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Early Homeopathy in Malaysia 1980..s

In order to understand the present status of Homeopathy in Malaysia, we must see and read the history of Homeopathic Struggles in Malaysia especially in early 1980's
here are some of our old images...

" Prof Dr Nik Omar is the baba of Homeopathy in Malaysia," says Dr Sajjad Hassan Khan of Pakistan.

Homeopathy Malaysia

The image of Homeopathy in Malaysia
1. Homeopathic College [ The faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia]
2. Homeopathic Hospital [ Homeopathic Medical Centre ]
3. Homeopathic Home Stay Ward
4. Homeopathic Lectur Hall can accommodate 150 students at one time.
5. 3 fish ponds
6. 12 Horse Stables.
7. Internet cafe


Johor Worse Flood 2006

8 members of DRWB - MRHP & FAHOM members are at Kota Tinggi Johor worse Flood 2006.
There memebrs are H/Dr Nik Fairuz Hakim, Nik Badrul Hakim, Yusoff said, Mohd Izham Ismail

Kelantan Flood 1979

At Kampong Pasir Hor

Ata Various Villages in Kelantan 1987

Our MRHP Homeopathic Volunteers having been serving at rural ares in Kelantan for the last 20 years. Some of the villages selected were Kg Sabak, Kg. Dalam Rhu, Kg Dusun, Kg Bukit Marak, Kg Pasir Hor, Pondok Gelang Mas, Pondok Pasir Tumbuh, etc.
We manage to arrange more than 50 assigment so far.
At MRHP Comittee Meeting on 8 November 2007, we have selecetd 8 places to serve during this months till Januray 2008. i.e. Kg Dewan Beta, Kota Bharu, Kg Kolam, Kg Meranti, Kg Cherang Melintang, Kg Teluk Jering,Tumpat, Pondok Tar Tujoh Pasir Mas and Kg Banggol

Our Service at Pos Orang Asli, Jerantut, Pahang 1993

12 memebrs of DRWB from Malaysian Homeopathic Practitioners Association were selected to serve at Pos Orang Asli at deep jungle of Jerantut,Ulu Tembeling, Pahang 300 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur.
It take a jouney of 3 hours by boat to reach Ulu Tembeling Pos Orang Asli 1993
The are Dr Nik Omar, Dr Faridah, Dr Alaniah Zain, Dr Che Musa, Dr Hairuddin, Dr Zukifli, Dr Samad, Azman, Dr Hajjah Asiah, Dr Ali, and Kamaludin.

Tsunami Disasters Malaysia 2005

Our Volunteers at Tsunami Releief Centre off Kuala Kedah 2005 Dec.

Homeopathic Service at Cambodia 2006

DRWB are giving free treatment at Siem Reap and Phon Pehn, Cambodia 2006.

Homeopathic Volunteers at Pakistan Refugees Centre

Four Memebrs of Malaysian Homeopathic Voluntters from MRHP - FAHOM are providing free treatment to the Afghan refugees at Pakistani border off Peshawar wild areas 1988. The four mmebers team headed by Dr Nik Omar bin Nik Daud, Dr Mohammad Ali Hamzah, Dr M.Hairuddin and Dr Mohd Suhaimi Yusoff.

Our services in Sri Lanka 1992

Four of Homeopathic Volunteers under Homeopathic Doctiors Without Barrier at Colombo, Sri Lanka 1992. More than 300 Sri Lankan are getting free treatment from Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Volunteers at Welliwata Bridge and Malay Padang, Colombo.

Our Service In Afghanistan 1987

Homeopathic Doctor With Barrier Services at Jalalabad, Adfghanistan 1987

Our services in Thailand 1988

Our Servies in Thailand Worse Flood Disaster in South Thailand.

Homeopathic Service In Malaysia

Some picture of our service sin Malaysia
from 1979 - 2007
Photo 1 from down up- Tsunami Diasater Des 2005 - 2006
Photos 2: Johoer Flood
Phots 3 : In Malaysian Jugle

Malaysian Homeopathic Volunteers - DRWB

Homeopathic Doctors Without barrier, the volunteer organization under Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association have ben in services for the last 28 years. We are as young and active as before ( 1979 - 2007 )
You may see our services in

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Whooping Cough

Whooping Cough

Highly infectious and very distressing for its sufferers, whooping cough can be one of childhood’s most dangerous illnesses.
Whooping cough or pertussis as it is medically known is a highly infectious bacterial diseases caused by Bordetella pertussis. The diseases are spread by droplets of bacteria in the air. The bacteria settle in the mucous lining of the respiratory tract (lungs and throat), causing inflammation and production of thick sticky mucus.

Children between one and four years old are most susceptible, although since immunization, more adolescents and adults are the source of the disease

If you or your children are having prolonged coughing non stop for month and months, kindly consult your nearest homeopath.
Homeopathic medication is well responded with all type of cough.
Contact Homeopath at Kuala Lumpur: 03-26926549

Vagina Dryness

Vagina Dryness

Dryness of vagina is a frequent, unpleasant and sometimes a distressing condition that disturb sexual relation of husband and wife. There many reasons, it might be due to psychological factor, hormone disturbance and may be due to natural ageing process of the body, which leads to thinning and drying of the vaginal lining. It results in painful intercourse, which may place a strain on a woman’s relationship with her partner.

Good homeopathic medication for dryness of vagina.

Dr Frederick L Compton suggests “Sepia 30c’ should be given especially accompanied with breast and nipple may feel sore and sensitive to touch. Intercourse is painful.

Dr Hering is his Materia Medica suggests “Causticum 20c’ for dryness of vagina with the feeling of raw and sore. Dry and hot and painful intercourse.

Dr Boger recommends “ Aconitum napellus’ for the painful and dry vagina with hot and sensitive.

Dr Mrs Zaharah of Gelang Mas suggests ‘Tarentula Off’ to be follow up by ‘Thuja’ for dryness of vagina with erotic sensation.

Some other useful remedies are: Kreosote, Lyco., Nat Mur., ferr Phos, Cham.

Vegetables and Plants are the main sources of Homeopathic Remedies
Homeopathy, Natural Medicine for New Millennium



Kembar Seiras

Twins are two children produced in a single pregnancy. Although they are by far the most common of multiple births, twins still excite a great deal of wonder from parents and outsiders alike.

Twin born at almost the same time to the same mother. Twins occur about once in every 50 to 150 births. There are two types:
• Fraternal or dizygotic twins and identical
• Monozygotic twins

Fraternal Twins
In a normal pregnancy only one ovum or egg is fertilized. However, if two ova are fertilized at the same time, fraternal or non-identical twins will be born. These twins may be of the same or different sexes, and can be dissimilar to each other as any pair of siblings. This is because they grow from two separate egg cells fertilized at the same time.The tendency to give birth to fraternal twins is inherited, especially through the mother’s side.

• Non-identical ( fracternal) twins result from two separate eggs that are fertilized at the same time by two separate sperm; each twin develops its own placenta.

• Identical twins result when a single egg is fertilized and later divides. These twins usually share the same placenta unless the cells separate at an early stage of development.

Travel Sickness

Travel Sickness

Motion Sickness, Mabuk Perjalanan , Mabuk Laut.

Travel sickness result from an imbalance of information reaching the brain from the various sense organs concerned with movement. Travel sickness may be caused by weakness of central nervous system, weakness of the upper abdominal region, discomfort, poor digestive system or heaviness of the head associated with cervical rigidity causing nausea and vomiting.

One of the most important of these is the balance organ in the inner ear, which contains three fluid-filled canals [the semicircular canals ]. These are like three spirit levels placed at right angles to each other: head movement in any direction causes movement of the fluid in one or more of the canals.

Them main cause of travel sickness is the motion of the vehicle in which one is traveling – the rolling and tossing of a ship, the swaying of a car as it rounds a series of bends, the rhythmic movements of the train – so that travel sickness is sometimes called ‘motion sickness’

The symptoms of travel sickness are different from person to person , although a particular individual always experience the same symptom and in the same order. Giddiness, nausea and vomiting are the most obvious, but are the common ones include headache, drowsiness, increased breathing effort, yawning and pallid skin completion.

Homeopathic medicine is one of the best for traveling sickness.

Dr Jugal Kishore of India suggest ‘ Cocc. Ind 30c’ tid before undertaking a journey will safe from motion sickness.

Dr Mrs. Faridah from Homeopathic Medical Centre at Kg Baru, Kuala Lumpur suggest
“Staphysagria 30c’ should be given when the patient worse by the smell of tobacco / cigarettes accompanied with nausea and vertigo during travel.

Dr M.A.Quader of Bangladesh recommended “Petrolleum 30c’ and ‘Thyreodinum 30c’ for travel ling sickness.

Homeopathy in Kuala Lumpur 03- 26 926549

Tips of Getting Baby

Tips of Getting Baby
For Childless Couple

According to our HTI P2000 technique

• Must be a satisfactory intercourse technique
• The time of coitus is a simple, but important factor in achieving conception
• Minimum frequency of coitus 2 time a week
• Normal frequency of coitus 4-5 time a week
• The most important part of male examination is semen analysis
• Sperm velocity may be the most important predictor of fertility
• Fertility is maximum in woman between 19 to 25 years of age
• You may try HTI P2000 technique after failed to conceive within one year of marriage
• A woman’s normal ovulatory cycle is more likely to achieve conception than an induced cycle
• The life span of sperm in the female is about 3 days
• The life span of ovum is about 12 – 24 hours if not fertilized
• Dyspareunia is an important factor in causation of infertility
• The embryo transfer may be accomplished IVF with embryo between the development of 2 – 8 cells.
• HTI P2000 is considered as one of the latest alternative method of getting baby through homeopathy [ refer our web above ]
• Conception cannot occur without ovulation of an oocyte
• A change of prostaglandin content in seminal ejaculate may suggest dysfunction of seminal vesicles and may have a prognostic value in determining fertilizing factor.
• Concertration of FSH of less that 40 mIU/ml clearly indicate the presence of oocyte.
• Concentration of more than 100 m IU/L indicate a lack of oocyte with virtual certainity.
• If the testicular biopsy shows complete degeneration and atrophy of testicles the patient may be pronounced sterile.
• Life of sperm for fertilization is 48 hours
• Most common cause of secondary sterility is tubal block
• Pots coital test is used to detect antibodies in cervical mucus
• Following tests in diagnosis of ovulation; vaginal smear examination, spinnbarkeit, endometrial biopsy, basal body temperature chart.
• Mucus is thick after ovulation
• Raise in basal body temperature is due to progestogen
• Ovarian failure is diagnosed by increased FSH & Decreased Oestrogen
• The side effect of clomiphene is multiple pregnancy, increased in weight [obesity]

Problem of Ovary

Ovaralgia, Dysmenorrhoe, Menorrhagia

Vascular system of ovaries in powerfully affected, producing much congestion, enlargement and great irritation, with ovalralgia, dysmenorrhoea and especially menorrhagia.

Ovaries are inflamed, irritable, sensitive and swollen, with constant burning distress and painful from left ovary to uterus ; often a sharp pain cutting like knives, shoots around the hip down the legs with great rapidity, and makes walking painful – has to limp.

Uterus prolapsed, cervix swollen, sensitive, spongy, bleeds when touched. Oozing of the dark blood, highly coagulated, forming long, and black. Stingy clots with extreme pain during the period, which is rather too early.

Menses profuse, too long lasting, come in gushes of bright red blood, especially when rising from seat, but more frequent dark, clotted, fetid and stringy blood.

Homeopathic medicine recommended

‘Ustilago, L.C., Brom., Lyco., Lachesis., , Arg. Nit., Aurum Nur., Graph., Apis., Thuja

Homeopathy Cure

Homeopathy Cure all ills

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine based on the law of nature cure. It has been called an alternative / complementary system of medicine because it is completely safe to use. No side effect, no drugging, no steroid, there is no contra-indication.

I have used homeopathic medicines alone to thousands of my patients and have found it very successful over the years in my practice. I achieved a very high percentage of success, even in some case of infertility were cured. Kindly refer

So I have reached the conclusion that purely homeopathic treatment in modern life can cure all ills.

Heart , Diseases

Affection of The Heart
Diseases of The Heart

Dr E.A. Farirngton a great homeopath an ex Professor of Materia Medica at the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia USA suggest “Aconite Nap’” should be remembered for cardiac congestion; hyperemia preceding Peri-carditis of Endo-carditis with fever, mental anxiety, oppression, palpitation, worse walking; stitches, preventing erect posture or deep inspiration.
Angina pectoris, with intense pain down left arm, with numbness and tingling in fingers. Uncomplicated hypertrophy. Fear he will drop dead in the street.

Dr Alook Pareek of Agra, India suggest “Apis” for cardiac inflammation and dropsy, hydro-thorax; unable to lie down; as if could not draw another breath; feeling as though going to die with sudden stinging pains, dysponea and restlessness.

Dr Mehmet Kocabas of Saudi Arabia recommended “ Arg Nit for constant cardiac anxiety, violent palpitation and throbbing through the whole body from slightest emotion, worse in horizontal position, better when walking fast.

Ac Nik Fairuz suggest “ Cimicifuga’ for angina pectoris, maltral valve blockage with pain radiate all over the chest, numbness of let arm. Beside that he uses integrated medicine with 3 ‘Acupuncture Points’ such as ‘Pericardium P6, Heart 4, Lung 7’ which give very good and prompt result.

Further reading

Gonorrhoea / Veneral Diseases

Gonorrhoea / Veneral Diseases -VD

Raja Singa

Prof Dr Nik Omar , a homeopathic specialist in Malaysia recommended “ Canthris 200c’ should be given when the inflammation has spread to the bladder with intense tenesmus, urine scalds him and is passed drop by drop, with extreme pain and intolerable tenesmus; the entire urethral canal scalds and burns before, during and after maturation; urine is often mixed with blood and discharge is yellow or bloody mucus-pus. “ Merc Sol and Merc Cor to be follow up by “ Canthris” when the discharge become worse at night and is green purulent.

If the burning is more violent, burning and swelling “Merc Cor and Cannabis Sativa” should be given. If the discharge is yellow, white like cream or thick and purulent “ Capsicum 200c, especially the penis is sensitive. “ Cann Indica” should be given when urination is painful with increased sexual desire.

The effect of VD is very long and it can be domain for years if not treated carefully. So it is advice to take a proper treatment once you get gonorrhoea, or any other VD’s
Some of the known effect of gonorrhoea are impotency, premature ejaculation, shrinking of penis, forgetfulness, psychological problems, etc.