Causes• Pelvic Inflammation
• Tuberculosis
• Endometrosis
• Myomas & Polyps
• Cervicities
• Vaginitis
• Sexually transmitted diseases @ STD

For Homeopathic Treatment of Infertility in Malaysia

Male Infertility

Male Infertility

Kemandulan Lelaki , Rawatan

Some of the reason for male infertility / Sterility

Pretesticular or progeminal causes

Central Gonedotropin Deficiency• Hypothalamic : Gongenital GnRH deficiency, tumor, infection, head trauma.
• Pituitry : Congenital; FSH/LH deficiency, tumor, infaction, trauma
• Other: Sarcoidosis, haemochromalcosis

Endocrine Excess Syndromes• Estrogen; Functional tumor of adrene, Cirrhosis
• Androgen : Congenital adrenal hypoplasie
• Glucocorticoid
• Cushing’s syndrome
• Streoid Treatment : Ulcerrative Colitis, asthma.

Others• Hypothyroidism
• Diabetes Mellitus

Testicular Causes• Chromosomal abnormalities – Klinefelter’s Syndrome – 47 XXY

Cryptorchidism, unilateral or bilateral
Radiation , Chemotherapy
Mumps, viral Orchitis
TraumaSertoli-call only syndrome
Idiopathic maturation arrest
Androgen receptor abnormality / androgen insensitivity syndrome

Posttesticular Causes• Congenital ductal obstruction – vas deferen epididymis
• Acquired ductal block – STD gonorrhoea, syphilis, Veneral Disease

Guide to Standard Semen Analysis

Parameter - Recommendation [ Normal Value ]
• Abstinence - 5 [ 3-7 ] days
• Collection - Masturbation [ Coitus Interruptus ]
• Volume - 2-6 ml
• Viscocity - Full liquefaction within 60 minutes
• Sperm Density – 40 – 250 million / ml
• Sperm Mortality – Good , very good , 1st hour 60%, 2-3 hours 50%
• Vitality - 35 % dead cells
• Sperm Morphology - 60 % with normal configuration
• Acid Phosphate – 25,000 – 60,000 IU/mL
• Zinc - 90 – 250 ug/mL
• Fructose - 150- 600 mg/dL

Futher Reading Infertility in Malaysia

Impotency - ED

Impotency; ED, Coition Weak

Mati Pucuk – Lemah tenaga Batin

No erectile power. It is the consistent inability to attain and maintain an erection of penis fro a satisfactory sexual performance which is one of the most common problems in middle aged and older males. But now day’s young men also having complaint of erectile dysfunction.

Impotency is best regarded as a couple problems. While impotency may ruin the male, the difficulties that the female partner encounters should not be underestimated. A very solid relationship may be threatened or destroyed.

Impotence due to masturbation

Great emaciation dark rings around the eyes, shyness and gloomy. Headache and weakness, involuntary emission at night. Penis small, cold and relaxed. Ill effect of onanism [masturbation] or sexual excesses. Strong desire but enables to perform.

Impotency – sexual excess

The patient has lived in excesses and now suffer and cold genitals; emission, prostatic discharge at stool. No more morning erection, sex weakness. Stress and tension.

Impotency – from chronic diseases

Consuming longtime of strong drugs causes impotency such as diabetes tablets etc

Impotency – due to stress and tension

Stress, tension, quarrelsome, down fall of business, financial problems might cause impotency to certain people.

A good Homeopathic medicine is one of the best for male impotency.
Try Ubat 'Kuat Lelaki' RM 100.00 per bottle

Remedies suggested: Dr Jahrs or Germany prefer ‘ Lyco’ while Dr J T Kent used to give ‘Nux Vom’. Dr Nik Omar prefer ‘Yohim’, Dr Fairuz suggested ‘ Cald’, Dr Chandhok, a visiting professor at the Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia from Homeopathy Centre, Govt of Punjab, India suggested ‘ Selenium 200c’ to be follow up by ‘ Cann I.1M.

What ever homeopathic medicine prescribed, the result is always ‘the best’
Further reading -



Masuk Hantu , Di Rasuk Hantu, Menjerit, meracau

The patient readily. Patient shouting and crying from least excitement violently angry or scolds till she faints or has gone unconsciousness.
Patient’s loquacity, terrifying hallucination, see ghosts, hearts voices and talk with spirits. Delirium with desire to escape, sometime convulsion.

Homeopathic remedies considered appreciate to be given to hysterical patient.. The most useful remedies for nearly most of the hysterical manifestatation are:

“ Ignatia, Tarentula, Conium, Platina. Next important come “ Valeriana, Asafoetida, Kali Mur., Phos., Moschus, Verat Alb.”

Hysteria with mechanical lasciviousness and extreme nervous weakness – ‘Agnus Cactus’

Homeopathic Society in Malaysia

Homeopathic Society Malaysia

Name of Society
The Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association [ MRHP Malaysia ]
[A registered Society & Gazette in Parliament No 1048 / 84 ]

National Homeopathic Society of Malaysia
Having branches all over Malaysia.

Office Address:
No.11, Bangunan Tabnung Haji Lama, Jalan Dato Pati, 15000 Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.

Tel & E Mail
Tel: 09- 7440440 , Fax 09-7976948 E mail:


Senior President
Prof Dr Nik Omar bin Haji Nik Daud
Home Address: No.122 Taman University, Kg Gelang Mas, Meranti, Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia. Tel: 019-9401915

Vice President
Prof Dr Mat Zin Hj Abd. Rahman
Lot 34, Taman Riong, Machang, Kelantan.
Tel:09-975 3797

Secretary General
Prof Mohd Nasir Hj Md Zain
Address: No.11, Bangunan Tabung Haji Lama, Jl Dato Pati, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Tel: 09-7440440

In 1987 there were 200 members of MRHP
In 2007 there were 500 members.

Aim & Objective of Society

• To unite all homeopaths in Malaysia in one strong and united society
• To propagate the principles, benefits, utility, suitability and economy of homeopathic system of medicine in this country

• To establish Institution for the training and research of homeopathic medicine.
• To established Homeopathic Hospital and Dispensaries on charitable basis
• To organize medical relief in rural areas, and during epidemic, fairs, floods and other natural social calamities on homeopathic lines

• To spread homeopathy in Malaysia through lectures, courses, seminar and working closely within other NGO’s
• To do all others things required for the advancement of homeopathic science, medicine and practice.

• To safe the interest of homeopathy in this country.

Some of Achievement by MRHP from 1984 till 2007
• Organized 35 national Homeopathic Seminar & Congress in Malaysia
• Organized more than 7 International Conference on Homeopathy in Malaysia
• Giving lectures and talks on Homeopathy to 100 schools, colleges and universities locally.

• Giving free medical treatment under the banner of Doctor Without Barrier to 3rd world countries in Afghanistan, P{Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand , Cambodia, etc
• Have giving more than 50 assignments of DRTB to Malaysian rural areas.
• Talks on Homeopathy in Malaysian Radios & TV’s regularly
• Talks on Homeopathy in Brunei Radio & TV

• Manage to set up one homeopathic hospital at Gelang Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia with a compound of 11.5 acres of land.
• Manage to set up one homeopathic college by the name of The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia at Kelantan.

• Written more than 200 articles oh homeopathy in Malaysian newspaper and magazines.
• Manage to set up unity of homeopathy in Asia through Asian Homeopathic Medical League with member’s countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India., Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal, Australia & Fiji.
• Malaysia has been recognized by Asian Homeopathic Medical League as one of Homeopathic Centre of Learning in Asia.

• Open the door of Ministry of Health Malaysia to recognized Homeopathy and other alternative and complementary therapies in Malaysia.

Piles : Haemorrhoids

Piles : Haemorrhoids

[ Buasir , Buasir Berdarah, Buasir Keluar Dubur ]I have two very interesting case of Piles or Haemorrhoid:

Case 1 : Lady Mrs A Age 45 years.

A lady visited my clinic in 1990 with throbbing pain in the rectum. She has been suffering this type of problem for the last 3 years on and off with chronic constipation. She passed the stool mixed with blood. The pain of rectum internally and externally and when the tumour burns, are moist, protrude considerably and can scarcely by replaced, with violent shooting pain in the back and feeling of constriction.

She came to me four time regularly where I used to prescribe’ Nux Vom, Sulp’ alternately and ending with ‘Thuja’ and this lady was completely cure the piles she is suffering for 3 years. Till now no more complaint.

Case No. 2: Mrs K, A Nurse from local Hospital, Age 35 years.

She visited me May 2007 with burning and swelling of the anus. On first visit, I asked her to sit down, she refused because she can’t sit down due to ‘painful and swelling of anus’, She even can’t walk normally due to the ‘violent shooting pain’.
On inspection, I have seen ‘a tomour’ about 4 cm diameters with ‘cherry like’ red color at the tip of the anus.

After discussion with the patient I decided to use ‘Integrated Medicine’, externally I use 4 Acupuncture points. One Ac Pt of Ren 1 and Du 1 and two Ac Pt of “Whezong’ and ‘She-hen-kong’. For 30 minutes without stimulation and orally I have given ‘Bell 200c’ one dose before acupuncture therapy and one dose of Nux Vom 200c after acupuncture.
I ask her to come back next morning and when she arrived next morning, she came will big smiles. Surprisingly that within only ‘one therapy’ her piles has reduced to 50 % and she has no more pain.

On the second visit next day, I have repeat the same procedure and ask to come back on the 3rd day.

On the 3rd visit, she was completely cured!
On July 2007 this young lady was posted to Saudi Arabia and no more news from her up till now, I assume that she is completely healthy and happy.

Note: Why you have to spend more than $ 3,000.00 to remove the painful piles, where’s homeopathic medicine can do better without surgery with only $ 50.00.

Monday, October 29, 2007


gatal-gatal , badang raja, seduan
Homeopathy is widely used in the treatment of eczema and is available both privately and through our clinic at Kuala Lumpr or Kelantan. It can be very effective as well as being safe and easy to use with minimal risk of side effects. There is an increasing amount of scientific evidence which confirms the efficacy of homeopathic medicines and more and more patients with eczema are finding great benefit from this form of treatment.

Eruption in bend of joints, behind the ears, on back of head, neck, and in border of hair. Sometime eruption moist, sometime dry with great itching violently and bleeding easily after scratching. Dr Praveen Sawhney of India recommended ‘Graphite 20c’ bid for two weeks and to be follow up by ‘Dulcamara’ and Ranunc Bul.

Dr M.A. Quader of Bangladesh and Dr Agrawal of Calcutta suggest ‘ Sepia’ for eczema in ladies with itching in the bends of joints, with itching and burning in the affected part.

Dr Muhammad Azam from Karachi use “ Sulphur’ for dry, scaly, unhealthy skin. Eruption on head and behind ears, feet and back.

Dr Ahmad Uzaimi Abd Malek of Labok recommended ‘Petrolium 30c’ bid for one moth will clear the eczema slowly and steadily.

Dr Nicolas Ibau of Sarawak suggests few remedies for eczema such as: Clematis, Bovista, Ars Aln., Ant Tart., Dulcamara, Hepar Sulp, Kali Carb. Rhus Tox.’

Furhter reading



Homeopathic medicines is considered as one of the best to treat cystitis where the the symptoms of frequent and violent urging to urinate, with burning in bladder. Sometime retention of urine, with stitches in kidneys. Painfulness in region of bladder. Great fear and anxiety of mind, with nervous excitability. Dr Kamal Kansal, MFHom (M’sia) suggest ‘Aconite Napellus 200c’ bid for one week will solve the problems.

Dr Alook Pareek, MFHom (M'sia) is a visting consultant homeopath at Malaysian Faculty of Homeopathy from Agra, India recommended “ Apis Mel’ where stinging pain in urethra during micturition; urine dark color and and scanty. Incontinence of urine, with great irritation of the parts worse at night and coughing.

Dr Sarjeev Garg of Ghaziabad, India suggest ‘ belladonna’ throbbing pain in bladder, urine is hot and red.

Dr Mohammed Qassim, senior member of Asian Homeopathic Medical League prefer to use “ Canthris 200c’ for swelling and tenderness in region of bladder, with tensive and burning pains in loin.

Dr Mehmet Kocabas of Saudi Arabia recommended ‘ Nux Vom’ for burning and lacerating pain in neck of bladder and urethra.



Blister In Feet
Blisters in feet due to walking, ulcer in heals. Painful affections of fingers about nails [Allium Cepa]

Blisters in Mouth during fever or menses – pearl like blisters in the mouth or near its corner during fever or menses ( Nat Mur ) Whe Nat Mur fails, then try Ignatia.

Blisters in Mouth extremely painful – White blisters on side, close to root, painfully and sore. Tip of tongue painful ( Thuja ). Crusty in typhoid fever ( Phos Ac )

Some useful remedies: Graph., Merc Sol., Siliea, Bry., Hep Sulph.

Malaysian Centre of Homeopathic Learning

Malaysia Hosts Homeopathy Congress

Kuala Lumpur , Sunday 5 Nov. THIRTY FOUR PAPEERS will be presented at the three day Asian Congress of The Asian Homeopathic Medical League being held at Bandar Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.
The congress which started yesterday is attended by 250 members from 15 countries. This is the first time Malaysia hosting the conference.

Among the papers to be presented include Rare remedies by Dr Mabel Arul of India and Homeopathy in Pediatrics by Prof Dr S. Hague of Bangladesh.
The paper on the incidence of mass hysteria among the young Malaysia females and it exposition of homeopathic remedies for its treatment will be presented by Dr Hanafi Mohd Naor form Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia.

National president of Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association – MRHP , Dr Nik Omar Haji Nik Daud said about 100 participants are from Malaysia while the others represented a cross section of homeopathic doctors from Asia, Australia, Europe and United States.

He said homeopathic treatment is becoming more popular in Malaysia because it has the potential of providing highly effective health care.

“Through the Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia and other homeopathic institutions we have produced good qualified homeopaths. However there are not enough of them to cater the needs and demands for their services”

There are 200 homeopathic practitioners with about 100 clinics..


Habitual Abortion
[ Rawatan Keguguran ]

Habitual abortion at the third month or later, unusual bleeding during pregnancy or at later stage, i.e. fifth or seven months. The flow is bright red and clotted..e. habitual abortion, pain in small back and genitals with discharge of dark red blood. Dr Bansal V.P. MBBS, MD., M.F.Hom (M’sia) suggest ‘Sepia’ For ‘ Threatened abortion’ to be follow up by ‘Pulsatilla’

Dr K.T. Charterjee from Jamshedpur, India prefers ‘Sabina’ for every second or third month of abortion.

Abortion tendency to miscarriage due to different causes – in women who habitually miscarry at certain period of pregnancy ‘ Viburnun Ap’ should be given from sometime before;
• Due to emotional disturbance, Dr Md Abdul Matin suggest ‘ Cham’
• When due to parental Tuberculosis, Dr Sahni B.S. prefer “ Bacill 200c’
• Due to disease of placenta, Dr S.Ali Saif of Neemuch, India says’Phos’
• When arising from accident, DrMohammad Quasim, prefer ‘Arnica 30c’
• Due to vaginismus with emaciation and constipation. Muscular fibre of uterus do not develop proportionately as the foetus increases in uterus and this causes abortion, Dr Girish Gupta suggest ‘ Plumbum ‘
• When the attack by violent efforts such as lifting a weight or by a strain of the side or false step. Pain worse later part of night and during rest, Dr M.A Latiff of Sri Lanka suggest ‘Rhus Tox’ but if the effect is followed by profuse flooding of bright red blood and slight pain “ Cinamonum’ says Dr Abdur Rehman from Pakistan.
• When there is tendency to abortion especially with gonorrheal history please give ‘Thuja’ says Dr Praveen Sawhney.

Consequences of abortion

• Pain fly across from side to side doubling the patient up, a powerful restrainer of abortion ‘ Cimicfuga’ says Dr A.K. Seth
• Weakness of back, legs and eyes Dr Fairuz prefer ‘Kali Carb’
• For retained placenta , ‘ Sepia’
• For expulsion of foetus ‘ Coffea, Puls or Secale’
• False labour ‘ Caulophyllum’ says Dr P.K. Velappan.

Homeopathic medicine for is wonderful both for preventive and curative of abortion / miscarriage.

Homeopathy mempunyai Ubat-ubat yang bagus untuk merawat kes-kes keguguran atau miscarriage



[ Nanah Telinga ]

Discharge of pus from the ears. Sometime the pus instead of coming out is pushed inwards giving rise to a very serious conditions named ‘mastoiditis’ It is recognized by sudden high temperature, intense pain in the ear, retraction of the outer ear, tenderness on pressure, redness and inflammation over mastoid process.

The best of homeopathic remedies for otorrhoea are

Acon., Aurum Met., Borax., Calc Carb., Caps., Cauticum, Graph., Hep Sulph., Hydratis., Lyco., Merc S., Puls. Sulph.

In Acute Otorrhoea yields most commonly to “ Puls or Sulph” said Dr Nik Omar, a homeopathic Specialist in Malaysia. With more than 30 years of experience he has treated more than 1000 cases of otorrhoea with great success.

He said, “ Bell. Hepr Sulp. And Merc Sol’ are most efficient. ‘Puls’ is especially useful for otorrhoea after measles.
Dr Jousset a homeopath from France suggest ‘Silicea’ to be follow up by ‘Aurum Met, Calc C., Hep Sulp and Iodine’

In Chronic Otorrhoea Dr Jahr of Germany suggest ‘ Sulph, Calc and Lyco’, while Dr Dewey prefer ‘Sil.’
“Psorinum is useful when there is a horrible offensive discharge. Ordinarily when the discharge has foul odour ‘Merc Sol’ should be given.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Natrum Muriaticum

Sodium Chloride
Must be in Homeopathic Potency 3x, 6x, 12x or 30c 200c, 1000c, 1m or 10M

Dr William Boericke said that higher potencies often yeild most brilliant results.
Dr Schussler sugget 6th potency for stings of insects and as gargle in cattarrhal affection.
Dr H.C. Allen it cure more quickly in high potency
Dr Lippe gave CM potency for chronic soreness of the liver, derangement of digestion.
Dr Robert Herbert cures bad cases of anaemia in potentised form.
Dr W.J. Guernsey cured 'lump' in throat with Nat Mur 200c to be follow up by Bar C., Lachesis, Bell.
Dr Lambert recorded many cases of headache with Nat Mur 30c consequent eye-strain with Nat Mur.
Dr Jahr gave Nat Mur for a common cold which had proved troublesome with only 8 globules of Nat Mur 200c. Next moring the cold was better.
Dr Hofricher of Germany use to cure 'Enlargement of Tonsil' with Nat Mur
Dr Hajjah Faridah cured 60 days of constipation without any stool with a single dose of Nat Mur 200c, After four hours, the pateint pass 2 kilo of faeces.

Some info from:

Ferrum Phosphoricum

The Miracle of Homeopathic 'Ferrum Phosphoricum'
( Phospahte of Iron )
Must be in homeopathic formulation, either 3x, 6x or 12x,
Dr Eli G Jones uses this remedy in 3x for apoplectic seizure, restore the patient to conciousness in a short time.
Dr Nimmers and Dr Parenteau of France have cured several cases of right supraorbital neuralgia with morning aggravation.
Dr Schuller generally used the 12x
Dr Helbert use 6x
Dr JT Kent recommended high potencies in chronic cases.
Dr Gorham use 3x for bleeding nose and uterus.
Dr Schuessler suggest to use in sprains, wounds, haemorrhages and haemorrhoids.
Dr James uses for involuntary urine ( enuresis ) in 200c cured the patient.
Dr G H Martin reports a cse of high fever ( 104 F) with general exhaustion, lameness in muscle, headache and deminished appetite with great success.
Dr George Royal recommened this remedy is different potencies for curatiuve purpose.
Dr Nik used 30c for bladder weakness with good result.

Lady Homeopathy at Kelantan

Dr Zaharah bt Loman
Graduated from The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia
My Clinic Address
Dr Nik Omar Homeopathic Clinic
No.122 Taman Universiti, Kg Gelang Mas, Meranti,
Pasir Mas, Kelantan.
Tel: 09-7976948

see detail at


Tonsilitis – tonsil - Quinsy

The condition where the tonsil is swollen, inflamed, and of a dark red color, with fever. Pain and great difficulty in swallowing or in speaking. Burning , pricking or contracting sensation in the throat. Often great restlessness and nervous excitability.

On earlier stage homeopathy medication is considered very good. ‘Aconite Nap’ will reduce the pain and swelling immediately after taking about one week of medication.. When the children suffered for few month, ‘Apis Mel’ is the right choice with swelling and inflammation of both tonsil.

For chronic tonsillitis for years, the symptoms keep going and coming ‘ Lachesis’ is the remedy recommended by Dr Alok Pareek of Agra, India. While Prof Dr Nik Omar prefer to prescribe ‘ Hepar Sulp 30c’ for frequent recurrence of the disease.

In ordinary western school, where the tonsil is very big and large, it is advise to do surgery to removed the tonsil.

Asthma & Homeopathy

Homeopathy & Asthma

By Dr Sahni B.S, BHMS, MFHom (M’sia)
ONGC Hospital, Panvel, New Bombay, India

This paper was presented at International Homeopathic Conference, Kota Bharu, Kelantan 2000
Organized by AHML, MRHP & FAHOM Malaysia.

Abstract paper

Homeopathy is a system of healing based on the principle that a large amount of a particular drug may cause symptoms of a disease and a mild dose may reduce those symptoms. This theory as advanced wherein, some disease symptom could be treated by very small doses of medicine in a mild, prompt, safe and durable manner. It is necessary to choose a medicine in each case that will excite affection similar to that against which it is employed.

Homeopathic is the best true method of cure founded on the principle of ‘similar similibus curentur’ that is ‘likes be treated by likes’


Asthma is a condition involving repeated attack of shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing. These attack occur when the airway contract, swell, and clog up with mucus. An attack may last a few minutes or a few hours. In mild case the attack occur only occasionally , but people with fever asthma may have several attack in a week ( or even in a single day ) although it’s a chronic disease, people with asthma can learn how to manage this attack and lead a normal, active life.

Homeopathic medicines are used as per the totality of symptoms. Most common medicine preferred in this case are: Ipecac, Ars Alb., Sambacus N., Zingeber, Ant Tart., Lyco., Puls, Carbo Veg., Kali C., Sticta., Blatta O., Nat Sulp., Thuja , and Sulpur.

Conclusion: In children homeopathy is able to give permanent relief with the help of above stated remedies. Sometime in emergency nebulisation is required to overcome acute attack of asthma for which don’t feel shy to ask your allopathic colleague for help.

Influenza, Cold

Influenza, corza, cold, flu

[ resdung , seduan, selsema ]

This problem is very common in Malaysia due to the climate, raining and hot alternately. The humidity of Malaysia is another caurses. The running nose with simple catarrhal fever [hidung berair dan bersin] Dr Jousset of France Homeopathy, recommended Aconite, Baptsia, Q Sulp at the outset. Dr Baehr of German Homeopath says that Aconite nap in particular useful for children and often suffices to effect a cure. Dr Dewey of USA suggest Aconite and Gelsemium. While Dr S Hahneman himself recommended ‘ Camph’ in the first attenuation was his favorite remedy.

In Malaysia the local people used to call ‘ resdung’ or ‘ seduan’

All of this medicine is available at Kuala Lumpur Homeopath call 03-26926549

Apthae - Mouth Ulcer

Apthae – Mouth Ulcer

[ Pecah Mulut – Pecah Lidah ]Very Interesting Case.

“When I was a student in high school in Malaysia, I used to suffer from ‘Chronic Mouth Ulcer - apthae’ for almost every month for several days with the mouth reddish blue, dry hot skin, with much heat. Constant restlessness, fetid smell from mouth, blisters of the tongue. It was great psychological impact on me. I have been trying various form of medication, it help to stop for few days but almost every month, the symptom keep coming back.

This happen from 1997-1970, the mouth ulcer followed me to Pakistan. When I was
First year at Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College, I have consulted Prof Zaidi, one of the lecturer at PHMC and he suggested me to take ‘Nitric Acid 200c’ one dose per week for one month (4 doses) only. Surprisingly that my ulcer has gone for ever and up till now I never had any more mouth ulcer,” says Dr Nik Omar

Other useful remedies: Borax, Aconite, Calc Carb., Cham., Merc., Nit Ac., Nux Vom., Staph., Sulpur.

Cramp In Limbs Cured.

In early part of my practice I came across so many cases of ‘Cramp in limbs ‘ – legs cramps. This is a sudden involuntary contraction of muscles especially calf. It is most frequently experienced in the lower extremities, sometimes; however, it affects the whole body. The attack frequently occurs at night and during sleep in early morning around 4 to 5 am.
Almost 100% of cramp cases under my supervision, I have treated successfully and cured the cases in time.
Some useful remedies are: Cup Met., Colocynth., Nux Vom., Verat Alb, Camphor.

Homeopathic medication is considered as ‘ the perfect cure for cramps.’ If you have such problems, please consult any homeopath nearest to you. In Kuala Lumpur you may try 03-26926549 web suggested

Fatigue - Weakness


[ Keletihan, lethargic]

Fatigue can be called simple tiredness with repeated variation of stress. It often starts due to lack of sleep. It can also follow both emotional and physical problems. Symptoms like muscular pains, headache, sometimes a slightly raised temperature, extreme weakness of the arms and legs may develop.
Tiredness mat be a result of some hormonal imbalance such as premenstrual syndrome, menopause, diabetes and asthma. Symptoms which are generally found in cases of fatigue are: Dry skin, falling hair, intolerance to cold, scanty urine, vomiting confusion, loss appetite, lack of concentration, poor memory, lack of sexual desire, depression, irritability.

‘Kali Phos’ – physical and mental exhaustion with a dislike to meet people. Headache, especially in students and those worn out by fatigue. Irritable, anxious and very nervous.

‘ Chininum Ars’ weariness and prostration, skin feel icy cold and is associated with loss of appetite and a great thirst for water. Sometime insomnia / sleeplessness.

The Trust of Homeopathy

The Truth of Homeopathy

By Dr Sir John Weir
Abstract from The Best of Sir John Weir

• My first duty is to thank the President and Council of the Royal Society of Medicine for their unprecedented courtesy in offering hospitality and thus affording an opportunity of presenting to the profession some knowledge of homeopathy.

• I was reminded recently that when a man is legally qualified it is not only his privilege but his duty to practice in any way which he genuinely thinks will be for the benefit of his patients.

• It is only the few who are intrigued by cleverly-worded argument. What the many want is more power and it is to such that my appeal is addressed today. Arguments leave most of us cold. You cannot learn homeopathy from arguments as to its possibility. The appeal of homeopathy has always been experience. Do the works if you would know the truth.

• Homeopathy is a science, as it is entirely based on experiment. Who was the great chemist who said the only possible way to know how a lump of sugar would behave when put into a cup of tea, was to try? or as Hunter said to Jeener “ Don’t think, try” It is only our experience of homeopathy that has made us homeopaths. We have all been skeptic, but facts have been too strong for us.

• It may seen strange to you, but the century old message of homeopathy has distinct appeal to the men of modern science. Homeopathy has reversed the old saying “ The science of today is the nonsense of tomorrow,’ for here the nonsense of one hundred years is proving to be the science of today. And as I said, my ambition in coming here is to help my professional brethren to an appreciation of what appear to me to be the vital knowledge in regards to curative drug action as conductive to a more definite and wider range of usefulness and power

• The Organon of Homeopathic Medicine clearly says,” To cure mildly, rapidly and permanently, choose for every case of disease a medicine which can itself produce a similar affection.

• Homeopathy appeal, says Hahnemann ‘solely to the verdict of experience. Repeat the experiment carefully and accurately, and you will find the doctrine confirmed at every step.” Homeopathy insists on being judged by results.”

Homoeopathy Natural Medicines For Natural People and Human Friendly

Chronic Constipation Cured

Interesting Cases from Our File

Constipation for 40 days Cured

In late 1985 I was called to the house of a relative by the name of Mrs Mek Timah 53 years of Kok Lanas, Kota Bharu, Kelantan who was suffering from ‘ Chronic Constipation’ for 40 days. Not a single stool within that period.. No urging at all and no other symptoms.
I still remembered that my late Prof Dr Ilyian Masood Quershi from Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College & Homeopathic Hospital, told me that “ Nat Mur 200c’ is one of the best remedy for any type of constipation. So I did the same thing, juts gave her ‘Nat Mur 1M’ instead of 200c.
Fantastic you know that the next morning, I received a call saying that the patient has passed the stool nearly 1.5 kilogram.

Early this year 2007 we had another case of a patient Mr Y , 60 years from Kuala Lumpur complaint 60 days without a single stool. This patient came to see Hompathic Dr Faridah at Kg Baru Homeopathic Clinic.
Dr Faridah still remembers that “ Nat Mur’ is the first choice for chronic constipation and she gave ‘ Nat Mur 200c’ single dose and within 12 hours the patient pass more than 1 kilo of stool.

Constipation in travelers with frequent urging to stool, great dryness of rectum – try Plat. Met. 200c
Stool passed with great difficulty and consist of round balls, which are black, hard and dry - Plumbum Met 30c.
Stool hard, tough and covered with mucus, rectum sore and burns – Causticum.
Other useful remedies : Op., Nat Mur., Nux Vom., Bryonia Alb., Graph. Lyco


Scabies – Itch and Homeopathy Treatment

[ Kudis Malam / Kudis Buta ]

It sound simple ‘ Scabies’ or in Malay, it is called ‘ Kudis Malam’
Scabies, or common itch is a disease characterized by a vesicular eruption in which is produced by an animal parasite. It is contagious disease, easily communicated, may last for months it not treated properly and surely will not get well without treatment.

Homeopathic medication is considered best to treat scabies and will complete the cure within two weeks time.

Dr Jahr of Germany recommended ‘Sulphur’ as the first remedy for true scabies. Burning, tingling, itching and soreness after scratching.

Dr J T Kent Suggest ‘Merc 30-c’ tid for one week, where itch-like eruption in bends of the elbows. “Scabies’ where some of the vesicles become pustules. Itching all all over, worse at night when warm in bed.

Dr Alaniah Mohd Zain used “Causticum’ while Dr Che Musa use to prescribe ‘ Ars Alb 200c’

Locally you may use ‘ PottisiumPemerganate’ or if you some ‘sulphur’ of volcano eruption [ you can get easily ] from any part of Indonesia. Rub the effected part of scabies. It will go off within one week time.

Study of Pulse

The Pulse
[Mengenali Denyut Nadi ]

The pulse of a healthy adult male at middle life beasts from 70 – 75 times per minutes, but this is not an invariable rule for some persons enjoy good health with a pulse at 50, and even lower, while others are as well with a pulse at 90. Again it varies at different period of life, and according to sex, position of body, etc., thus:-
• It embryo it average per minute is 150
• At birth, 140 – 130 / m
• During the first year – 130 – 115 / m
• During the second year – 150- 100 /m
• During the third year – 100 – 90 /m
• About the 7 year – 90 -85 / m
• About the 14th year – 85 – 80 / m
• In the middle period of life – 75 – 70 / m
• In old age – 65 – 50 / m

The pulse of women is more frequent by 10 or 15 beats per minutes than those of man. The pulse is more frequent by 10 or 11 beats in the standing than in the sitting posture. Muscular exertion, as dancing, for example will raise the pulse from 75 – 120, and even higher. And eating or drinking will like wise increase the heart action, on the contrary, during sleep the pulse is less frequent.

Pulse in Disease

Acceleration of the pulse is a common symptom of all febrile disorders; it augments with their increase and subsided with their decline.
The pulse of an adult rarely exceed 150 per minutes, even in acute inflammatory affection, when it run above 170 per minutes, it portends a fatal issue.
A quick, hard pulse is very characteristic of Diptheria and Scalartina.
A quick, full, bounding pulse indicate inflammation, or fever of an acute inflammatory character.
A sluggish, full pulse evinces a want of nervous energy.
Unusual slowness of pulse is chiefly met with in chronic softening and in tuberculosis affection of the brain. It is also a common symptom a disease attended with, resulting from concussion, or compression of the brain.
A changeable pulse indicates nervous derangement, and sometime organic disease of heart.

A fine, scarcely perceptible pulses denotes great exhaustion and approaching death.
An intermittent pulse is not inconsistent with health, never the less, it is more commonly and indication of disease of the heart.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome -IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS

System Pengdhadaman Yang Meragam

Irritable bowel syndrome is the most common disease fro which people seek the advice of a specialist. IBS is a disturbance in the action of muscles in the wall of large bowl that propel the residue from the digestive system towards the rectum. The symptoms that mostly give the indication are: Intermittent cramp in abdominal pain, irregular bowel habit i.e. Constipation alternately with diarrhea, abdominal distension (swelling) usually on the left side that is relieved by a bowel movement or by passing flatus, excessive gas in the bowel which rumbles and gurgles, a sense of incomplete evacuation after bowel movement and eating often makes the symptoms worse.

Dr Bansal, MMBS, MFHom (M’sia) from India suggest “Argent. Nit 30c’ with considerable stomach distension combined with much flatulence with stools is green, like chopped spinach. Diarrhoea comes immediately after eating or drinking. Loose stool worse by anxiety or fear.

Dr Afzal Iman BHMS, MFHom (M’sia) from Pakistan recommended ‘Anti Tart 200c’ with symptoms of diarrhea alternately with constipation. Stools are slimy with much mucus, but sometime also contain hard lumps. Tongue coated thick and white. I seldom failed using this medicine in such patients. I think homeopathic medication is considered as best in this type of problem of IBS.

Dr A.K. Seth, Secretary General of Asian Homeopathic Medical League suggests “China Off 200c’ for diarrhea with forthy, painless and yellow. Symptoms are worse at night and after eating. Very weak and has good deal of flatus

I still remember in late 1999 a patient by the name of Mr. Joban from Egypt came to Malaysia to see Prof Nik Omar just to treat IBS which he is suffering for many years. This patient stays in Malaysia for one month to continue that treatment. He was given “ Merc Sol 30c’ for abdominal pain, greenish stool, bloody and shiny and also given ‘ Arg Nit 200c.’ alternately with ‘Ant Tar 30c’

This gentleman was completely cured after one month of treatment.


Thalassemia, A Rational Approach

By Dr T.K. Chartterjee, Jamshedpur, India

This paper was presented at Homeopathic International Conference in Malaysia held at Kota Bharu, Kelantan year 2000

Abstract Paper

We all know that thalassemia disease is a genetically disorder disease. It is in herited from parent, who has thalassemia trait in their blood. If both ‘ gene’ of the parents are thalassemia than the baby shall born with thalassemia major, but fone ‘gene’ of the parent are thalasemia and other gene is healthy then child shall be suffered from thalassemia minor or trait, in third option if both gene of the parent are healthy than child shall be also healthy and free from thalassemia.

Thalassemia major is fatal, and need regular blood transfusion. Splenomegaly, hepatomegaly and iron overload is gross. In manor these are less. Thalassemia intermediate is also less fatal and a patient can need occasional blood transfusion. The mean hemoglobin should be maintained 8 %-10 %

Regular transfusion or bone marrow transplantation is the only answer. Till today. As because the iron overload in the blood or laemosiderosis extensive, so iron chelation therapy is also have some relation.

In Malaysia thalasemia is a common inherited disease. The gene frequency of thalassemia is estimated to be about 5 %.
For homeopathic medicine we can think of: Ars Alb., syhilpis., Calc C., Chelidonium, Silicea, Vanad., Rghus Tox., China Off..

A New Polycrest For Cancer

Carcinosin – A New Polychrest For CancerBy Prof Dr Abdur Rehman, M.Sc., DHMS. M.F Hom., FFHom (M’sia)
Homeopathic Medical Centre, 13-B, Gulberg Centre, Main Bouleverd, Lahore, Pakistan.
This paper was presented at The International Homeopathic Conference at Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia year 2000

Abstract Paper

The pioneer in the development of clinical picture of Carcinosin was Dr D M Foubister. Among his patients he had a boy and a girl whose mother suffered from cancer during pregnancy. He recognized some features in those children. They had blue sclera, a café-au-lait complexion and black moles, mostly circular. They also suffered from insomnia. This was beginning of the idea. Then he began to look in his practice to find other children or patients who had the same appearance and he gave them the remedy ‘Carcinisin’ He was astonished by the good result he obtained. Afterward he had quite a lot of cases treated with ‘carcinosin’ and he saw the common cause lying behind these cases, and so he came to the family history of people who mostly needed ‘carconisina’

After extensive clinical proving it is established that family history of asthma, carcinoma, diabetes, especially on both sides, leukemia, pernicious anaemia, syphilis, tuberculosis, malaria etc point nearer to ‘carcinosin’

Criteria for selection of ‘carcinosin’ as recommended by Dr D M Foubister are as follow:
• Family history of cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, personal history of whopping cough, repeated inflammatory processes in early childhood.
• A desire or aversion for salt, milk, egg, fats and fruits.
• Great aggravation and amelioration at seaside
• Sleeping in genupectoral position
• Whenever a given prescription does not work
• Faces appearance café au-lait’ blue sclera..

Case Recorded by Dr Abdur Rehman: Name of patient; Mrs X age 39 years, a teacher.
Past history: Chilhood diseases inspite of vaccination
Present Complaint:
Patient visited my clinic on 7th July 1997

Eczema of right hand which started two years before from the base of nails of 2nd and 3rd fingers aggravated before menses, from bath, from perspiration and in rainy season. Menses always late, scanty, clotted and very painful. Depressed, sexual desire increased with irritability before menses. She was authoritatarian, fond of solitude, no friends, cannot take jokes, critical, , fastidious, cannot express emotion, injustice intolerable. She was sensitive to heat with sleeping position on abdomen.
N repertiration Lyco.Calc C., Nat Mur., phos, Sulphur, Puls Sepia, Platina were the main remedies.. But since she was a grand daughter of a well known homeopath of our country, I thought she might have taken these remedies. So I decided to prescribe ‘carcinosin 200c’ on 9th July 1997. There is an aggravation on the 3rd week followed by a steady improvement resulting in complete recovery within a period of two months. No repeating of dose was needed and she remain well till today – Abdur Rehman.

Hormone and Its Deficiency

Hormone and Its Deficiency

Causing Grey Hair, baldness and diabetes.It is a specific product of an organ or of certain cells of an organ, transported by the blood or other body fluids, and having a specific regulatory effect upon cells remote from its origin. This term is used for internal secretions from duck less glands giving ‘Adrenaline, Thyrodine, Insulin etc. When these duck less glands become deficient, certain diseases are caused which can only be cured by making the glands efficient by the use of homeopathic medicine.

Foe example, premature grey hair and baldness are caused by the deficiency of Thyroid glands. The use of ‘Thyrodinum 30 or 200c dilution will not only prevent grey hair, but help in restoring natural color. Similarly, Insulin 30 or 200 should be used as an inter-current medicine in diabetes to make efficient the glands which produce insulin

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension [ Tekanan Darah Tinggi]

If blood pressure is due to disturbed function of nervous mechanism, Prof Dr Sajjad Hassan Khan ex President Asian Homeopathic Medical League suggests “Aurum Muriaticum 200c. Dr Hameed Ilyias Masood suggests ‘ Lachesis 200c’ as head of the remedy. While Dr Abdur Rehman of Gulberg, Lahore recommended “ Adrenalin 200 to 10M.

Dr Khalid Masood Qureshi, President Liga Homeopathic International from Pakistan, recommended daily dose of combination of “Crataegus, Glonine and Passiflora’ where symptoms are not clear-cut. In his experience, the daily dose of above combination will make the patient comfortable and prevent further deterioration in the general condition of such patients.

Prof Dr Nik Omar highly recommended ‘ Tincture of Crataegus’ and ‘Passiflor M.T. 5 drops twice daily., especially high blood pressure with heart-trouble, heart feels distended, fills whole chest. Worst lying down on left side.
If given two drops each at two hours interval give wonderful result, as pressure comes down within a short time.

Dr Zubeer Khalid Masood, MBBS with homeopathic qualification strongly recommended ‘ Aurum Met’ to be follow up by Glonine


Angin Dalam Perut / Kembung Perut / Medu / Sekok

Mrs. Dr Faridah from Kg Baru Homeopathic Centre, Kuala Lumpur recommended ‘Pulsatilla 30c’ when flatulence occurs due to rich and greasy food. While “ Ars Alb 30c’ is required for a patient who gets fetid eructions after consuming cold drinks and food while ‘ Colocynth’ is a prominent remedy for painful distension of abdomen with gripping pain.

Flatulence in Children with lot of loud rumbling in the abdomen like croaking of frog, ‘Thuja is the first choice.

Flatulent Distension at Climacteric – Flatulent distension of the stomach with fetid, offensive leucorrhoea, the menses are profuse and offensive, this type of flatulence you must give ‘ Sanguin Can.’ 30c’, says Dr Zaharah of Gelang Mas, Kelantan.

Flatulence – Dyspepsia – where anything turns into wind ‘ Nux Moch’

Flatulence with loud Eructations – excessive wind the upper portion of the abdomen pressing upwards in the chest and causing distress in heart. What ever he eats becomes wind. The simplest food disagrees.’ Carbo Vrg 200c.”

Flatulence in whole abdomen – wind gas coming out from mouth and flatus from rectum on and off. Eructation and flatus [ kentut] coming out regularly.” Lyco 200c” Flatus from vagina [ kentut dari faraj ] ‘Carbo Veg.30c’

Monday, October 22, 2007

Story of A Convert to Homeopathy

An Interesting Letter from a convert…..
How I became a homeopathBy Dr John Henry Clarke, MD, United Kingdom

Perhaps it may not be uninteresting to reader if I state at the outset of how my own conversion to homeopathy came about. As is usually the case, I knew nothing whatsoever about homeopathy when I took a degree in surgery, since it is rarely mentioned by professors in the ordinary medical school, and then only to be misrepresented.

After my graduation as a western medical doctor at Edinburg Medical School, by the advise of the late Dr Angus Macdonald (one of the best friends I ever had), I took a voyage to New Zealand in charge of emigrants.

On my return, having fixed on Liverpool as a likely field in which to start practice, I asked Dr Macdonald to introduce me to some of leading doctors in that city. This he promised to do, and eventually he did - I have the letter to this day.

They were never presented, for the reasons which will be appreciated. The relatives with whom I was staying happens to be a homeopath, and they suggested that I might do worse then to go to Homeopathic Dispensary at Hardman Street, Liverpool and see what was being done there.
As the letter came not, by way of utilizing my time I went. Like Caesar, I not only 'went', but I 'saw', " but here the parallel ended - I did not conquer; instead homeopathy conquered me!

I may say that at this period, having absorbed over 80 % (if marks go for anything) of the drug-lore Sir Robert Christian had to impart, and having had sufficient opportunity for testing its value in practice, I had come pretty near the conclusion of Oliver Wendell Holmes saying, " If all drugs were cast into the sea, it would be so much better for man and so much the worst for the fish."

I believed then (and belief has become rather fashionable since) that the chief function of a medical man was to find out what was the matter with people - if he could; and supply them with common sense - if he happened to posses any.
With duty to treat people; to cure them was out of question; and it would be the better for honesty if he made no pretence to it.

After few weeks of observation at the Liverpool Homeopathic Dispensary, a case was presented to me in private. A small boy of five, a relative of my own, was brought to me by his mother. Two years before, he had been badly scratched on the forehead by a cat, and when the scratches healed, a crops of warts appeared on the site of them, and there they remained up to that time in spite of different treatment by allopathic doctor.

As an allopath I could do no more than he, so I turned to homeopathy to see if that could help me. I consulted the authorities, and found that the principal drug which is credited to producing crops of warts is Thuja Occidentalis.

I ordered this, more by way of experiment than expecting much result; but I said, if there was truth in homeopathy, it ought to cure. In a few days improvement was manifest; in three weeks the warts were al gone. Rightly or wrongly I attributed, and still attribute the result to Thuja, through it will no doubt be said that charms have done the same way.

Very well, id nay one will give me a system of charms that I can use with precision and produce with such definite effects, I shall be very glad to try it. As it was, I concluded that if homeopathy could give me results like that, homeopathy was the system for me.

Yours faithfully
Dr J.H. Clarke, Liverpool, England.

Malaysian Homeopathy Objective _ Charter

The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia


• To educate, promote the growth and development of Homeopathy in Malaysia.
• To produce graduates and post-graduates in Homeopathy.
• To conduct research on various aspects of Homoepathy.
• To provides and assist in providing services and facilities for research,
evaluation, training consultation and guidance related to Homeopathy.
• To conduct regulation for the Homeopathic practitioner.
• Promote, stimulate, facilitate and undertake economic and social development
for Homeopathic practitioner.

Message by Ministry of Health 2002

Message from Minister of Health
Dato Chua Jui Meng 6 Sept. 2002

"…The national healthcare delivery system in Malaysia is predominantly Western-based and dominated by western-trained doctors. We, however, recognize the growing interest in traditional / complementary medicine worldwide, and we are prepared to take the necessary steps to integrate western medicine and traditional / complementary medicine, for a more holistic approach towards healthcare.

For this purpose, The Ministry of Health has set up a Standing Committee for Traditional / Complementary Medicine in 1997. Last year, the Ministry launched the National Health Policy for Traditional / Complementary Medicine, after obtaining extensive input and feedback from all stakeholders in T/CM.

We will ensure that the objective and strategies outlined in the policy are fully understood by all concerned, in order to pave the way for integration of T/CM into Malaysian healthcare system…"

A message at Complementary Healthcare 2001 Conference at Putra Trade Centre 6-9 September 2002 by Dato Chua Jui Meng, Menteri Kesihatan Malaysia

Infertility & Homeopathy For Childless Cuoples

Homeopathic Method of Treating Infertility and How The Treatment Goes on

Helping Nature Take Its Course

Homeopathic Aid For Childless Couples

Kuala Lumpur: Childless couples now need not wait long for the arrival of the stork as there are various methods, both modern and traditional, to help them become parents.

These methods include artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilisation for the sterile individuals.

However, many couples are not aware of the help they can obtain from homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathic practitioner, who is also the president of Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association, Prof Dr Sir Nik Omar bin Nik Daud said homeopathy was a very safe way, especially for childless Muslim couples who were reluctant to go through 'other methods' practised in conventional medicine.

Dr Nik Omar, who has 25 years experience in homeopathy, said the 'Homeopathic Therapeutic of Infertility' HTI-P 2000 formula was the alternative treatment for sterile couples.

Homeopathic Treatment , No Surgery

He said the HTI P 2000 formula did not involve and surgery or the use of scheduled drugs and antibiotic nor clomid and instead relied 100 per cent on natural homeopathic remedies.

The method uses floral extracts as its main ingredient. Among the flowers use are marigold, chamomilla, lilies, aconitum napellus, etc.

Dr Nik Omar said couples facing 'problem' would required to undergo the treatment for eight to twelve months. " This method of treatment is not only first in Malaysia but also the first in the world, " he said.

He said the method was introduced in 1977 using HTI P30 formula which took one year for the result to be seen.
"The present HTI P2000 is the result of development and research held to improve the original formula."

He said the patient's medical and family histories would have to be taken into consideration in order to decide on the homeopathic substances needed before commencing the treatment.

Dr Nik Omar said the cost of HTI P2000 formula is not expensive when compared with conventional treatment.
"The person will only have to spend less than RM 1,000 for eight to twelve months of homeopathic treatment."

Foreign Couples

Apart from attending to local copules, Dr Nik Omar has also treated patients from Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, England, Canada and Libya. Since the homeopathic formula was introduced, more than 1,000 couples have managed to have children after undergoing the treatment.

One couples from Saudi Arabia [Husband is Allopathic - western doctor ] who were childless for 8 years and have undegone various treatments,including IUI, In-Vitro, etc. have successfully treated with HTI P2000 formula. The wife confirmed pregnant after 4th months of taking homeopathic pills under the supervision of Dr Nik Omar and Dr Hajjah Faridah.

For those who wish to get more information, you may visit the website:

From : Bernama 1 Januray 2001

[ Please note that: Prof Dr Nik Omar, one of the best homeopath and acupuncturist in Malaysia with 30 years of experience. While Mrs Dr Faridah, the first lady homeopath with 18 years history of practising homeopathy in Malaysia ]

You are Allow To Print This Web For Your Future Reference.

What is Homeopathy ?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on the natural law of cure which was founded by Prof Dr Samuel Hahnemann from Germany in 1810. The Principle law of cure is based on the doctrine of 'similarity' or 'Let Likes be Treated by Likes' in Latin it is well known as ' Simlar Similibus Curentur'. In Malay, 'Persamaan dengan yang sama menyembuhkan atau ringkasnya Keseraksian.

The Advantages of Homeopathic Treatment:
1. All Homeopathic Medicine are natural and safe.
2. No side effect, No adverse effect, No drugs, No Anti-biotic, No Steroid and No Poison.
3. All homeopathic medication are human friendly.
4. Most of the remedies are from flowers, plants, herbs, mineral, etc.
5. The contain of drugs are so minute (small) that it cannot be traced by any ordinary measurement.
6. All medicines are clinical and scientifically approved according to the German Homeopathic Pharmacopeia.
7. In Malaysia, all homeopathic medicine re-proved by The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia, Research Institute at Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia.

According to Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy, He says " Don't argue about homeopathic medication and therapy. Please try it, and publish the failure ! "
- From The Book 'Organon of Medicine' 5th Edition 1842

Cases of Successful Couple
From 1977 till 2004 The are more tahn 3,000 couple have been successfully treated and conceived through this method of HTI P2000 which was first introduced by Prof Nik Omar in Malaysia in 1977.
Refer []

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Bones, Diseases

Homeopathic traetment is well known in treating the 'Diseaes of the bones' suc as 'Phosp.1000c' is very useful in Necrosis , especially of the lower jaw, also caries. ' Silicea 30c' is good for scrofulous children whose bones are curved, spinal curvature. 'Pott's Disease, fistulous tracks running to diseased bone.

"Calc Phos' 12x' has an action at the places where the bones form a suture of joint; it is also useful to favor the uniting of fractures, hastening the fornation callus.
Dr Constatine Hearing suggest ' Sympytum Off Q' for injuries to the bones or any fractures.

Homeopathic Resort:

Migraine , Headache

Severe Headache
Sakit kepala Teramat sangat.

Periodical Headache with intense throbbing [ some says ' migraine' ] with supraorbital pains, and accompying the headache with temporary blindness. Better by vomiting. It is suitable to school children, teachers and officers. Dr A.K. Seth prefer 'Iris Versicolor' while Dr W. A. Dewey suggest ' Sanguinaria 200c' for geuine sick headache, pain beginning in morning and in the occiput, crosses up over the head and settles in the right eye. The patient can neither tolerate noise not light.

Dr J.H. Clarke prefer 'Cocculus 30c' headache in occipital region. While Dr T.F. Allen suggest ' Spigelia 200c' for headache on the right side. The pain settle over the left eye and are neuralgic in charater. Dr Dr Nik Omar recommended 'Nux Vom 200c' for headache with gastric problem and it occurs in the morning.

Homeopathy is one of the best treatment for migraine and headache. No matter how long the duration, you still have a good chance to cure with homeopathic medication.

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Diseases of Liver

Jaundice, Gall-Sones, Enlargements, Tumour and Cancer of Liver and Their Treatment with Homeopathic Medicine.
By Br J. Comptom Burnett, M.D.

A Synopsis Cases

The Cure of Jaundice
' A good many years since I was summoned to see a country gentleman for sudden indisposition. It was rather redious railway journey, anxious to enlighten me that the squire had the 'Yaller Janders' ( Yellow Jaundice). The yellow the patient was indeed, and the colour was 'jaundice'. There were usual symptoms - constipation, scanty urine of a dark yellow browny colour, and debility with depression of spirits. " I gave ' Chelidonium M 30c' is small material doses, put matter right in a few days, leaving the patient, however, weak.

"What medicine have you been giving mu husband ?" asked his wife.
" A new remedy"
What is its name
Chelidonium Majus.
What's the English od that ?
"The Great Celandine"
" Then ir is not by any means a new remedy, for it is my old herbal, in which it is recommended for jaundice"

Enlargement of Liver and Spleen Cured by Cardus 200c.

A young lady of 16 years was brought to me by her mother on 17th September 1887, for severe attacks of vomiting that had lasted for three months. She was often roused rudely from her sleep in the morning with an attack of vomiting.

After proper case taking, I decided to gave her my favorite 'Nat. Mur 6' she was still further improved. After careful physical examination of the bare epigastrium and hypochondria - " Liver and spleen both very much enlarged so that they seem almost to fill the abdomen"

I prescribed "Carduus 200c' tid for two weeks and to be follow up by 'Thuja Occ 30c" bid, cured these and the patient has had no vomiting or any other symptoms. She is cotinues well to date.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Why Homeopathy Is So Special ?

Why should anyone go to a Homeopathic doctor?

Homeopathic treatment is suitable for most people and has the advantage of being completely safe when used correctly. A Homeopath makes efforts to see the disease holistically and that is the main reason why this system is getting more acceptability

Is Homeopathy getting more popular and if so why?

Many people prefer to be benefited through natural treatments rather than by conventional drugs or surgery. Public is also anxious about side effects of drugs, or about its long continued use, especially where children are involved. In case of0 Homeopathy, these problems do not occur. Studies shows an increasing number of people are turning towards Homeopathy every year as sales of Homeopathic medicines have more than doubled in the recent years. Homeopathy may be the most appropriate treatment for you.

Is Homeopathy safe?
Homeopathic medicines are not harmful because they are so greatly diluted. They are safe, non-toxic and non-addictive. They are prepared in laboratories licensed by the Department of Health, to stringent standards of quality.

Is Homeopathy effective?
Since the early nineteenth century homeopathy has proved effective for millions of people worldwide; it has often been successful where other forms of treatment have failed. In more recent years medical journals have published positive reports of the results of scientific research into Homoeopathy.

Can homeopathic medicine be taken with ordinary drugs?
Always follow your doctor advice as stopping some medicine may be harmful and taking some other medicines may also be detrimental.
If the symptoms become worse when first taking a homeopathic medicine is it all right or does this indicate the wrong choice of medicine?
Homeopathic medicines seek to stimulate symptoms, not suppress them, so that the body will overcome the disease naturally. Therefore, if symptoms are aggravated briefly, this usually means that the medicine is acting.

Can the medicines be taken safely during pregnancy?
The safety of homoeopathic medicines is well known, still it is advised to take the opinion of a qualified Homeopathic doctor in such situation.

Are homeopathic medicines safe for children?
Yes, They can be given safely to even to the youngest infant.

Can animals be treated with Homeopathy?
Homeopathy is as effective for animals as it is for humans
What the diseases for which Homeopathy has proven strength?
Homeopathy has proven strength in the treatment of allergic disorders, skin diseases, children's problems, several so called surgical problems like piles, tonsillitis, sinusitis, menstrual disorders, life style diseases etc.

Can Homeopathy Go together with Acupuncture Treatment ?
Why not, both homeopathy and acupuncture are natural medicines, holistic approach and oriental outlook. Both of them work closely between one another and helping each other to give relief and cure the disease faster.

Where can I find a good Acupuncturist in Malaysia ?
Just go to Nik Omar Acupuncture Centre at Kg Baru, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-26926549 or refer to the web

Lung Cancer Cured

Miracle Healing Through Homeopathy

Lung Cancer Cured

Last 30 years (1977) we had a special healing prayer. My father told us a very interesting story during our Hari Raya Gartering that I wanted to share with you.

He told us that a gentleman came to his clinic in early morning and invited my father to his house to treat a young boy who was critically ill. The lungs were badly damaged and the allopathic doctors confirmed that this boy is suffering from ‘Lung cancer’. The boys are dying at home for 2 months, coughing and vomiting of pure blood every now and than. He was very thin just like ‘starvation boys in Africa’
He was admitted in hospital for one month without any progress and was discharge without any sign of improvement. The parent has called three private allopathic practitioners to their house and almost all of them says ‘nothing’ that they can do, except just ‘wait and see’

On arriving at the house, my father goes direct to the boy’s bed and found out that about 15 people around him administer rite of “ Surah Yassin”. While my father was at the boy’s house, he has seen the boy has vomited half cup of blood every time he start coughing. He stayed for one hour and have seen that the boy has vomited more than three cups of blood.

After doing a careful case taking, my father gave him” Ipecac 3c to be followed by ‘Phos 30c’ bid for 5 days. However, he was curious what happened to the boy and called their parent in few days and asked about the boys.

Their parent told my father " Sir, ( Prof Dr Nik Omar ) we don't understand what happened, while he was in desperately very ill and dying, after taking you medication and prayers ‘ Solat-tu-Hajjat’ his conditioned are perfectly fine and no more coughing and no more vomiting “

This boy now ( 2007) age 42 years and still alive at Kg Chempaka, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.

I found this story very uplifting and wanted to share it with you. I believe in the healing power of Allah and the Miracle Cure of Homeopathy.

In conclusion: What ever disease that you or your family is suffering, don’t give up. Let us try Homeopathy. Homeopathy is the last hope for desperately dying patient.

Reported by: Nik Fairuz Hakim, BHMS, DAc.(Colombo)., D.Ac(Kel)

Endocrine Disorder

Hormonal Problems (endocrine disorders)

Hormones are special chemicals which act as messengers, triggers and/or commanders to many of the actions and reaction taking place in human the body. For example when we are excited or frightened for any reason all of a sudden our heart beats faster, breathing becomes quicker and hands and feet turns cold. Actually it is a hormone called adrenalin that does all this. There are a number of hormones playing vital role in our day to day living. These are produced from specialized areas called endocrine glands. Suppose if any of such glands are not functioning properly or start overwork (for a number of reasons) what we get is hormonal imbalance which will lead to many troublesome and often incurable illnesses (endocrine disorders). See for ex. diabetes (high sugar in blood). A hormone called insulin is a must for proper digestion of sugar. If it is less in quantity or absent sugar start accumulating in blood and diabetes results.

There are a variety of endocrine disorders. Diabetes, Goiter, Acromegaly, Dwarfism, Cushing's syndrome etc. are only a few. It can also be the lead cause of other major illness like menstrual abnormalities, infertility, hypertension, growth and developmental problems and even cancer. The conventional treatments available for endocrine disorders are to provide with external supply of natural or artificial hormones in its deficiency and to remove the particular gland or part of it in case of its excess. But both can have its unpleasant side effects, especially on long continued use.

If you have homeopathic treatment most cases of endocrine abnormalities can be corrected. Especially minor ones and those detected early. What homeopathy does is to correct the behavior of the gland so that it produces the right amount of hormones. Even though some times it will take a while to show its effect if you persist with the treatment it will surely give you a lasting and most often permanent solution to the problem.

Herpes Genitalis

Genital Herpes.

Herpes Genitalis is a sexually transmitted disease which has reached epidermic proportions in America. The main problem is that a virus herpes cannot be cured and so each new sufferer adds to the pool of carrriers.

There are two types of herpes simplex virus, both of which cause painful blisters (vesicles), localized swelling and sometimes fever. HSV 1 is usually found around the mouth the mouth (cold sores). HSV 2 is spread by sexual contact and the blisters can be found in and around the genitals, around the anus, on the bladder, buttocks, thighs and legs of both sexes.

After the first attack the virus travels up a local sensory nerve and then lies dormant in the body. It waits until something triggers off an attack, and then emerges again, usually in the same spot time and time again, as a painful blisters.

If the vesicles are inside the vagina, on the cervix or in the urethra , it is possible that the carrier will be unaware of their existence and transmit to the partner during intercourse.

Although painful and depressing to an adult, herpes genitalis is often fatal if it is passed by a pregnant sufferer to her baby as it passes down the birth canal

Genital herpes cannot yet be cured. Only homeopathic medicine is possible to eradicate them if chosen the correct similimum according to the theory of ‘ Chronic Miasm Samuel Hahnemann.

Cured Cases

Herpes Genitalis in Young Businessman

Mr. R R S at Mid of March comes with big medical file covers almost all pathological investigation for viral infection, list of prescriptions by leading dermatologists and Infectious disease specialist of Mumbai and New Delhi, taken almost all variety of virucidal medicines available in market, recurrence of herpes 15 to 21 days after each course of modern medicine but no cure.

Rich Person of the city having age of 28 years, not ready to consult local doctors to keep secrete of his illness. First sentence he spoken "Doctor I have never contacted any women and why should i get this infection, every doctors ask one question about exposure to find out Sexually Transmitted Disease STD !!!!!. Is this only cause for this ?

After taking detail history to find out the cause and to select right homeopathic medicine to cure this herpes and to prevent further recurrence of illness, after discussion i come to conclusion there are no point for STD.

Being a businessman he has to travel a lot, stays an hotel for 7 days a month, always use his towels after bath but once he use WET TOWELS of hotel and very next day he feel burning over genitals and small red eruptions, he started using local ointments but no relief, Disease increased with the time and burning pain and area of skin involvement increases, i advised him to stop applying external application of ointments and Dose of constitutional medicine given and asked come after 15 days.

After one month he comes at my clinic with big smiles on his face and replied doctor herpes get cured, i advised him let me inform if relapse of illness is there. After six month he reported me that no relapse. he comes at my clinic for regular check up since last five year no relapse of illness. What one can expect more than this with Homeopathy