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Everybody has a natural healing ability within them. Conventional medicine (Allopathy) treats only the symptoms and gives only temporary relief by suppressing the symptoms. Disgusted with this form of treatment, a German Medical Doctor, Dr. Samuel Christian Friedrich Hahnemann, stopped Allopathic medication and after some research, started a new medical system, which he named Homoeopathy (most people now spell it Homeopathy). Homeopathy stimulates the natural healing processes of the body with the help of very minute quantities (i.e. in sub-atomic particles) of a remedy to bring about a natural remission of disease. It is not concerned with a physiological response.

Note: Homeopathy does not produce any side effects what so ever!

Homeopathic treatment is best taken from a Qualified Homeopathic Doctor because people who medicate themselves on their own or take treatment from a person who isn't Qualified, can go into a state of 'Drug Proving', i.e. they start showing the symptoms that drug produces when taken in milligram doses (remember Homeopathic remedies are not herbal, but sub-atomic, electromagnetic remedies), worse they may become immune to treatment by other Qualified Doctors (including Allopaths/Conventional Doctors).

Homeopathy uses dilute sub-atomic particles which stimulate the natural healing processes of the body (to bring about a spontaneous remission of disease/s). Homeopathic remedies are electro-magnetic (dynamic) - their preparations involve shock succussion, whereby the atomic structure is disturbed. The rationale of Homeopathy is that life is fundamentally a bio-electric phenomenon, with various groups of cells vibrating in sync with each other; disease is essentially a bio-electric disturbance (viruses/bacteria can attack an individual only if there is such a disturbance) - Homeopathic remedies act on the same plane as disease, bringing about a bio-electric stability (health). One may ask why such minute doses of medication are used - Homeopathy is not concerned with a physiological response, but in mainly stimulating the natural healing processes of the body to bring about a remission of disease. I have been practising Homeopathy for the past 10 years & have cured all sorts of 'Incurable' diseases/conditions.

Homeopathy has cured a whole lot of conditions completely and permanently, without surgery, like:-

* Cancer

* Fibroids (where ever they may be)

* Brain Tumors

* Warts

* Kidney Stones

* White Patches (Leucoderma)

* Ovarian Cysts

* Poly-Cystic Ovarian Disease

* Endometriosis

* Infertility

* Thyroid Problems

* Rhinitis

* Sinusitis

* Ear Problems

* Tonsillitis

* Bronchitis

* Heart Problems

* Kidney Failure

* Liver Cirrhosis

* Prostate Problems

* Sexual Dysfunctions, etc

More over, if one interviews the Patients' of a Homoeopathic Doctor, one would get to know how effective it is (everybody is satisfied - obviously the ones not satisfied wouldn't be coming). What about animals? I have cured (of things like tumours, kidney failures, ear infections, skin diseases, prolapsed uterus, inadequate milk production after the birth of a calf/pup/kitten etc.) a whole lot of animals - if it was "faith" producing the cure (as some people allege), how can animals get cured? Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales (U.K.) has a whole farm dedicated to the Homeopathic treatment of animals, where no 'G.M. (Genetically Modified)' foods are allowed. Experiments have been conducted & it is seen that even when alcohol (or water for that matter) - the base used for potentising (a method of vigorously shaking the base while diluting it) Homeopathic dilutions - dilutes the medicinal substance so much as to leave almost nothing of it in the base, the base (alcohol/water) retains an impression/memory of the original substance it was diluting. In another experiment, it was seen that these dilutions can degranulate Human basophils (which means they do have an effect), the results of which were published as a scientific paper, in the most well-known Scientific magazine 'Nature'(1988, Vol.333, June 30th) , with the title, 'Human basophil degranulation triggered by very dilute antiserum against IgE' (both by Prof.Jacques Benveniste et al).

The Lancet, earlier, has published 2 articles to show that Homeopathy works (the articles were titled, 'Is homoeopathy a placebo response? Controlled trial of homoeopathic potency, with pollen in hayfever as model', 1986, II:881-886 & 'Is evidence for homoeopathy reproducible', 1994, 344:1601-1606).

For more proof/evidence, please visit '' & download the 'book (in .pdf format)', "Homeopathy: The scientific proofs of efficacy".

This news is From:

Homeopathic Medicine

Thuja 6c, 30c

This among the top list of homeopathic product for chronic cases such as genital warts, tumor, cycst, fibroid, ordinary wart, herpes genitalis, sycotic, gonorrhoea with burning and painful urination, vertigo, dizziness, nose bleeding, irritable bowel syndrome, itching and sensitive vagina.

Thuja adalah salah satu remedy utama dalam homeopati untuk merawat kes-kes kronik seperti sebarang ketumbuhan, sista, fibroid atau kanser mana-mana bahagian badan. Digunakan meluas untuk merawat STD atau VD terutama kencing pedih kerana gonorrhoea atau siflis. Harga RM 20.00

Sulphur 30c

Known as a polycreast remedy, Sulphur is one of the top most prescribe medicine in homeopathic pharmacy. Sulphur is meant for patient who complaint weakness, slow, lazy and always tired. General weakness with constipation and piles.

Remedi ini banyak digunakan dalam pengamalan homeopati. Bagus digunakan untuk orang-orang yang mangalami ‘ banyak penyakit’ sakit bermacam-macam, lemah tuboh badan, tidak bermaya, kurang selera makan, malas dan suka tidur. Gatal-gatal badan , sembelit dan buasir. RM 20.00 satu botol dalam bentuk pil.

Nitric Acid 6c, 30c

This remedy is given for mouth ulcer, painful when eating, gums flabby, sore and bleeding. Pain in throat like splinter.

Remedi ini banyak melibatkan penyakit disekitar halkum, dubur dan mulut. Mulut pecah-pecah, mulut bau busuk dan berair, halkum sakit macam terlekat tulang. Dubur sakit semacam buasir dan dubur keluar air busuk atau fistula in ano. Harga RM 20.00 satu botol.

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Resdung Boleh Di Rawat secara Homeopati - Dapatkan Rawatan Segera !!!

Info lanjut

Some Recorded Treatment of cancer With Homeopathy

From The Book
"Cancer, Its Caurses, Symptoms & treatment "
Givng The Result of Over Forty Years Experience in The Medical treatment of This Disease
Dr ELI G Jones, MD (USA)
The Homeopathic school of medicine have furnished some able men who won their laurels in the medical treatment of Cancer. Dr Edwin M Hale, one of the leading homeopathic practitioners and a scientist and one of the most conservative students of Materia Medica and the man who all man delight to honor, has left on record many valuable remedies in the cure of cancer.

Dr Richard Huges, the intellectual giant of Homeopathic School in England has also contributed some useful remedies for cancer. In 1878 Dr J Crompton Burnett of London, England gave to the profession in his book " Tumors Of The Breast" a record of 132 cases permanently cured.
While Dr Burnett was doing in England, I began to do in this country -USA said Dr E G Jones.

Kanser / Barah Dan Rawatan Homeopathy

Barah atau kanser dalam perubatan biasa atau allopathy tidak ada ubat melainkan menggunakan pembedahan, kemoterapi atau radioterapi. Dalam Perubatan Homeopathy anda boleh baca, terdapat lebih dari 1000 kes dimana kanser atau barah dapat dirawat dengan cara homeopati.

Para pesakit mempunyai pilihan sama ada mahu pembedahan atau merawat secara homeopathy. Rawatan homeopathy didapati berkesan bila ketumbuhan masih dalam keadaan kecil atau dikenali sebagai stage 1, tetapi jika sudah stage 4. Perawatan hampir mustahil.

Beruasahalah berubat, jangan tunggu kanser membunoh ibu anda.

More Than 30 Years In Service of Homeopathy in Malaysia

The Baba of Homeopathy in Malaysia

30 Tahun dalam Perkhidmatan Untuk Homeopathy Di Malaysia

Syarikat kami tetap Unggul

Dapatkan Ubat-Ubat Homeopathy dari Syarikat kami. Kami sediakan menjual sebarang keperluan anda. Walau pun anda mahu satu ubat, kami tetapt akan jual kepada anda.

We sell single homeopathic in tablet/globules form. Get it from our nearest clinic or call us at our Kuala Lumpur Outlet 03-4042 2020 atau call Dr Nik Omar 019 9401915

Tidak Di Turunkan Penyakit Melainkan Ada Ubat Nya, Ikhtiarlah Sebelum Terlambat

We Supply All Good & Quality Homeopathic Medicine

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We supply all homeopathic single remedies in tablet / globules form. Get it from our nearest homeopathic clinic. For more Info call 03 4042 2020

Anda Ingin Beli Ubat Homeopati

Dapatkan mana-mana ubat homeopati yang dikehendaki dari klinik kami yang berdekatan dengan anda. Kami menyediakan ubat-ubat dalam dos tunggal dalam bentuk tablet atau globules. Dapatkan maklumat dari 03 4042 2020 atau 0199401915.

Renal Failure @ Nephrotic Syndrome @ Nephritis

Homeopathic Top Remedies For Renal Failure @ Nephrotic Syndrome
@ Bright Disease

Organ Related: Kidney, Bladder & Urine.

Among the Best selected remedies: Apis mel., Merc. cor., Lyco., Phos., Ars Alb., Hellebore., Formica Rufa, Thuja., Terebinth. Plumbum, Benzoic Acid.

Rawatan Homeopathy Untuk Penyakit Buah Pinggang.

Ubat-ubat yang tersebut diatas antara beberapa ubat yang disyurkan oleh pakar-pakar homeopathy antarabangsa seperti Dr kent, Dr Burnett, Dr Allen, Dr Robert dan Dr Samuel Hahnemann sendiri.

Anda boleh dapatkan ubat-ubat tersebut di Klinik Cawangan kami di KL, Bangi, Damansara Utama Uptown, Shah Alam , Kota Bharu, Bandar Seri Putra, Sentul atau Gelang Mas. Untuk Info Tel 03 40422020

Few Piles Cases Treated With Homeopathy

Nux Vom & Sulphur head remedies for bleeding or non bleeding piles in homeopathy. To be given when there is a burning pain and constipation with ineffectual desire. I gave Sulphur 1000 one dose every month for 3 months and given Nux Vom twice daily on other day completely stop the pain and relif all symtoms.

Other useful homeopathic medication for piles: Aloe, Nat Mur., Sanguisage, Ignatia, calc Carb., Alumina, Ars Alb., Causticum.

If given according to similimum within one months of treatment you can cure piles very easily.

Rawatan Buasir Dengan cara Homeopathy

Ubat-ubat homeopathy amat berkesan untuk merawat sebarang jenis buasir. Jika diberi dengan tepat mengikut kanun homeopati, buasir dapat dihilangkan tanpa pembedahan dalam tempuh satu atau dua bulan rawatan.


Some good Homeopathic Medication for ladies problems:

Pain during period ( Dysmenorrhoea / Endometrosis )

Actea Racemosa: Pain during and before menses. menses irregular, too soon or too late. Act Race is one of the best homeopathic medication for such problem. The more the flow the greater the pain. The patient is nervous, restless and melancholic. Prolapse of uterus, soreness of uterus and ovarian region.

Acid Nitric: Painful menses with constant urging to urinate.

Chamomilla: Violent colic consequent on profuse and painful menses, labor like pain on side with diarrhoea.

menses too late, too scanty and of short duration with hhaemorrhoidal pains, nose bleed, bloody stools, constipation, leucorrhoea and toothache.

Rawatan Homeopathy Untuk Wanita:

Ubat-ubat homeopati memang amat sesuai untuk sebarang penyakit wanita. Diantara penyakit yang respon dengan ubat homeopati ialah; Masalah Sakit bulanan atau senguggut / endometrosis, datang bulan lewat, datang bulan berpanjangan atau haid berpanjangan, keputihan atau leucorrhoea, haid tidak teratur, tidak datang haid atau absent of period.
Masalah kemurungan, sedih, pilu, sayu, tekanan jiwa dikalangan remaja, masalah anak gadis yang suka memberontak. semua gejala ini boleh dirawat dengan homeopathy.

Dapatkan maklumat lanjut dari: 03-40422020

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Forgetfullness ( Absent Mindedness)

Homeopathy is considered as the best answer to the problem of Forgetfullness , Absent Mindedness, Mistake, etc.

Few Selected Remedies Are:

Baryta Carb
: It is useful in the case of old people where age has taken the keeness out of all mental facilities.

Staphisagria: Loss of memory after mastubation or seminal emission, or constantly dwelling on sexual subjects. When he reads somthing, he remembers only dimly and after long recollection he could hardly recall it.

Glonine: Forgetfullness renders the patients ludicrous. he forgets the names of well known streets, the number and location of his own house, although he has been living in the same for years. Way home seem too long. Well known street seem strange.

Some other useful remedies: Lac Can., Acid Phos., Syhpilinum, Anarcardium, Iodum, Conium, Kali Brom., Zinc Phos.

Homeopathy & Rawatan Untuk Daya Ingatan

Rawatan homeopathy memang handal dalam merawat kes-kes perlupa, nyanyuk, malas, cepat penat, ingatan lembab. Ubat-ubat homeopati seperti disebut diatas dan juga yang sudah sedia ada di klinik sperti Cergas Minda, IQ, EQ adalah antara bebarap ubat yang sesuai digunakan.

Dapatkan ubat-ubat tersebut dimana-mana linik homeopati yang terdekat.
Kalau di KL sila call 03 4042 2020, di Bangi 019-9401915 di Shah Alam 013 931 4166, di Damansara Utama Uptown , di Sentul atau di Taman Putera di Bangi, alamat boleh call 03 4042 2020 atau dapatkan dilaman

Panic Disorder - Nervous Breakdown

Sudden Panic
Cannot do any works
shivering, somtime tremling
Extreme Exitement
Cannot think and the more he thinks, the more he get away from subject.
May be due to mental and physical prostration.

Masalah panik atau ketakutan yang tiba-tiba terjadi
Jantung berdebar dengan laju
dahi berpeluh dengan banyak
tangan terketarketar, tidak boleh buat kerja
datang tiba-tiba dan pergi juga secara tiba

Salah satu Remedi hendaklah dipilih dengan tepat : Aconite, Bell., Hellbore, Apis, Lyco. Ignatia, Nux Vom, Bryonia, calc Carb.

Jumpa: Dengan doktor-doktor homeopati yang berpengalaman atau call 03 4042 2020.
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Abang Nik At 3 Nations Bike Weeks Penang 26 -27 Sept 2009

Three Nation Bike Weeks
Malaysia - Thailand & Singapore Charity Rides
26- 27 September 2009


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30 Papers Were Presented at 18th AHML International Conference on Homeopathy at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 3-5 oct 2009

Working papers _ FINA LIST

18th AHML International Conference Kuala Lumpur 4-5 Oct 2009.

1. Reconstruction of water Molecules in Homeopathic Potencies and their Effect on Protein Molecules by Dr Anirban Sukul , India

2. Evidence Based Pilot Study on The Role of Homeopathic Drugs in Cases of Kidney Stones by Dr Girish Gupta

3. Jabat Urut by Dr Din Singapore

4. . Autism & Homeopathy treatment by Dr Sundradas Singapore

5. Homoeopathy During pregnancy by Dr Abhay Talwalkar

6. Carcinocin Pap Uterus 30C- Clinical Trial on 100Patients of CA Uterus by Dr Sharad Shangloo

7. What Homeopathy Offer in geriatrics by Dr Daryani Paper

8. Dr S T Hussain - Comparative Study of Rubric Rudeness

9. Dr Illena Rindasu MD Bucharest Romania - Contribution Regarding The Effect of Homeopathic Remedies As associated Treatment to Conventional Medical - Surgical Methods In Patients With Colorectal Cancer.


11. Function of Thyroid Gland and Ovaries Are Interrrelated by Dr Purnima Shukla , India .

12. Effect of Homeopathic Mother Tincture Amygdalus Persica Folium & Murraya Koenih11 on Diabetes Type

13 Effect of Homeopathic Mother Tincture Amyygdalus Follium & Murayya Koenih on Diabetes Type 11 by Dr M. Zubeir Qureshi Pakistan .

14. Diabetic Ulcers - Their Homeopathic Cure & Management by Dr C. Weerasekera, Sri Lanka

15. Theory and Practice of Homeopathy In Agrocultureby Dr H.U. Gangar, CIRCT, Indian Council of Agriculture research India

16. Homeopathic & Steroid - By Dr Baksi from Bakson , India

17. The Newly Proved Remedies in Homeopathy - Scientific Classicfication, Source, Parts Used, Habitat, Totality and clinical Condidtion
by Dr Jawahar Shah , India

18. Prevention Of Congenital And Hereditary Defects through Homoeopathy by Dr Rekha Srinivan

19. Homeopathy - Still A myth or A Key To The Future of Medicine by Dr Megha Jain, BHMS, MFHom Malaysia

20. Efficacy of Homeopathy in The Treatment of Ovarian Cycst by Dr Rajesh Gupta & Dr Sapna Gupta

21. Verterinary Homeopathy & TCM, New Potentials of Alternative Medicine Developing and Demonstrating Effectiveness of Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine In Animal Health by Dr Surjit S Makker

22. Advanced Homeopathy Protocol of Treatment byDr Kurshal Benerjee

23. Case Record Miracle Cure - Case History of Polycythemia by Homeopathy By Dr Selvanayagam Vijayanayagam , Sri Lanka

24. Acupuncture Effect on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Brain Mapping Study using FMRI by Dr Ali Zailaa, Australia University

25. Study various Types of Arthritis & Homeopathic treatment by Dr Sudhansu Sekhar Moharana

26. Diabetes Mellitus _ Mental States & Its Roleby Dr Amit M Nimbhorkar

27. Development of Repertories And Software application in Homoeopathy

by Dr Rita & Dr Pranab Chakarborty

28. Dr Ifzal Imam , Pakistan .

29. Homeopathy and dengue Treatment With Homeopathy in Thailand by Mrs Montaka

30. Hyoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy & Homeopathy treatment by Dr S M Singh

Tea Breaks & Dinner Breaks at Mehran Cafe near Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur

Registration Times at 18th AHML Conference Malaysia 3rd Oct. 2009

18th International Conference On Homeopathy at Malaysia 3-5 oct 2009

Homeopathy Malaysia 8th International
18th AHML International Conference on Homeopathy
200 Delegates Attended
from 22 Countries

Malaysia Conference A Great Success

18th International Conference On Homeopathy at Malaysia 3-5 oct 2009

members of malaysian Homeopathy Medical Practitioners Association - MRHP at 18th AHML International Conference On Homeopathy Malaysia 2009