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Homeopathic Treatment of Infertility

Photo: One of the happiest mother...undergone our treatment with success

Homeopathic Treatment of Infertility

Homeopathic Method of Treating Infertility and How The Treatment Goes on

Helping Nature Take Its Course
Homeopathic Aid For Childless Couples

Kuala Lumpur: Childless couples now need not wait long for the arrival of the stork as there are various methods, both modern and traditional, to help them become parents.

These methods include artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization for the sterile individuals.

However, many couples are not aware of the help they can obtain from homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathic practitioner, who is also the president of Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association, Prof Dr Sir Nik Omar bin Nik Daud said homeopathy was a very safe way, especially for childless Muslim couples who were reluctant to go through 'other methods' practiced in conventional medicine.

Dr Nik Omar, who has 25 years experience in homeopathy, said the 'Homeopathic Therapeutic of Infertility' HTI-P 2000 formula was the alternative treatment for sterile couples.

Homeopathic Treatment, No Surgery

He said the HTI P 2000 formula did not involve and surgery or the use of scheduled drugs and antibiotic nor clomid and instead relied 100 per cent on natural homeopathic remedies.

The method uses floral extracts as its main ingredient. Among the flowers use are marigold, chamomilla, lilies, aconitum napellus, etc.

Dr Nik Omar said couples facing 'problem' would required to undergo the treatment for eight to twelve months.
" This method of treatment is not only first in Malaysia but also the first in the world, " he said.

He said the method was introduced in 1977 using HTI P30 formula which took one year for the result to be seen.

"The present HTI P2000 is the result of development and research held to improve the original formula."

He said the patient's medical and family histories would have to be taken into consideration in order to decide on the homeopathic substances needed before commencing the treatment.

Dr Nik Omar said the cost of HTI P2000 formula is not expensive when compared with conventional treatment.

"The person will only have to spend less than RM 1,000 for eight to twelve months of homeopathic treatment."

Foreign Couples

Apart from attending to local couples, Dr Nik Omar has also treated patients from Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, England, Canada and Libya.
Since the homeopathic formula was introduced, more than 3,000 couples have managed to have children after undergoing the treatment.

One couples from Saudi Arabia [Husband is Allopathic - western doctor ] who were childless for 8 years and have undergone various treatments, including IUI, In-Vitro, etc. have successfully treated with HTI P2000 formula. The wife confirmed pregnant after 4th months of taking homeopathic pills under the supervision of Dr Nik Omar and Dr Hajjah Faridah.

For those who wish to get more information, you may visit the website:

[ Please note that: Prof Dr Nik Omar, one of the best homeopath and acupuncturist in Malaysia with 30 years of experience. While Mrs Dr Faridah, the first lady homeopath with 20 years history of practicing homeopathy in Malaysia ]

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Injuries & Homeopathic Treatment

Hypericum: One of the best homeopathic remedy for nerve injuries. Especially injured with soft parts as in treading on nails, pins, in bites of inserts and animals. Marvellous remedy for pierced, torn or injured parts rich nerves such as lips and finger tips. It is useful for injuries in spine and coccyx. Give Ledum P immediately in order to prevent tetanus. Presence of intolerable pain during tetanus as result of injury. pain in old scars which runs towards the body along the course of nerves.

Ledum: For punctured wounds which feel cold to touch and to patient but relied by cold application. Wounds that bleed scantily and are followed by pain. Black eye from a blow or contusion.

Cough and Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy Offer Specific Remedies For Cough

Rawatan Batuk Dengan Homeopati

Dry cough worse when lying down, relieved by sitting up. Worse by drinking, eating and talking.

Calc carb: Chronic cough, months and years of coughing

: loose cough worse in warm room and better in open air.

Cough at night while asleep.

Kali Bich: Cough with phelgm [ batuk kahak]

Other useful remedies for coughing:

Spongia, phos., sang can., meph., allium cepa., causticum., drosera., Cu Met., Ipecac., Silicea., Ant tart., Stann ., Rumex.

Dose: 2 tablets 3 time daily.

Note: We have many good records of curing chronic coughing with homeopathic treatment.
Give us a chance to treat for about one to 3 months, to see good result. I have treated chronic cough for 6 months continuously and by giving calc carb alternately with Cup Met for two month, the cough cured completely.

Note 2: Dont give too long antibiotic, if giving antibiotic for too long, it's give more harm than good especially children.

Dr Nik Omar, Alternative Health Practitioner

Photo: Dr Nik Omar
President MRHP Homeopathy Malaysia

Who is Dr Nik Omar

Our Medical Director, Dr. Nik Omar is a senior Consultant in Alternative and Complementary Health Practitioner. He graduated at the Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College & Homeopathic Trust Hospital, Lahore [ 1970 - 1975] and pursue his studies at London Foot Hospital, UK (1975-1977) . He is experienced in all fields of alternative medicine especially homeopathy and Chinese acupuncture, he has depth on chronic disease such and neurological such as migraine, Infertility, Bell Palsy, Neuralgia, Stroke etc. He worked over the last years in Malaysia as a Senior Consultant and Head of Department in clinics for Chronic Miasm , Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.

We take an integral approach on Chronic Diseases , therefore our focus is on well-being of the people turning to us for help. They will be treated with respect, esteem and devotion. Our top priority will be to offer the best therapy in an intimate atmosphere under strict observation of medical confidentiality.

Illnesses: We treat those chronic disease patterns which we can handle in the outpatient setting. We support our patients in all their life crisis treating depressions, all kinds of anxiety (panic and generalized anxiety disorders), compulsive disorders, burnouts, sleeplessness, dementias (like Alzheimer disease),Parkinson, mania, bipolar diseases, attention-deficit disorders and also psychosis in stable state.

Treatment proceeds in accordance with a holistic and individual patient concept which means understanding and open-mindedness towards the cultural, religious and personal background of our patients. We employ the most modern homeopathic approach and psycho therapeutic knowledge. Our patients are involved in the treatment according to personal and illness related aspects. Our goal is a successful treatment, health preservation as well as prevention of illness.

Diagnostics: We offer in-depth homeo-therapeutic case taking and neurological examination as well as psychological approach. We follow strictly the ta net of trinity of homeopathy based on the law of similar, let like be treated by like

Quality Standards:
Internal Clinic organisation and therapeutically procedures comply with proven International standards in the health care sector and CPQ (Center for Health care Planning & Quality)

With more than 30 years experience in the field of Homeopathy and Classical Chinese Acupuncture, Dr Nik Omar is considered as one of the most senior and experience alternative health practitioners in Asia. Treated more than nearly half million patients with great success, he is said to be the father of modern homeopathy in Malaysia.
" Dr Nik has written hundreds of articles about his works. All recognise that he , more than anyone in Malaysia, is responsible for raising homeopathic medicine's profile in Malaysia.....", says Wind of Gold, Malaysian Airline Magazine.

Our Contact :
Nik Omar Homeopathy Medical centre
No.118 Jalan Raja Laut [ Near Putra World Trade Centre -PWTC]
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 4042 2020
Our major web:
E Mail:

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How To Learn Homeopathy Repertories

How to Learn Homeopathy - Repertories

By Dana Ullman MPH

A "repertory" is a listing of symptoms and those substances that have been found to cause and cure each symptom. For instance, one would use a repertory to look for a compilation of those medicines that are good for headaches that occur in the front of the head in the morning (in the "head" section, under the subsection "pain," under the further subsec­tion "frontal pain worse in the morning"). After reviewing a sick person's various symptoms in the repertory, one can then obtain more detailed information about each of the possible medicines by looking them up in a materia medica. A repertory and a materia medica complement each other.

Studying the homeopathic repertories in a group can be fun. It is common for new students and even experienced homeopaths to have difficulty finding certain symptoms anywhere in the repertory. Getting a group of people to find a symptom can be a game, the winner being the first person to find it. It's also inter­esting for a person to give the group a list of symptoms as an exercise to see how many people find all the symptoms. These games can be a playful and effective way to learn.

Below are some great repertories. Although it is ESSENTIAL to have several repertories, it is also VITAL for serious students and certainly for practitioners to have one of the expert system homeopathic software programs. See what is available by clicking HERE.

Repertory of Homeopathic Materia Medica, by James Tyler Kent, MD (This is the classic repertory.and it is a great price for a 1,500-page hardback book!)
Homeopathic Repertory: Tutorial and Workbook, by Karen Allen (This is a very useful tutorial and workbook that help you learn what is in and how to use the repertory.)
Synthesis, by Frederik Schroyens, MD (This is the most popular and respected modern repertory in print form.)
Homeopathic Clinical Repertory, Robin Murphy, ND (This repertory does not give reference to the sources of its symptoms, but some people like that it lists symptoms alphabetically rather than the model developed by Kent and others. Murphy also has some sections that no one repertory has, including toxicological exposures and modern pathology terminology)

Homeopathic Treatment For Depression

The amount of people seeking help for depression and anxiety has skyrocketed over the past 20 years. Is it our lifestyles? Yes!

High stress jobs, on-the-go schedules, multitasking, and a lack of sleep all contribute to this problem. This increased emotional stress can cause imbalances in our brain & body chemistry, and can wreak havoc on your physical and emotional well being.

In some cases, these imbalances can be corrected through simple nutritional supplements or what are more commonly referred to as “natural remedies for depression and anxiety”. Taking these natural remedies for depression and anxiety can help support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Today, more people are looking to natural anxiety remedies, as well as natural remedies for depression, because of their low cost and long term benefit. Because of the nature of natural anxiety and depression remedies, there is far less potential for side effects over more conventional methods.

Some Useful Homeopathic Remedies fro Depression and Anxiety:

Aconite., Belladonna, Nux Vom., Ignatia., Kali Phos., Acid Phos, Nat Mur.,

Find the similimum for the best result. Consult your nearest homeopath.

At Kuala Lumpur Call 03 4042 2020 or 019 931 4166

Coral Snake and Homeopathic Remedies

Photo: Our Staff at Nik Omar Homeopathic medical Centre, Gelang Mas, pasir Mas, Kelantan.

Coral snake
Elaps corallinum / Micrurus corallinus

Often animals, including venomous snakes, have formed the basis for various homeopathic remedies. The homeopathic medicine elaps is one such remedy which is prepared from the venom of coral snake - as New World poisonous snakes are known as. In fact, they belong to the same family as the cobras of the Old World poisonous snakes. This medicine was first introduced into homeopathy by Dr BenoƮt Jules Mure.

Approximately 30 dissimilar species of coral snakes are found in Central America, North and South America and Mexico. Two species of coral snakes inhabit the United States. The eastern coral snake (scientific name Micrurus fulvius), also called harlequin snake, inhabits the south-eastern regions of the United States and northern Mexico. This species of coral snake is basically a burrowing snake having a petite, rounded head and a cylinder-shaped body. On an average, it is around 75 cm or 2 ½ feet long. The body of the eastern coral snake has alternate black, red and occasionally yellow rings, while the tail portion only has black and yellow circular stripes. On the other hand, the Sonoran (scientific name Micruroides euryxanthus), also called the Western coral snake, is somewhat an exceptional species found inhabiting south-western regions of the United States and north-western Mexico. Compared to the eastern coral snake, this rare species is smaller in size and normally has a length of 45 cm or 18 inches. In addition, the body of the Western coral snake has broader circular yellow rings compared to the Eastern coral snake.

There are several harmless snakes that have colors similar to the coral snakes. Nevertheless, it is possible to differentiate the coral snakes owing to the fact that this is the only snake species that has alternate red and yellow bands circling its body. Similar to the poison of the cobras, venom of the coral snakes also works on the nervous system resulting in paralysis. Most people who are bitten by the coral snakes succumb to its poison - making the mortality rate high. The bite of the coral snake is similar to that of any other colubrine. The part where this snake sinks its teeth into becomes swollen, painful and discoloured. Bleeding occurs not only from the place where the snake has sunk its teeth into, but also from all the orifices. Nevertheless, people seldom come across coral snakes owing to their burrowing nature. Moreover, the coral snakes rare bite, barring when they are handled.

The coral snakes survive on lizards and other snakes. These snakes are nocturnal and the bands on their body have significance - the conspicuous colors usually help to dissuade or scare the potential attackers.

Snakes are reptiles and all of them are without limbs. The body of all snakes is scaled and these predators have a carnivorous diet. In fact, relatively only a small number of snakes are venomous and almost all medicines that are derived from snakes come of the limbless reptiles belonging to the venomous group. To be precise, most of the familiar medicines including Lachesis (the bushmaster), Crotalus horridus and cascavella (the rattlesnakes), Elaps (the coral snake), and Naja (the cobra) come from venomous snakes. Presently, homeopaths are also experimenting as well as using medicines derived from non-venomous snakes like the python.

People who are said to belong to the snake type are generally bogged down by their survival issue and suffer from the concern of moving ahead in a world of fantasy - something akin to a soap opera, where there is envy, hostility, treachery and exploitation. When anyone tries to become intimate with such snake type people or assault them, they behave violently threatening others to withdraw with a view to avoid situations where they might bring down themselves to becoming revengeful and striking back. In addition, the aggressive behaviour of the snake type people enables them to keep away from feeling dirty, guilty and, at the same time, losing their sense of worth. Nevertheless, in case such snake type individuals are subjected to continuous advance and peril they do not have any hesitation or reservation in going for the kill.

Since almost all snakes are great in camouflaging, the snake type of individuals would usually have a preference for hiding behind a fake image and give an impression that they are secretive, shy and of high moral values. Similar to people who require other medicines derived from animals, the snake type people also might try to attract others by means of their clothes, riches, jewellery, dance and music. In fact, individuals who may require medicines derived from snakes usually possess the corner on animal appeal and frequently appear attractive to their gullible preys.

The homeopathic remedy elaps is prepared from the freshly pressed venom from the venom sac of a live snake. The venom is subsequently triturated with sugar of milk. Although the medicine is prepared from the venom of coral snakes, elaps does not retain any trace of the original substance and is completely safe for human use.
Parts Used

Fresh venom.

It may be noted that the coral snakes bite seldom and do not attack anyone until they are handled. However, the coral snakes are highly venomous and people bitten by them often succumb to the poison. The venom of coral snakes works as an anticoagulant preventing the blood from clotting, thereby resulting in hemorrhages. The therapeutic benefits of elaps, the homeopathic medicine prepared from the venom of coral snakes were first established by an American homeopath in the 19th century. This homeopathic remedy is generally prescribed to stop hemorrhages and strokes.

Like in the instance of any other snake venoms, the poison of the coral snake also puts the blood in disorder, thus, turning out black discharges, particularly hemorrhages.

In homeopathy, physicians use elaps for treating profuse bleeding as well as black discharges, for instance nosebleeds and menorrhagia (extreme blood loss during menstruation cycles). This homeopathic remedy is also prescribed to cure strokes, especially those which are right-sided and when the patient experiences spasms followed by paralysis. People who suffer from such health conditions also have a feeling of internal coldness and crave for things like ice and oranges. Strangely enough, the symptoms of these patients deteriorate when the patients take cold food, cold beverages and fruits. Their condition also worsens when there is humidity, any thunderstorm is imminent and when the patients sleep in a warm bed. In effect, individuals requiring the homeopathic remedy elaps are usually afraid of being alone, rain, strokes, death and even snakes.

Coral snake, whose venom forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy elaps, inhabits the regions that have low to intermediary altitudes. This species of snake is also usually found in the tropical deciduous as well as evergreen forests. The coral snakes belonging to the genus Micrurus comprises 53 identified species that are found in places ranging from south-eastern United States, across Central America and Mexico to South America - to the central Argentina. In addition, snakes belonging to the genus are also found in some regions of Asia and Africa. Different species of the genus Micrurus are found in diverse type of habitations - ranging arid deserts to cloud forests

Without Enough Doctors, Afghans Turn To Homeopathic Medicine

Poison from snakes, scorpions: Without enough doctors, Afghans turn to homeopathic medicine

Published August 08, 2010

| Associated Press

CHARAKAR, Afghanistan – CHARAKAR, Afghanistan (AP) — The hundreds of patients who flock to Mohammad Sherzad's homeopathic clinic in northern Afghanistan are greeted with a glass case of snakes and a covered glass dish of scorpions.

For decades, Sherzad has been extracting poison from snakes and scorpions, mixing it with natural herbs and using the concoctions to treat people ill with epilepsy and vitiligo, which causes white, depigmented patches on the skin.

Medical facilities are so scarce in this impoverished nation that many Afghans can't find doctors — the country has 1 doctor for every 10,000 people, according to the United Nations. Dozens of homeopathic doctors like Sherzad offer an alternative.

More then 1,800 patients are registered at Sherzad's home clinic in Charakar, the capital of Parwan province. Patients pay an initial fee of about $10 and leave with different capsules, powders and other forms of homeopathic medicines that cost roughly $20 to $30 a month.

Sherzad proudly shows visitors an album of before and after photos of his patients. One shows a young girl with white spots all over her feet. Another, taken later, shows the girl, smiling, her skin color returned to normal.

"I thank God today that this disease (vitiligo) can be cured in Afghanistan," said Sherzad, who never went to medical school, but has written more than 800 pages on the human body. "We can say to the world that we are now able to treat this disease."

Dr. Qasim Sayedi, who directs the health department in Parwan province, is skeptical that Sherzad's treatments really work. The Afghan government does not regulate homeopathic doctors, but does exert some informal oversight. The local health department has asked Sherzad, an Afghan returnee from Iran, to provide documents of his education.

"He had no documents except some video and photos from Iran, that showed him with snakes and scorpions," said Sayedi. Sayedi said he is giving Sherzad enough time to get proper documents, and that Sherzad has promised to go through all the legal steps needed to get a legal license.

Sherzad said his patients' experiences are evidence of his success.

Nelofer, a 21-year-old woman, took a nearly two-hour flight from Herat in western Afghanistan to Kabul and then a 90-minute trip from the Afghan capital to Parwan province to visit Sherzad. She said she had been suffering for nine years from vitiligo, which creates white patches on the hands, face and around the eyes, mouth and nostrils.

"I am hated because of having white spots on my hands," said Nelofer, who said she saw 20 skin experts in Afghanistan and Pakistan before seeking help at Sherzad's clinic.

Nelofer said that over the years the white spots grew larger on her hands and new ones appeared on her feet. She hates appearing in public for fear of being ostracized by others.

"That is bothering me more than anything else — that no one wants to eat with me at the same table," Nelofer said, crying.

In contrast, Nazira, a 34-year-old mother, shed tears of joy, saying that her 9-year-old daughter, who suffered from vitiligo for years, was getting better day by day after seeing Sherzad for the past few months. She says her daughter, Kawsar, no longer feels isolated from other children and plays with her classmates at school.

"I first saw the doctor in a TV show," Nazira said. "I was amazed with his work. Now my daughter is under his treatment."

She said she took her daughter to 10 skin specialists, but got only one answer: They could do nothing.

Extracting poison from a snake or scorpion is delicate, if not hazardous, work, but having done it for more than three decades Sherzad has developed a fondness for his creatures.

"I love them and that is the reason why I look after them," Sherzad said as a gray snake looped around his hand.

Sherzad laid a snake across his lap and squeezed venom from its mouth. He used a syringe to extract poison from the tips of his scorpions' tails, which curve over their backs. He then processes the poison, purifies it to remove harmful substances and then mixes it with herbs found in the mountains.

One of his patients, 11-year-old Mohammad Shafiq, began suffering epilepsy-like seizures after falling from the roof of a house. The boy, dressed in a light blue Afghan traditional shulwar kumuz, saw many doctors and took several medications. Still, his condition didn't improve. He suffered five to six seizures a day. His mother, Sharifa Ahamdi, said that after being under Sherzad's care for two weeks, "life changed" for her son. He could walk and talk better and do a better job feeding himself.

"That was a good sign that his condition was improving," said Shafiq's mother, who was in Sherzad's office to pick up the treatment for the coming months. "You made our life change by treating my son."

Read more:
Hello Prof Nik Omar

This is Venu Madhav from Bangalore, India. I have gone through your Homeopathic review on the Internet and would like to take your consultation by way of emails for Infertility. I would like you to suggest medicines through emails and hope it helps me.

I am my wife are married for the past 7 years and have been trying to have a baby from the day one, but unfortunately no success till today. We had been to a Infertility specialist (Allopathic) once or twice and had used the treatment for some days, gone for some tests both female and male tests for both of us, but no success.

Is it possible for you to consult through emails as its impossible for me to visit Malaysia for the treatment.

You may question about me and my wife on our history and then start consulting us for the medicines and since Homeopathic medicines are available globally, I think you need to just give the prescription of medicines and we can buy the same here.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks and Regards,


Asthma Cured With Homeopathy

Photo: Pak Paik dari Kudus, Indonesia & Nik Badrul Hakim at International Conference , Kuala Lumpur 2009

May name is Mrs Tan Chui Ying 45. In year 2005 I had a serious asthmatic problem.
I am allergy to all kind of antibiotics, artificial coloring, flavour etc. I was than introduced by a friend to come to Dr Nik, seeking homeopathic treatment.

On few visit he gave me some 'sweets' tablet like.

Surprising I recovered after three days of taking homeopathic pills.

Till than, I do not suffer from asthma after that treatment.

Mrs Tan 5th July 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011


Dear Dr Nik Omar

Assalam o alleikum

I came to know that you are one of the best homeopath in Malaysia recommended by a friend of mine at Pakistan.

i m male 30 & have been diagnosed hepatitis C last year & now i m feeling stiching like pain in my liver area

pls help me out, is there any homeopathic treatment of hepatitis C

i m much afraid & worried about it

Muhammad Hasnaat
295-A, Gulfishan colony,

Dear Mr Muhammad,

From this distance nothing much that I can do for you and your need to
take a long homeopathic medication for treating the disease.
We have a range of good homeopathic product for hepatitis A, B and C.

You are advise to consult our nearest Pakistani Branch at
Homeopathic Hospital
30 Allama Iqbal Road, Lahore, Pakistan.
Doctor in Charge: Dr Hameed and Dr Zubeer.

Bye Bye By Pass Surgery

Dear All,

This is a new theory which has come to my knowledge very recently and I thought that I should also share with you all.

A few days back my Friends Father in law was admitted in a nursing home due to severe chest pain.

He had an attack in 1997 and was undergoing normal treatment.

Due to the sudden pain just 15 days back we once again got him admitted in a private nursing home at Kandivali, Mumbai.

The doctors later suggested for Angiography.

We conducted the Angiography at Hinduja Hospital and knew from the reports that he has multiple blockages.

The doctor told that he cannot undergo Angioplasty due to several blockages but suggested 'By Pass Surgery'.

The same day evening we bought him home since the doctor suggested that his heart is very weak and we can perform the by-pass only after 15 - 20 days.

In the mean time we were discussing this issue with our relatives and friends, we got this new information from one of our family friends.

There is a new therapy in the market which is known as - Chelation Therapy. Or Calation Therapy.

According to this therapy any patient who has to undergo by-pass need not undergo the same.

The patient is given appx. 18 bottles of blood where in some medicines are injected along with it.

The blood cleans the system and removes all the blockages from the heart.

The no. of bottles may increase depending upon the age factor and health of the patient.

The cost of the blood per bottle would be appx. Rs.2,500/- The treatment takes of appx. 1 month.

There are only 4 doctors in India and one of them is Dr.Dhananjay Shah at Malad (Mumbai) another at Karnataka.

He has a list of patients who had to undergo by-pass from Lilavati, Hinduja and other major hospitals but after undergoing the above treatment they are absolutely fine and leading a normal life.

I give below the Doctor's details for your info:

Dr. Dhananjay Shah.

Homeopathic Treatment for Renal Failure

Photo: YM Puteri Aishah Ex Permaisui Agong during International Homeopathic Conference at Kuala Lumpur 2006.

Homoeopathic treatment for chronic renal failure-------a proof

Posted by Dr.Amit on Wed, 16 Feb 2011 No of Views (2211)

One day Mr.Dipal Sen of village & P.O.-Jolaibari, District-South
Tripura, State-Tripura, Phone:9436169801 called me to see his mother
Mrs. Parul Sen(70 yrs) who was suffering from Chronic Renal Failure
and was under allopathic treatment in INDIRA GANDHI MEMORIAL HOSPITAL,
Agartala, Tripura. The doctors prescribed Antibiotics, calcium, iron &
diuretic tablets. Her blood pressure & blood sugar was normal.

After treatment of about 20 days the condition of the patient became
more difficult. The level of serum creatinine became more high and the
doctors sent the patient to GOBINDA BALLAB PANT
HOSPITAL,AGARTALA,TRIPURA for dialysis.The patient took admission in
the hospital, but the doctors said that the patient would die soon and
so dialysis was of no use. They also advised her son to go back home
with the patient. Mr. Dipal Sen Called me under these situation and I
went to see his mother in the hospital before discharge from the
hospital and collected the following symptoms:1.
Extremities-swelling-dropsical, 2. Kidney-Suppression of urine,3.
Urine-Albuminous, 4. Urine-Bloody, 6. Anaemia, 7. Nausea, 8.
Thirstlessness, 9. Vomiting, 10. Appetite-diminished, 11.
Respiration-Difficult, 12. Paralysis like sensation in lower limbs,
13. Numbness in lower limbs, 14. Mind-Anxiety, 15. Mind-Anger, 16.
Mind-Suspicious, 17. Mind-Fastidious.

Result of Repartorisation: I selected 17 symptoms(rubrics). The
Homoeopathic remedies Arsenic Album covered all the symptoms.
LYCOPODIUM covered 16 symptoms. SULPHUR & CONIUM also covered 17
symptoms,but Arsenic Album is more effective than SULPHUR & CONIUM in
the cases of swelling extremities, suppression of urine, albuminous
urine, bloody urine, anaemia, nausea, vomiting, difficult respiration,
anger & anxiety. So, I prescribed Arsenic Album. The serum creatinine
level became normal after taking this medicine of 6,30 & 200
potencies. But her appetite was not increased by Arsenic Album.
Another complaints of constipation was disturbing her too much. Then I
prescribed the second selected medicine LYCOPODIUM 30 as it is a good
medicine for constipation, old age & loss of appetite. This medicine
increased her appetite and cured constipation. Now she is taking
Arsenic Album 1m, 1dose X 15 days for her complaints of mind.

I invite everybody to meet the patient and examine her pathological
reports. This is why I have given her address above.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Society of Homeopath Does Not Endorse 'Homeopathic Vaccination"

Society of Homeopaths does not endorse “homeopathic vaccination”

The Society of Homeopaths, the UK’s largest register of homeopaths
with 1,500 members, does not
endorse the use of homeopathic remedies in place of vaccinations.

It acknowledges that the evidence to support the use of homeopathic
prophylactics, that is, using
homeopathic remedies as a preventative treatment, is largely anecdotal and therefore the use of this method is currently speculative.

The Society believes that individuals should be supported in making
informed decisions on both the short
and long term implications of vaccination and advises them to discuss this issue with their General Practitioner and homeopath.

We know that not all patients are helped by conventional medicine and
that homeopathy is an effective
and cost effective treatment option for many patients.

Although more research is needed, the balance of evidence already
shows that treatment by a
homeopath is clinically effective1, cost-effective 2 and safe.3

By the end of 2009, 142 RCTs of homeopathy had been published in
peer-reviewed journals 4. In terms
of statistically significant results, 74 of these trials were able to draw firm conclusions: 63 were positive (patients given a homeopathic medicine improved significantly more than the comparison group given either an inactive placebo or established conventional treatment) and 11 were negative (no significant difference was seen between the action of the homeopathic medicine and the comparison group)

Is is recommended that anyone interested in homeopathic treatment
consults a member of the Society
(they will have RSHom after their name), who has completed three or four years training and has agreed to abide by a strict code of ethics and practice.


1 Spence D, Thompson E and Barron S. Homeopathic treatment for chronic disease: A 6-Year,
university-hospital outpatient observational study. J Altern Complement Med 2005; 5: 793-8.

2 Witt C, Keil T, Selim D, et al. Outcome and costs of homeopathic and conventional
treatment strategies: a comparative cohort study in patients with chronic disorders. Complement Ther Med, 2005; 13: 79-86

3 Dantas F, Rampes H. Do homeopathic medicines provoke adverse effects? A systematic
review. Br Homeopath J 2000; 89: 535–8

4. Mathie R. The Research Evidence Base for Homeopathy. British Homeopathic Association, 2009.

Society of Homeopaths
11 Brookfield, Duncan Close, Moulton Park, Northampton NN3 6WL
Tel: 0845 450 6611 Fax: 0845 450 6622 Email: Company Limited by
Guarantee. Registered in England No. 1392004.

Hi Kate
I thought to thank you for the difference you made to my mothers health.
At 91 when the specialist said that her skin cancer was so large it
required surgical removal and a skin graft we were both stunned. He had
pronounced it too small earlier and advised to come back later. As I was
concerned we had come back a month earlier.
As her kidneys only function at about 20% of their potential we did not
know how she would survive an anaesthetic. Knowing that you had helped
someone else with skin cancer we decided to give it a go.

Her doctor was very concerned as the skin cancer measured 3 cms across
and booked an urgent appointment with plastic sugeons at Royal Perth
hospital.. I agreed to use them as a back up if we had poor results. In
addition her leg was infected and as the antibiotic given by the
specialist was having no results we were recommended another also. She
reacted badly to it and so we quit that also.

Thanks to your constant monitoring and mental support I was able to keep
deferring the appointment. I was glad of your reassurance as having no
experience of such, much less a cancer that also involved an ulcer, I
was glad that I had learned to trust you earlier.
The long and short is that after four months the skin cancer has gone.
No surgery just your cream and medi honey for the ulcer.

In addition you suggested pillules for the Baker's cyst I had. The pain
diminished quickly and they are shrinking. I had a friend drop in with a
very large cyst in her breast. I told her what I was doing and knew the
uses for sillica. She found similar results. Her cyst has lessened in
pain and is also shrinking.
Yeah and thanks for all the help.
Rosemary Blesing.
Vaccines NOT SAFE for Children

12/07/2010 - For Immediate Release:

Consumer advocacy and vaccine safety watchdog group, the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN), has announced that it will be investigating all options in order to respond to the outrageous attack on free speech inherent in the recent allegations made against it by a NSW state authority, the Healthcare Complaints Commission (HCCC). The HCCC, in a report just released, has deemed the AVN to be a 'healthcare provider' and, in this capacity, stated that it has published 'misleading and dangerous' information on the risks of vaccination.

Meryl Dorey, media spokesperson for the AVN, says that the organisation does not believe that it falls under the jurisdiction of the HCCC as they are neither healthcare providers nor health educators. According to Ms Dorey, "Vaccination is not compulsory in Australia, nor is it illegal to not vaccinate. In addition, prior to the HCCC's decision, it has not been illegal to publish information that questions a medical procedure."

The primary role of the HCCC is to investigate complaints of medical malpractice. This is the first time that the HCCC has investigated a consumer health watchdog group. According to Ms Dorey, "It is not surprising that a government commission has found us guilty of not saying what the government wants us to say. We wouldn't be doing our job properly if that were not the case. But," says Dorey "the threat to freedom of speech and the implications regarding loss of medical choice inherent in this decision make this an issue that cannot go unchallenged".

The report by the HCCC concludes a year-long probe into the activities of the AVN, instigated by complaints from members of a pro-vaccine, anti natural health group called Stop the AVN (SAVN). The initial complaint to the HCCC predominately argues that freedom of speech is not guaranteed under the Australian Constitution and asks that the AVN should be prohibited from publishing what it considers to be 'anti vaccine' information. It asks that the HCCC put forward a Prohibition Order to gag the AVN and Ms Dorey and to prohibit them from holding public seminars or making comments in the media. Numerous and continuing complaints and allegations made by SAVN members to the HCCC, most of them not made available to the AVN, have been lodged throughout the investigation.

"We have had a tumultuous year with our own and our family's personal details published on the internet. Our advertisers and professional members have been subject to severe and vicious harassment due to their support of the AVN. We have had wild accusations made against us stating that we believe in reptilian monsters. And there have been numerous death threats - the most recent of which was published on Twitter recently and retweeted many times stating that I should die in a fire." Ms Dorey concluded.

To have attacks from those who disagree with us is one thing - to have this attack at a government level is something which must be fought against. The HCCC's decision has taken them out of their normal role of protecting individuals who have been harmed by practitioners and into the realm of suppression, censorship and denial of natural justice, commonsense and fairness. It is time to take a stand on this issue and that is what the AVN will be doing.

About Australian Vaccination Network, Inc.

The AVN is a non-profit, volunteer-run charitable association. Since 1994, the AVN has provided information and support to the general community who are trying to make informed choices about vaccination and health. Their lobbying in Federal Parliament has ensured that compulsory vaccination for children has not come to pass and they are the major reporters of vaccine adverse reactions to ADRAC (The Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Committee).

For more information visit

Homeopathy Do Works...

Photo: 7th International Conference on Homeopathy, organised by AHML, MRHP under the cahirmanship of Prof Dr Nik Omar

Homeopathy News

'Homeopathy works!'

Homeopathy really does work and doctors should recognise its healing effects, say researchers.

A study found that allergy sufferers who were given homeopathic treatment were ten times more likely to be cured than those given a dummy pill instead.

Doctors should be more positive about the alternative medicine, which is the only complementary therapy available on the NHS, the researchers said.

Their study attempts to settle the controversy over homeopathic treatment, which critics say is not effective because of the tiny level of active substance used in most remedies.

It works on the principle that a substance which in large doses will cause the symptoms of an illness can be used in minute doses to relieve the same symptoms.

Critics argue that the active substance is so diluted that homeopathic remedies have no more effect than placebo or dummy treatment.

The study put homeopathy to the test in 50 patients suffering from nasal allergies. They were given either a homeopathic preparation or a placebo.

Each day for four weeks patients recruited from general practices and a hospital in London measured their nasal air flow and recorded symptoms such as blocked, runny or itchy nose, sneezing or eye irritation.

Both groups reported that they got better - but on average patients who received homeopathy had a 28 per cent improvement in nasal air flow compared with 3 per cent among those in the placebo group.

The study was carried out by doctors in Glasgow, led by Dr David Reilly of the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital, one of five specialist hospitals in Britain. He said the difference in results from the two treatments was statistically significant.

Dr Reilly said this was the fourth trial carried out by his hospital, all with similar results. In addition, there were positive findings in 70 per cent of a further 180 clinical trials.

'I hope this will encourage doctors to examine the volume of evidence supporting homeopathy - they might be quite surprised at the positive outcome in many trials,' he said.

He added that it would take consistent scientific investigation to persuade some doctors, but attitudes were changing.

About 20 per cent of doctors in Scotland have basic homeopathic training compared with one per cent 15 years ago.

'It isn't just about the remedies, which can be put to the test in trials, but about a greater holistic approach in encouraging self-healing and self-recovery.'

Dr Bob Leckridge, president of the Faculty of Homeopathy - the body for doctors, vets, nurses and other health professionals - said: 'This latest research builds on existing evidence that homeopathy works, something that hundreds of doctors and their patients have known for 200 years.'

Arnica Montana Homeopathic Remedy

Arnica Montana Pty Ltd was set up as a sister company to Arnica Montana Ltd in the UK in October 2000. Arnica Montana Ltd and Arnica Montana Pty Ltd are committed to providing Homeopathic information and services world wide. The aim is to raise the awareness and profile of Homeopathy as a mainstream system of medicine throughout the world from both hemispheres, the white swan protected by Royal Charter representing the UK, and the black swan representing Perth in West Australia.

Kate Diamantopoulo, Managing Director of both companies, has 40 years experience as a health professional in both the orthodox and alternative fields of medicine. She is a registered Homeopath since 1987 with the Society of Homeopaths (SOH) UK, and with the Australian Register of Homeopaths (AROH) since 2002 and arriving in Australia.

She also assesses trained Homeopaths wishing to enter the AROH,and represents West Australia on the National Council for the Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA). In West Australia she is Vice President of the AHA. Similar duties were carried out in the UK prior to coming out to Australia including serving as a Director on the Board of the Society of Homeopaths for 3 years, assessing trained Homeopaths wishing to enter the Register for the SOH, and teaching, examining, moderating as well as sitting on all the Academic Boards at the College of Homeopathy (COH) London for 17 years.

She is an experienced Registered Nurse (RGN Guy's Hospital London), State Certified Midwife (SCM St Thomas' Hospital London) and Health Visitor (HV). She is aware of the need for an individual approach to the health problems of each person and is convinced that the answer to the current health problems of the day lies in educating the general public to be more aware of, and take responsibility for, their health and well being.

She commutes between the UK and Australia twice a year to continue practising and teaching in both hemispheres to promote the connection and cooperation between the two very different countries. She is based in the Hills above Perth living amongst the trees, kookaburras, parrots, blue tongued lizards, possums,and other wildlife which inhabit her garden.

By providing comprehensive websites, seminars in local venues, and quality Homeopathic products, Arnica Montana will educate and support the increase in awareness of Homeopathy as a viable mainstream therapy, complementing current health services in the community.

Mission Statement

Working to promote and foster the use of Homeopathy in Australia as a recognized main stream therapy, and therefore encourage the development of self empowerment in preventative health.


To bring Homeopathy to every household in Australia so that it is recognized as a main stream therapy to help in any situation e.g. first aid, accidents and chronic illnesses.

To make available the homeopathic knowledge through metropolitan and rural seminars, teaching sessions and a comprehensive interactive web site.

To make available adequate supplies of Homeopathic remedies through the import of high quality homeopathic kits and individual remedies and literature.

To manufacture high quality Homeopathic products in Australia for general local use and for export.

This will allow for a better understanding of Homeopathy and enhance the development of self help in health matters. It will assist in reducing the demands on the Australian Health care system, and encourage empowerment in preventative health care in metropolitan and rural communities.

Poison Ivy Home Remedy

Poison Ivy Home Remedies:

it sounds weird but it really does work... cheap white shoe polish. just dab it on the ara , let dry for about 10 minutes and wash off. within 2 days it will be gone, and it doesn't harm your skin.

I have poison ivy on my face,arms,and on an area that I won't mention.(I'm a male).I just tried the automotive hand degreaser/cleaner trick and it works great!!! Thanks to the chemist who posted this idea.

Submitted by Jason at 2009-08-24 15:35:17
Just read a comment that said that taking a swim in a good treated pool gets rid of it and that reminds me that that seems to be what has gotten rid of most of my old summer ivy when I was younger. I don't swim much, now, but that salt seems to be working. So, my two favorites are salt and treated pools. If you are younger, I suggest the pool

Submitted at 2011-06-27 11:15:45
Well long story short, I found myself a little intoxicated Friday night and woke up with some poison ivy, I tried the salt and dawn thing and the hot and cold showers and it only made it burn and itch more, I remembered reading online somewhere about how the eucalyptus oil in Noxzema helped sunburn blisters and irritation, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it on the rash, and IT WORKS, the cooling sensation from the Noxzema stopped the itching immediately, and it’s been 3 hours now, it also is drying my skin out so I’m sure it will help with the oils from the plant too! I don’t know how long it will last or how long before it goes away completely but if you are desperate for some quick relief from the itching and burning, use it!! I have the original Noxzema in the jar; make sure it has the Eucalyptus oil in it!

Treatment For Azoospermia

Tidak Ada Benih Spermia
Air Mani Tidak Ada

No Sperma - Nil - Azoospermia

A Testimonial from a patient Mr Amsyari Zarir Abdul Shakur Age: 29th yrs

Record From Homeopathic Clin Dr Nik Omar, Bangi, Selangor.

" I was married for 4 years with no child. I went to consult a doctor to get a baby. They check both me and my wife. They take my sperm and do the 'sperm analysis' and found out that I have no sperm - sperm nil and the doctor told me that I m suffering from 'Azoospermia'

" I m not satisfied with the first result and went for another doctor who did the same test ' Sperm Analysis' and agin got the same answer ' No Sperm seen' Azoospermia.

The doctor advised me to do IVF or just take adopted child. IVF cost RM 20 thousand which is too much for me and adopted child too cannot be accepted to my wife."

" I dont give up and try to search in web other alternatives and found out Prof Dr Nik Omar Method of Infertility -HTI P 2000. I called him and make an appointment to see him at his Bangi Clinic.

On 12 July 2009

On my first consultation Prof Dr Nik Omar ask me a lot questions and advised me to take homeopathic pill for 2 years which I agreed.

I continue my treatment with him and take the pill every two week for 6 months and my wife confirmed pregnant and on 24 September 2010 my wife delivered my first homeopathic daughter by the name of Miss Syafiqah Imaniyah.

My advise to those patient who suffered from Azoospermia, please dont give up 'Homeopathy and acupuncture ' is another way to get baby.

Azoopermia can be cured !!

Bahasa Melayu:

Azoospermia boleh dirawat dan kes diatas berjaya di rawat dengan cara homeopathy. Seorang bapa yang telah kahwin 4 tahun tanpa ada zuriat dan disahkan oleh dua orang doktor allopathy sebagai 'Azoospermia' - tidak ada benih, tidak ada sperma.

" Seorang doktor suroh mengambil anak angkat dan seorang lagi nasihat supaya buat IVF dengan kos RM 20 ribu - Mana lah saya ada duit sebanyak itu. Lagi pulak juga tidak jamin dengan membuat IVF saya boleh anak.

Saya mencari rawatan alternatif lain didalam internet dan jumpa dengan Kaedah HTI Prof Dr Nik Omar dan berusaha membuat temujanji untuk jumpa beliau. Setelah berpuas hati diatas keterangan yang diberikan oleh Dr Nik saya terus mencuba rawatan ini dengan Prof Dr Nik Omar, akhirnya saya berjaya mendapat seorang anak ! , " demekian kata En Amsyari Abd Shakur.

Oleh itu Jangan putus Asa jika anda didapati - Azoospermia' tidak ada live sperm, anda masih mapun untuk berusaha.

Tidak ada jaminan, namun kita boleh ikhtiar.
Selamt mencuba.

Thank You: From Mr. Amsyari Zariri Record No. 5065