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Acne & Homeopathic Treatment

A Testimonial From Mr Jospeh P

Mr Joseph P — 25, Machng, Kelantan: I've had acne for 6 years. I've spent thousands of ringgit for last 5 years on products, medications, and treatments. I've taken all the wonders drugs for acne or pimples, antibiotics, prescriptions, department store, drug store, professional, organic, all natural, every skincare line on the Internet, vitamins, supplements, facials and peels. Like most people, and as a student, I'm too busy, do not get enough sleep and experience some level of stress every day. I eat both good and bad foods, and my skin looks incredible! I've been taking your homeopathic prescription for about five months and can only explain it as a miracle. I know how this sounds, but my life is truly changed. I believe in your prescription. Along with clear skin, I would like to thanks for your kind and very helpful to solve my problems.
I have recommended the same to my friend to see you for acne, pimple or some says it as 'resdung'
Thank you

Mr Joseph P

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two Letters to Prof Omar

First Letter.
Dear Prof Omar,
Thanks for your help.
This was our seventh month of trying to get pregnant, we have been consuming your homeopathic pills for many months and used some of your suggestions and are now pregnant!

Thanks you
Joan H, Sibu Sarawak

Second Letter

Dear Dr Omar,

This is to let you know that I have already conceived. Its becoz of you and your wife who help and all the tips you have been giving me. Through this mail, I would like to thanks all of you and wish you all good luck for helping me to get pregnant.
Earlier I have been trying all other methods such IUI, IVF but failed to conceive.

After trying you method of Infertility - HTI P 2000, now Ive already conceived. There are many more people like me outside who wish to get pregnant naturally, please continue to help many other people who are in this difficulty.

I take this opportunity to thank you for everything and may you continue to help many others who are in this difficulty.

Khatijah, Brunei Darulsallam.

The Miracle of Human Ovulation , First Time Recorded by Prof Dr Jacques Dinnez From Catholic University of Louvain

Gynecologist Dr Jacques Donnez spotted a human egg emerging from the ovary a 45-year-old Belgian woman and filmed the whole process. It is the first time a human ovulation has been recorded in detail and Dr Jacques Donnez saw it in progress during a routine hysterectomy operation.

Human eggs are produced by follicles, fluid-filled sacs on the side of the ovary, which, around the time of ovulation, produce a reddish protrusion.

The egg comes from the end of this, surrounded by a jelly-like substance containing cells.

The egg itself is only the size of a full-stop, and the whole ovary, which contains many immature eggs, just a couple of inches long.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Infertility From India - Reference From Singapore

Subject: Treatment on infertility

Dear Doctor,

I am Mrs JH from India .

I have got your reference from Mr.Vijay Raut Singapore who is your patient of Infertility. You have treated his wife with great success and now they have a child with your treatment.

I am 38 Year old and my wife 36years old. We got married 8 years back in year 2000. Our history of treatment is as follows.

In 2000-natural pregnancy and miscarriage after 5weeks.

In 2002-2005 - 4 to 5 IUI but no result.

In 2006-False Pregnancy of 6 weeks.

In 2006- 3times IUI but No resuls/

In 2007-Laparosopy done, both fallopian tubes normal, both ovaries polyestic, multiple fibroids

In 2007-4 times IUI but No Result.

Semen Analysis done count 96millions, motility 65%

On the basis of above history, I would like to know about your mode of treatment, time duration, and cost of treatment. Also Confirm whether we have to come to your clinic for check up or we can start treatment on the basis of above history or discussion on phone as per your convenient time. If any more details required from our side pl let us know. We are waiting for your reply.

JH India

Dr Nik Rely: Please refer to our webs and get back to me

Monday, March 16, 2009

Why Homeopathy

Why should anyone go to a Homeopathic doctor?

Homeopathic treatment is suitable for most people and has the advantage of being completely safe when used correctly. A Homeopath makes efforts to see the disease holistically and thatis the main reason why this system is getting more acceptability

Is Homeopathy getting more popular and if so why?

Many people prefer to be benefited through natural treatments rather than by conventional drugs or surgery. Public is also anxious about side effects of drugs, or about its long continued use, especially where children are involved. In case of0 Homeopathy, these problems do not occur. Studies shows an increasing number of people are turning towards Homeopathy every year as sales of Homeopathic medicines have more than doubled in the recent years. Homeopathy may be the most appropriate treatment for you.

Is Homeopathy safe?

Homeopathic medicines are not harmful because they are so greatly diluted. They are safe, non-toxic and non-addictive. They are prepared in laboratories licensed by the Department of Health, to stringent standards of quality.

Is Homeopathy effective?

Since the early nineteenth century homeopathy has proved effective for millions of people worldwide; it has often been successful where other forms of treatment have failed. In more recent years medical journals have published positive reports of the results of scientific research into Homoeopathy.

Can homeopathic medicine be taken with ordinary drugs?

Always follow your doctor advice as stopping some medicine may be harmful and taking some other medicines may also be detrimental.

If the symptoms become worse when first taking a homeopathic medicine is it all right or does this indicate the wrong choice of medicine?

Homeopathic medicines seek to stimulate symptoms, not suppress them, so that the body will overcome the disease naturally. Therefore, if symptoms are aggravated briefly, this usually means that the medicine is acting.

Can the medicines be taken safely during pregnancy?

The safety of homoeopathic medicines is well known, still it is advised to take the opinion of a qualified Homeopathic doctor in such situation.

Are homeopathic medicines safe for children?

Yes, They can be given safely to even to the youngest infant.

Can animals be treated with Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is as effective for animals as it is for humans

What the diseases for which Homeopathy has proven strength?

Homeopathy has proven strength in the treatment of allergic disorders, skin diseases, children's problems, several so called surgical problems like piles, tonsillitis, sinusitis, menstrual disorders, life style diseases etc.

Can Homeopathy Go together with Acupuncture Treatment ?

Why not, both homeopathy and acupuncture are natural medicines, holistic approach and oriental outlook. Both of them work closely between one another and helping each other to give relief and cure the disease faster.

Where can I find a good Acupuncturist in Malaysia ?

Just go to Nik Omar Acupuncture Centre at Kg Baru, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-26926549 or refer to the web

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Free Homeopathic Services at Shah Alam Selangor on 22 March 2009

This is to announce that


Rawatan Percuma Satu Hari Pada 22 March 2009

Sempena Hari Pembukaan Klinik Homeopathy Baru di Shah Alam, Selangor. Kami menawarkan rawatan dan ubat-ubatan percuma pada semua pesakit kami. Sila datang beramai-ramai.

at Newly Open

Homeopathy Medical Centre
at No.29 - 1st Floor, Jalan Peniaga U1/34
( Off jalan Hicom - Glenmarie )
Sek U1, Shah Alam, Selangor.
All are welcome

Opening Ceremony [ Hari Pembukaan ] from 9.00 am til 5.00 pm

Normal Day [ Hari Biasa ] Open from 9.00 am till 8.00 pm.

Free Consultation & Free Medication on 22 Marc 209 only

Herpes Genitalis and Homeopathic Treatment

Cured Cases

Herpes Genitals in Young Businessman

Mr. R R S at Mid of March comes with big medical file covers almost all pathological investigation for viral infection, list of prescriptions by leading dermatologists and Infectious disease specialist of Mumbai and New Delhi, taken almost all variety of the best drugs available in market, recurrence of herpes 15 to 21 days after each course of modern medicine but no cure.

Rich Person of the city having age of 28 years, not ready to consult local doctors to keep secrete of his illness. First sentence he spoken "Doctor I have never contacted any women and why should i get this infection, every doctors ask one question about exposure to find out Sexually Transmitted Disease STD !!!!!. Is this only cause for this ?

After taking detail history to find out the cause and to select right homeopathic medicine to cure this herpes and to prevent further recurrence of illness, after discussion I come to conclusion there are no point for STD.

Being a businessman he has to travel a lot, stays an hotel for 7 days a month, always use his towels after bath but once he use WET TOWELS of hotel and very next day he feel burning over genitals and small red eruptions, he started using local ointments but no relief, Disease increased with the time and burning pain and area of skin involvement increases, I advised him to stop applying external application of ointments and Dose of constitutional medicine given and asked come after 15 days.

After one month he comes at my clinic with big smiles on his face and replied doctor herpes get cured, I advised him let me inform if relapse of illness is there. After six month he reported me that no relapse. he comes at my clinic for regular check up since last five year no relapse of illness. What one can expect more than this with Homeopathy

Hospital During Golden Age of Islam

Medical care a thousand years ago was free for all and the treatments were highly sophisticated. The hospital of medieval Islam were hospitals in the modern sense of the word. In them was the best available medical knowledge, dispensed for free to all who came.

The facilities they used were custom designed and the surgical instruments were outstanding. Forceps are just one of the instruments still used today, designed by Muslim surgeon over a thousand years ago. Cutting edge treatments, like cataract operation, regular vaccination, internal stitching and bone setting, were also part of standard practice, as was a rigorous medical education in a teaching hospital.

Islamic hospital began in 8th century Baghdad and in some ways these resembled xenodocheions as they are also look after lepers, the invalid and the destitute.
But the first organised 'proper' hospital was in Cairo built between 872 and 874 CE.
The Ahmad ibn Tulun Hospital treated and gave medicine to all patients free of charge.

Other hospital included a larger Baghdad Hospital built in 982 with a staff of twenty four physicians....

Abdr Rahman 111 ( 891 - 961 ), the Caliph ( the King) of cardova, Spain ( 912 - 961 ) a man of wisdom and patron of arts, founder of Madinat al Zahra ( a city of ruins) on the outskirt of cardova.

Bed Wetting Can Be Cured


Another very effective treatment available in homeopathy is for "bedwetting". Note that pissing in bed/diaper during sleeping (especially at night) is normal up to one/two years of age. If it persists after two years you should start general weaning measures. If it is there even after five years you should get expert advice. Because at this stage it is difficult to control otherwise. It arises from a set of reasons including poor muscle control, habit, drinking pattern and to some extend psychological problems. Clinic has certain special techniques to tackle this problem. We give homeopathic medicines along with counseling and some special exercises. In most of the cases relief is obtained within three/four weeks.

Another method to treat bedwetting at our medical centre is by using Acupuncture treatment. It take about 4 to 6 session to stop bed wetting with acupuncture.

Kanak-Kanak Kencing Malam

Baik kanak-kanak atau orang dewasa, rawatan homeopathy atau akupunktur adalah satu pilihan yang bijak untuk mengatasi masalah kanak-kanak kencing malam atau istilah Kelantan ' Kencing T'ikar '
Dengan menjalani hanya 4 hingga 6 sessi rawatan akupunktur malah ini dapat diselesaikan dengan jayanya.

Klinik Akupuntur yang baru di buka pada bulan March 2009 ialah di Shah Alam, Sek U1 Jalan Kerjaya off Jalan Hicom _ Glenamarie, Sek U1/34 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Doktor bertugas Nik Fairuz Hakim bin Nik Omar [ lihat bio-data dalam blok ini ]

Homeopathy Second Largest System of Medicine

Homeopathy Second Largest System of Medicine in The World

According to World health Organization ( WHO) Homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine in the world.

Homeopathy is practiced in 66 countries and the treatment is individualized. In India, there are 185 colleges which offer 33 PG Courses. India has 2.17 lakh registered homeopathic practitioners. In India, Homeopathy has a RS 630 crore market growing at 25 % annually.

Homeopathy treatment has less side effects. In taking the modern allopathic medicines bad effect have been seen in the patients over the world. So, for circulation the homeopathic treatment, the world federation of homeopathy is working for the people to recovery from diseases

From Journal of World Federation of Homeopathy Jan., 2008

MD Homeopathy - A Thesis Of Dr Nishant

MDHomeopathy Thesis of Dr Nishant

This is year 2009 few students has qualified for a 6 years course in MDHom from Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia.

Dr Nishant Babusenan is one of our student who has qualified by presentation a desertion in partial fulfillment of the requirement for M.D.Hom at our institute.

In his 208 pages thesis he has chosen his specialization in

“ Dermatological Disorder I Its Homeopathic Management “

In Which the content consist of

• Understanding the skin
• Aims & Objective of the present Study
• Materials & methology
• Quick Review of dermatology
• Dermatology & Homeopathy
• Homeopathic Therapeutic
• Case Taking & Analysis
• Management
• Follow Up – Observation & Analysis
• Statistical Data Analysis
• Discussion
• Bibliography
• Appendix 1 Cases & Appendix 11 – List of dermatological Disorder

Dr Nishant who is a qualified BHMS in year 2005 has a good experience in Dermatological Disorder with its Homeopathic management has done this thesis based on:-
• Patients shall be selected on the basis of inclusion / exclusions criteria history & clinical findings and detailed case history
• Patients shall be reviewed every seven of fourteen days or even frequently depending on the necessity
• Management will be done on the basis of Homeopathic principles
• All the cases shall be selected from his personal Nishant Homeopathic Clinic
• The 30 cases were taken of different ages of both sexes
• The material for this study comprises of vast amount of literature of dermatological disorder from books, news letter, magazines, journals and internet, patients with very few complaints ( one of two prominent symptoms obscuring almost all the other symptoms ) registered for treatment in his clinic.
• Method of collection of data by visiting library, British Library, discussions with guide, successful and senior physicians and colleagues, attending seminars and surfing internet

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Executive Members of Asian Homeopathic Medical League - AHML Central Committee

The Central Committee of Asian Homeopathic Medical League - AHML
2006 - 2009

Prof Dr Nik Omar (Malaysia)and Prof Dr Girendral Pal of Jaipur, India are the senior most member of AHML.

With 2000 members from 12 countries, AHML stand as The largest homeopathic organization in Asia

Study At The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia

Syllabus and Curriculum
The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia
1979 - 2010

Homeopathic Modern Approach

The training courses provide you clinic based homeopathic training. Your training will include the clinical exposure for about 3-5 hours daily, whereby you observer number of cases daily, acute as well as chronic, difficult as well as routine, which you will be trained to work out yourselves. Highly planned training will certainly allow you to appreciate the logic of classical homeopathy, step by step. The practical aspects of classical prescribing will be tackled in separate discussions daily.

The courses offered are:

The case-taking, case-analysis, evaluation, the approach, construction of the prescribing totality, the repertorisation, remedy selection, posology, the repetition, second and the subsequent prescriptions, etc. will be taught in a practical manner adequately with profound clarity.

The clinic will be the main classroom, and the patients will be the principal instrument of learning. Minimum of 6 hours of intense training plus two hours of self-study as directed by the supervisor, will amount to a real transformation within three weeks.

Homeopathy Research

Definition of Research as Healthy living and Homeopathy Research as a systematic investigation designed to answer a specific question or sets of questions with the aim of the invention and Generation of Ideas, where these lead to new and substantially improved insights, and the use of existing knowledge in homeopathic experimental development to produce new , or substantially improved outputs.

Specifically with in the homeopathic and Alternative medical system or natural health care system of medical. This investigation should be aimed at assisting in the process of evidence-based regulatory policy making.

Investigations of the kind of with clinical experiment involve the systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of data either directly or indirectly of information with the specific purpose of homeopathic medical measurement technology phenomena.

The objective of the homeopathic medical research should be to inform Development, Implementation and Evaluation of the policy. The collection of data may be undertaken using a variety of recognised homeopathic research of Methodologies, both Qualitative and Quantitative, these may include, surveys, and questionnaires focus groups, interviews, case studies, homeopathic clinical case taking of patients, statically analysis and modelling direct observations descriptive methods, standardised tests, economic analysis action of research.

Courses structure

A new way of medical treatment where are doctor unsuccessful and patients fail to give the complete symptoms and continue live in suffering specially in Homeopathy, EAV system provide screening, measurement, bio-resonance diagnosed medicine and therapies by points where then research by practitioners.
Homeopathic Courses Content
Basic system and phases
Chronic diseases
Skin conductor, frequency and defining factors
The acupuncture points and photographs
Voll's AP system and CMP/SMP
Indicator deflection and indicator drop
Measured values and pathological coordination
Focus, brief definition
Nosodes as diagnostics and therapeutics
Drug test (Allopathic, Homeopathic etc) combi 2
The mesenchyme reactivation process
Practical of the EAV system
Diagnosis/Therapy of acute/ chronic infections (bacteria abecteial or viral)
Infection disease in the children
Prioritising measurement of specific points (efficiency)
Head foci and differentiation
Allergies and incompatibilities
Dental material and testing (i.e dequsa)
Temporomandibular joints and control circuit
Therapies systems of the EAV

Who will be benefited by attending these courses ?

Any sincere homeopath or a senior student who desires to enrich knowledge of homeopathic prescribing and who wants to learn further to sharpen the healing skills. Any sincere practitioner or a student who has studied homeopathy well but finds problems at various levels, will be benefited by this course.

Eligibility for participation

You need to have undergone a basic training in homeopathy from any good school. You may be a practitioner of a senior student. It is important that you are sincere, earnest and devoted to learning and mastering the scientific art of homeopathy.

Prof Dr Chandhok, Punjab, India

Prof Dr Chandhok is our Visiting Lecturer at The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia from year 2000- 2010
He use to come to Malaysia regularly and have been teaching Malaysian Homeopath for last 10 years.
He is one of Top Twenty World Renown Homeopath

Prof Dr Chandhok with Prof Nik Omar and three other Lecturer Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia at one of the Conference in Malaysia

National & International Homeopathy Organization

National/International Organzations

Malaysia: The Registerd Homeopathic Medical Practitioner Association
Malaysia College: The Fcaulty of Homeopathy Malaysia
Malaysia Clinic & Info:
U.S. & Canada: Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy
U.S.: American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists
U.S.: American Institute of Homeopathy
U.S. & Canada: Council for Homeopathic Certification
U.S.: Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians
U.S.: Homeopathic Pharmacopia Convention of the United States
U.S.: National Center for Homeopathy
U.S. & Canada: North American Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy
U.S. & Canada: North American Society of Homeopaths
U.S.: Society for the Establishment of Research in Classical Homeopathy
Worldwide: International Council for Classical Homeopathy
Worldwide: International Homeopathic Doctor Without Barriers
Worldwide: Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) - Worldwide International Society
Worldwide: World Electro Homeopathy Organisation
Argentina Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists
Argentina: Association Medica Homeopatica Argentina
Asian Homeopathic Medical League
Austrian Society for Homeopathic Medicine
Brazil: Association Medica Homeopatica Brazil
Brazilian Veterinary Homeopathic Association
Canadian Coalition of Homeopathic Medicine
Canadian National United Professional Association of Trained Homeopaths (NUPATH)
Czech Association for Classical Homeopathy
Denmark: Association for Classical Homeopathy
European Committee for Homeopathy
European Council for Classical Homeopathy
French Homeopathy Without Borders
Finland Society of Homeopaths
Germany: Clemens von Bonninghausen Society for Homeopathy (Advanced Training)
German Central Association of Homeopathic Physicians
German Classical Homeopathy Association
German Homeopathy Forum (Classical Homeopathy Practitioners Association)
German Federal Association of Patients for Homeopathy
German Federation of Classical Homeopathy (Parent of Associations)
German Homeopathy Without Borders
Germany: Samuel Hahnemann Stiftung (Research Society)
German Society for Classical Homeopathy
Greece: Hellenic Homeopathic Medical Society
India Central Council for Research in Homeopathy
India Foundation for Homeopathic Research
India Homeopathic Research & Charities Society
India: Kerala Homeopathic Medical Graduates Association
Israeli Association for Classical Homeopathy
Italian Federation of Medical Homeopathy
Italian National Federation of Homeopathy
Italian Societa Medica Bioterapica Italia
Latin American Committe of Homeopathic Pharmacists
Malaysian Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia
Malaysia Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association
Netherlands Medical Association for Homeopathy
Netherlands Society for Classical Homeopathy
New Zealand Council of Homeopaths
New Zealand Homeopathic Society
Norwegian Homeopathic Society
Pakastani Homeopathy Society
Pakastani National Council for Homeopathy
Polish Homeopathic Physicians Association
Slovenian Homeopathic Society (English Version)
Swedish Academy for Classical Homeopathy
Swiss Association for Homeopathy
Swiss Homeopathic Society
Swiss Society of Medical Homeopaths
Switzerland Homeopathic Association
United Kingdom: British Alliance of Registered Homeopaths
United Kingdom: British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons
United Kingdom: British Faculty of Homeopathy
United Kingdom: British Homeopathic Association
United Kingdom: British Homeopathic Dental Association
United Kingdom: British Homeopathic Medical Association
United Kingdom Homeopathic Medical Association
United Kingdom Institute of Homeopathy
United Kingdom Society of Homeopaths
United Kingdom: Travelling Homeopathic Collective (Charitable Clinic for Outdoor Events)

Facts About Homeopathy

Is Homeopathy Slow ?

Not really. Homoeopathy is fast acting in acute conditions such as infections, fever, diarrhea, etc. The chronic and old disease such as psoriasis take a long time to treat hence homoeopathy has been labeled as slow acting. One may say that homoeopathy may be slower than the effect of pain-killers, anti-inflammatory medicines and steroids. One must know that homoeopathy is faster in the treatment of conditions such as allergy, asthma, eczema, migraine, arthritis.

Homoeopathy is like a tortoise in the well-known story of tortoise and rabbit.

Is Homeopathic Medicine - Placebo ?

Scientific double blind studies have indicated that homoeopathy far above the placebo effect. The effect of homoeopathy medicine has been observed millions of time, which cannot be labeled as placebo effect. New born babies, infants, animals such as lions, dogs, etc. have shown healing effects of homoeopathy, which goes against the placebo effect. Saying that homoeopathy is placebo, in the light of above facts, is not just a misbelief but a prejudice.

Frankly, this is an insult. However, over the period, we have realized that those who continue assuming that homoeopathy is mere placebo, are superstitious.

Homeopathic Treat Curable Cases

Homoeopathy is no panacea. It has its own set of limitations. We do fail in many cases, and keep learning to heal the suffering humanity.

Homoeopathy is not an ultimate medicine, for nothing is ultimate in this universe.

Asthma & Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathic Treatment for Asthma

Homeopathy treats the person as a whole. It means that homeopathic treatment focuses on the patient as a person, as well as his pathological condition. The homeopathic medicines are selected after a full individualizing examination and case-analysis, which includes the medical history of the patient, physical and mental constitution etc.

General Approach - As far as I know homeopathy is the only system of medicine which tries to 'cure' this disease, instead of trying to provide symptomatic relief. While dealing with a case of asthma, a homeopath not only records the symptoms of the disease but also studies the medical history, family history, physical and psychological characteristics of a person.

This helps to find the cause, the precipitating factors, and the hereditary tendency etc. Of special interest to a homeopath is the history of suppression of skin disease. Homeopaths believe that when there is a tendency or predisposition for a disease - it first manifests on the less vital organs, towards the periphery (like skin). If this manifestation is suppressed than the disease shifts inwards, towards the more vital organs (like lungs, heart, brain etc).

The fact that in children asthma is often preceded by eczema is observed by the allopaths also. This fact is written in all their textbooks of medicine. They say that children often 'move-out' of eczema and 'move-into' asthma. But they are unable to make a correlation. Homeopaths believe that the suppression of eczema with topical preparations, does not cure the disease/sensitivity of the person, it merely drives it inwards.

Now after ascertaining the symptoms and the cause, the homeopath tries to find a medicine which matches the symptoms as well as the general characteristics of the person. The medicine so selected is administered to the patient.

It is often (not necessarily) observed by homeopaths that when a right medicine is given, the asthma disappears but the old eczema (if it was there originally) reappears for some time, before finally disappearing itself. This reappearance of old symptoms is seen as a reversal of disease process and is considered a very good prognostic sign by homeopaths.

Following homeopathic medicines have been found effective in many cases of Asthma:

MEDICINES - There are lots of medicines in homeopathy for asthma and it is not possible to list them all here. Some of the common medicines are ars-alb, ipecac, lachesis, pulsatilla, spongia, sulphur, ignatia, antim-tart, hepar-sulph, nat-sulph, tuberculinum etc. The selection of medicine varies from patient to patient.

Ailantheus glandulosa: Deep dry and hacking cough, with asthmatic expansion of lungs; cough with headache and congestion of face.

Aralia racemosa: Cough associated with constriction of chest, worse lying down, after the first sleep, has to sit up and cough violently; asthma, with oppression as from a weight on stomach, worse night on lying down, better by raising a little tough mucus.

Blatta orientalis: Asthma associated with bronchitis, suitable for fatty people, cough associated with dyspnoea.

Boerhavia diffusa: Indicated for dry cough as well as cough with whitish thick expectoration.

Ephedra vulgaris: Mother tincture is used to control asthmatic attack; in reduced doses it is also helpful in pulmonary heart disease.

Glycyrrhiza glabra: Used as expectorant; prevents recurrent respiratory infections.

Justicia adhatoda: Violent cough with tough expectoration and tightness of chest; great fear of suffocation; usually cough associated with vomiting.


Bronchodilators, anti-allergic drugs, and corticosteroids are commonly used to provide symptomatic relief.

Asthma - Lifestyle & General Management

Avoid the allergen you are sensitive to.
Do regular light exercise like brisk walking or jogging. Heavy exercise can precipitate an attack of asthma, so always do mild exercise without putting too much strain on your body.
Learn breathing exercises to improve your lung capacity. Of especial use is 'pranayam', a yoga exercise.
Learn some stress relieving exercises, meditation, or yoga to minimize the psychological factors related to disease.
Eat healthy, nourishing and well balanced diet.

Asthma/ Asma / Lelah

Rawatan homeopati cukup berkesan untuk merawat sebarang penyakit asma. Jika dirawat awal, asma boleh disembuhkan. Asma Kanak-kanak biasanya cukup baik bila diberi ubat homeopati.
Rawatan homeopati hendaklah diberi selama beberapa bula, InsyaAllah asma boleh sembuh.

Cases Treated with Homeropathic Medication

Cramp and weakness
Constitutional Remedies: China Off.

Cancer of Tongue
Some remedies suggested: Conium, Hydratis, Kreosote, Thuja, Phytolacca.

Infertility cases treating with homeopathy

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treated with Homeopathy

The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia, Garden & Landscape 2009

Konsep Alam Semulajadi merupakan pilihan landskap FAHOM

Dewan Kuliah, Fakulti Perubatan Homeopathy Malaysia
Gelang Mas, Pasir Mas, kelantan.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Breakfast With Kelantan Bikers

Lady Bikers on the way to Tumpat, sometime Rantau Panjang, even Besut.

Like Son like father, both are bikers.

Kelatan Bikers at Tumpat, Early Friday Morning

Clinical at Gelang Mas Homeopathic Centre

Clinical at Department of Homeopathic Medidine, faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia

Dr Faisal Ramdan from Phisotherpy Department Kuwait Hospital and Dr Simon Benfield
teating stroke patient at our Medical centre

Dr Richard Nwuwu from Nigeria doing clinical at our Homeopathic Hospital at gelang Mas


Arthritis and Rheumatism - what's the difference?

Arthritis means inflammation of a joint. Rheumatism is a general term used to describe any pain in the
musculoskeletal system.

There are more than 100 different forms of Arthritis - all the different types of musculoskeletal diseases and conditions come under the classification of Rheumatic Disease.

What are the common types of arthritis?

There are three main categories of arthritis...
1. Degenerative (eg, Osteoarthritis)
2. Inflammatory (eg, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriatic Arthritis)
3. Crystal arthritis (eg, gout)

Not all-musculoskeletal pain is caused by arthritis. Pain can arise from irritation of tissues around joints, such
as ligaments and tendons (often referred to as ‘soft tissues’).

Minor injury or overuse can cause localised pain, which often lasts only for a short period. Tennis elbow and housemaid’s knee are examples. In addition, more generalised pain can develop in muscles or joints in situations where there is no arthritis, e.g. fibromyalgia

How does it affect you?

Arthritis and musculoskeletal pain can affect different people in different ways. Everyone gets aches and pains in their muscles and joints from time to time particularly if they take part in strenuous physical activities. Such pain is often short lived. However the different types of arthritis require medical assessment and intervention, the aim of which is to induce remission, relieve pain and improve function. Effective treatment will help to reduce the risk of disability and pain even in the most severe cases.

Persistent and recurring pain and stiffness in or around joints, which has no obvious cause, could be due to arthritis. Other symptoms of arthritis can include tiredness, a general feeling of being unwell, loss of
weight, mild fevers or night sweats, and skin rashes. These symptoms are not specific to arthritis, however, and can be caused by other illnesses...

...If in doubt, consult your doctor!

How is it diagnosed?

Each year a large number of people visit their General Practitioner (GP) with symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, muscle pain or swollen and painful joints. Often, these symptoms are not severe and may last just
a few days, in which case the GP will provide advice or treatment and allow the problem to resolve. But, if the pain persists or is severe, your GP may decide to refer you to a specialist in musculoskeletal diseases.

If you have any of the symptoms previously mentioned it is important to see your GP as soon as possible. Your GP will take a history and do a medical examination. Additional investigations such as blood tests, X rays and scans may also be required.

What treatment is there for arthritis?

There is as yet no single cure for arthritis, however many forms of arthritis can be effectively controlled and the symptoms managed to give you a better quality of life.

Currently international and national research continues at great pace providing hope for the development of new treatments in the future.

Because arthritis affects people differently the management of your arthritis needs to be tailored accordingly. For this reason it is very important that you develop an effective partnership with your Doctor and healthcare team so they can assist you to manage your pain and any other problems that you encounter.

As well as your GP and Rheumatologist other members of the health care team could include a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, pharmacist, podiatrist, registered nurse, social worker, psychologist and nutritionist.

What Alternative Treatment For Arthritis.

You may try homeopathic medicine and also Acupuncture.
Both the treatment are very good in treating arthritis.

PCOS & Homeopathic Treatment

Hello Dr. Nik Omar,

I am living in the US, and have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I have found your information online through some words written about you by one of your patients. I have read your page about HTI-P2000 with great interest.
I am not trying to get pregnant. I am currently under the care of a natural doctor, she practices acupuncture.

She is not a homeopath. I am interested in learning what I can do to help my situation by adding homeopathy. Is there any reason that I should not add homeopathy to my treatment?

It would be wonderful to know beforehand what the remedies are and which symptoms of PCOS they are addressing. I am particularly interested in restoring the hair on my head which I have lost. Do you feel this is related to the blood circulation and higher levels of male hormones? Thank you, Jesse Here is the text from one of your patients on a blog which directed me to you. Perhaps you will recognize who it is:

The Story of a Monther of PCOS and manage to give birth

Mrs N, 35, is a sales manager at a local Bank in Kuala Lumpur." I 've had irregular periods since the age of 15 and when they did come they'd oftne last five to seven weeks and really heavy. Some time very severe painful period. I also had a terriby headache and very easy letargic. But it wasn't until I was 26 and trying to get pregnant that was finally diagnosed with PCOS and the doctors put on 'clomiphene ' to induce ovulation.

Even though I have taken 3 cycle of clomiphene but the sign of pregnancy are still far away.

One day I was introduced to Prof Dr Nik Omar, a homeopathic Infertiltiy Specialist at Kuala Lumpur. After consulting and caunseling for about 90 minutes. He prescribe me some small pills which was not known to me earlier. It was just like small sugar pills, sweets and the nurse told me to take regularly for two weeks, which I did.

I have taken the homeopatic pills continuously for 3 months non stop and my husband too taken the pill for man fertility they says it is for more sperm production, better mortility and to increase the morbility.
On the four month of taken such pills, my pregnancy was confirmed.

It was three year ago that my health is much better and I feel more energetic and up till now I have regular period. These natural product of homeopathy herbs have changed my life and my PCOS has gone. Thanks for homeopathic treatment"
This is Letter from Dr Nik Omar

A Reply Letter From Dr Nik Omar

Dear Jesse

It was a long story of many remedies to be given Started with Aconite, Chammomilla, Sepia, Thuja, Hydratis, I suggest you find a good classical homeopath in your country and just follow his prescription and PCOS is not a great problem for homeopath
From Dr Nik Omar or

Letter From Jesse, USA

Dear Dr. Nik Omar, Thank you for your quick reply! After looking again at your website I see how many credentials you have from schooling. It is doubtful that I will find someone such as yourself here.
I'm taking your advice to find a homeopath to evaluate me this week. Still I want very much to corroborate some of the remedies with those you prescribe. My focus at the moment is my falling hair, from what other doctors and the internet says is due to male hormones in excess and lack of blood flow to the scalp;

I don't know if this is an accurate assessment in you eyes. I would like to know what you prescribe for the hair loss associated with PCOS and am happy to reimburse you for this information. So that I know which remedy is for what symptom or cause, please also tell me what each remedy is for. As I said I am happy to reimburse you to have your complete recommendations for my type of hair loss.
With gratitude, Jesse

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cupping Al Hijamah / Bekam

Blood Stasis at
Department of Malay Medicine
Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia

What is the uses of Cupping Al Hijamah.

Cupping or Blood Statis is one of Islamic Syariat Sunnah Rasulullah SAW whereby a therapy in which a jar is attached to the skin surface to cause local congestion through negative pressure created by introducing heat in the form of ignited material. It is been used by Prophet Mohammad SAW. The method of cupping has the function of warming and promoting the free flow of chi or qi and blood in the channels, diminishing swellings and pains, dispelling clod and dampness in the body.

'Ibu Abbas reported God's Messenger as saying " There is a remedy in three things; The Incision of a cupping glass, a drink of honey or cauterization by fire, but I forbid my people to cauterize" - hadith Bukhari from Iskat Al Masabih.
Those who are interested to Study Cupping or Blood Statis or Hijamah / Al Hijamah
/ Bekam, Cantuk , you may apply through

Convocation of Homeopathic Students

Homeopathy in Mental Disease

Psychological Problems can be cured, if your react very fast.

What is Disease ?
Disease is nothing more than the disturbances of vital force in the body.

* Disease is but the consolidation of a mental attitude
* It certain that a personality without conflict is immune from illness
* Boredom is responsible for much more disease than would be generally realised
* Fear of disease is really self-interest, for when we are earnestly absorbed in the welfare of others there is no time to be apprehensive of personal maladies
* Here is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness
* Take no notice of the disease - think only of the outlook on life of the one in distress.

Negative States of Mind:

* Fear , uncertainty, insufficient interest in present circumstances, loneliness, oversensitivity to influence and ideas, despondency or despair, over care for welfare of others.

Sensation As If.... A body language

Homeopathic Medical Centre at Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia

Dr Herber A Robert, M.D. Chairman of American Foundation For Homeopathy has written a beautiful book on ' Sensation As If , A Repertory Of Subjective Symptoms "

Few interesting note regarding Sensation As If

For Symptoms of Rectum, Anus and Stool.

Last week on 28th February 2009 I met one lady patient who was full of anxiety and panic since she had frequency of bloody stools. She was afraid of having cancer of colon or cancer of stomach.

Based on symptomatology I had given her a very good homeopathic medication which was stop her bloody stool with two days of taking homeopathic pills of Aloe soc 30 c tid.

Just to remind others, be careful if you have any peculiar symptoms of bloody stool, acrid in anus, burning in anus, bubbles stool, as if something moving alive in anus, ball in rectum, pus in stool, bruised in anus, diarrhoea with bloody stool, creeping in anus, smelly discharge, constipated anus, cracked in anus, haemorrhoid, insert were crawling, lump in rectum, no desire to pass stool, prolapse of rectum, fistula, etc.

All those symptoms are responded with good result by homeopathic medication.

Homeopathy In Shah Alam, Selangor

Dr Nik Fairuz Hakim

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Last 20 years our Homeopathyic Clinic was at Sekysen 6, the manager was Dr Faridah. When Dr Faridah was shifted to Kg Baru, Kuala Lumpur. Our clinic at sek 6 was closed last 5 years.

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