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The Largest Homeopathy Academy in Malaysia

The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia Bio Data

Started: 10 April 1979

Registered Office: 1979 at No.11 Bangunan Tabung Haji Lama, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.

Student: 1979 First started with 10 Students

2011 - Graduated more than 1000 students all over the world.

It is Charity base and Further Education in the field of alternative medcine

According to the Star Newspaper:
" It one of the biggest and oldest Homeopathic Organization in Malaysia"

Today Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia has a world wide reputation as the excellent , natural holistic and complementary studies.

" Under Prof Dr Nik Omar I founf to be one of the best study centre in the world" , sais Dr Sommai Phokamnerd from Bangkok, Thailand.

How Does Homeopathy Work ?

Photo: Dr Nik Omar in traditional Malay dress

How does Homeopathy work, multiple mechanisms?

Dr. Peter H Kay.

The active substances in some homeopathic preparations are often so dilute that they do not have any pharmacological activity. So, how do they work?

It is thought by many that homeopathic remediation involves a process in which water can be imprinted with the memory of substances that have been dissolved in it in the past. This idea is often put forward to explain why some remedies work when they are so dilute that they do not contain any of the original active substance.

Other plausible mechanisms have been proposed [1]. For example, it is thought that some homeopathic remedies may work by a process called hormesis. The hormesis hypothesis states that many chemical and physical agents have the capacity to stimulate biological effects at doses below the toxicity threshold, while causing toxicity at doses above the threshold. This concept is akin to the Arndt-Schulz Law in pharmacology.

On the other hand, some homeopathic remedies may in fact work by promoting a pharmacological response. It is important to realise that in the body, some hormones are active at concentrations in the range of 10-6 to 10-18 g/ml. This is well within the range of concentrations at which some homeopathic remedies are administered, particularly in cases where mother tinctures are used.

Kratz [1] suggested that some homeopathic remedies work by reactivating some of the body’s enzyme and endocrine systems by interacting with regulatory and biofeedback mechanisms, again it is possible that some mother tincture homeopathic remedies work in this way.

It is likely that elements of the psychobiological gene expression system [2] also play an important indirect role in the success of homeopathic remediation. For example, it is now well established that thought processes can activate genes that promote health through release of various neurotransmitters.

This is one of the ways by which the practitioner may ease a client’s suffering as a consequence of the interview process. It is also recognised that negative thought processes can activate genes that promote ill-health, leading to what are known as psychosomatic illnesses.

There is a yet further remarkable mechanistic possibility that is based on the discovery of exciting new properties of DNA and the fact that highly diluted homeopathic DNA alone can cause symptoms of disease in healthy subjects.

Firstly, Baldwin and colleagues [3] showed that DNA molecules have remarkable telepathic properties, DNA molecules with the same sequence can communicate with each other. Secondly, Montagnier and his team [4] have shown that mechanically activated DNA molecules emit electromagnetic signals that are recognised by DNA molecules with the same sequence.

These newly discovered properties of DNA molecules provide a plausible explanation for the properties of some homeopathic remedies because those prepared from plant, animal and human tissues will most likely contain DNA. They have also enabled the development of a new advanced form of New Homeopathic micro-DNA remediation called Homeovitality (see

All of these mechanisms may be relevant to the remedial properties of different homeopathic remedies and need not be mutually exclusive with respect to any particular remedy.

2. Rossi E. The psychobiology of gene expression. WW Norton & Company, New York. ISBN 0393-70343-6. 2002.
3. Baldwin et al., DNA double helices recognize mutual sequence homology in a protein free environment. J. Phys. Chem. B., 4:112, 2008.

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Men's Cupping Pump [ Alat bekam Untuk Tegangkan Zakar ]

Man's Suction Pump is capable of soothing channels and collateral's of human body and improving body's vitality [ qi ], improving blood circulation around the sexual organ of man's especially penis.

It is ideal for health care equipment of physical therapy for man.

You can get this cupping set at Kuala Lumpur Call 03 4042 2020

Bahasa Melayu;

Bekam Untuk Lelaki bertujuan untuk menegangkan zakar dan memberi kesegaran pada organ kelakian dan melancarkan peredaran darah.

Alat ini boleh dibeli secara online dengan menghubungi 019 9401915

Cancer, Its Causes & Treatment In Homeopathy by Dr Eli G Jones, USA

Belief It Or Not !!

Homeopathy Cured Cancer Cases

Read the book


Written by Dr Eli G Jones, from USA

299 pages book Evidence Based Homeopathy
Publish by B Jain Publisher (P) Ltd New delhi, India.

Herpes Genitalis and Homeopathic treatment With Prof Dr Nik Omar

Herpes Genitalis 80 % Cured With Homeopathy Nik Omar

A Testimony

" When I first came for treatment last two week, I felt burning sensation , itchiness and discomfort at my sexual organ especially around the penis region. I have been to a private ordinary western clinic and they said I suffered from ' Herpes genitalis" and the doctor said, There is nothing that they can offer. They advise to try alternative treatment and suggest to see Prof Dr Nik Omar , a homeopath at Kuala Lumpur.
I was so much worried as they said that no medicine for this type of sexual problems.

Last month I have seen Dr Nik Omar and undergone his treatment and Dr Nik has given some small,tiny and sweet globules which I took regularly and after few eeks of taking homeopathi pills, all the symptoms of so called ' herpes' has disappeared and no recurring outbreak happens. I feel almost 80 % cured and happy with it.

Thank you to Prof Dr Nik Omar."

From: HMH Record dated 25 June 2011

Bahasa Melayu:

"Setiap penyakit ada ubat. Jangan dikatakan tidak ada ubat, tetapi kita tidak ketemu ubat," demekian kata-kata Prof Dr Nik Omar dalam ceramah Tajuk Perubatan Alternatif, Dalam Halal Bio ASTRO Oasis Channel 106.

Oleh itu jika anda mempunyai masalah walaupun Kayat kelamin atau herpes Genitalis, cuba lah berusaha untuk mencari ubat, pasti anda akan ketemu. Testimoni diatas telah membuktikan bahawa 'herpes genitalis' boleh dirawat dan boleh disembuhkan !!

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Alat Bekam Untuk Zakar

Foto: Alat Bekam Lelaki tidak seperti dalam foto ini, ianya lebih besar dan panjang.

Kami menjual Alat Bekam
Untuk Tegang Dan Melancarkan Darah Pada Zakar

sekali gus memperbaiki Ketegangan Zakar


The vacuum pump draws blood into the penis at a higher rate than a normal erection.
The Fast Vac Vacuum Pump helps men with erectile problems by enlarging the penis.

Yes. Penis vacuum pumps are used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
The Fast Vac will help you attain an erection, if you have ED, Diabetes, or High Blood Pressure.
Fast Vac will enlarge you, and give you a better erection.

Alat Bekam Untuk Tegang Buah Dada

Kami menjual Alat bekam

Untuk Tegang Buah Dada

Jangan biarkan buah dada anda kecil. Ikhtiarlah membesarkan buah dada anda dengan menggunakan ubat-ubat homeopathy dari dalam dan gunakan 'Alat Bekam Khas' Untuk Menegang Buah Dada. Selamat mencuba.

Professional breast enlargement pump:

It is a manual suction pump for enlargement. Required to hold domes on breasts for 15minutes 2x a day. cup size growth can be achieved.

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Some of Committee Members of 66th LHMI India 2011

Some of The working Committee of

66th International Homeopathic Medical League Congress India 2011
[ Liga Congress 2011 new Delhi, India ]

Dr Baksi, Dr Pareek, Dr Kaila, Dr A K Seth with Dr Nik Omar at Belgium etc.

The Indian Homeopathic Practitioners are the the biggest group who supported the growth of Homeopathy in Malaysia since 1980 to 2011.
Thanks to The Government of India for the great support

Dr Nik Omar with Dr Baksi, President of Liga Congress India 2011

Dr Nik with Dr Baksi at Pakistan Homeopathic Congress. We were also together at Belgium and Warsaw Congress.

Dr Baksi has attended many Homeopathic Congresses at Malaysia organized by The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia- FAHOM , Asian Homeopathic Medical league - AHML & MRHP

Dr Nik Omar with Staff and Lecrurers at PHMC, Lahore, Pakistan

Prof dr Nik Omar with Prof Dr Khalid Masood at pakistan Homeopathic Medical College & Trust Hospital, Lahore

Wrong Way of Prescribing Homeopathic Medication

Wrong Homeopathic Prescribing

1. Give the whole bottle of homeopathic dilution to given large doses
[Homeopathic Law of cure - minimum dose]

2. Given too many doses
[Homeopathic Law of cure - Single Dose ]

3. Given Compound Drugs [ Combination ]
[ Homeopathic Law of single remedy ]

4. Always Given in Mother tincture [ Q ]
[ Mother is considered as crud drugs, it is herbal - follow law of cure]

5. Given too many doses In High Potency

6. Wrong remedy, you will get aggravation - disease become worst.

Kindly refer to the tenets of Homeopathic Law of Cure.

Find good homeopath in your area, call 03 4042 2020, 09 7444420 for help

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Leptospirosis - Homeopathy Triumphs

Leptospirosis. Homeopathy triumphs; ConMed ignores
The triumph of homeopathy over Leptospirosis might count as 'old' news now, if it had not been so ignored by governments, the ConMed Establishment, and even the Medical Journals. A study published in August 2010 described the successful use of homeopathy in preventing the annual epidemic in Cuba. It helped over 2 million people, and as such is one of the largest homeopathic trials in the medical literature.

Leptospiros is a bacterial disease, one that is becoming a world-wide problem. It has caused many thousands of deaths every years. The use of homeopathy began in October 2007, and quickly proved both cheaper, and more effective, than conventional vaccines.

The outcome was spectacular. Within 2 weeks there was a 90% decrease in the incidence of the disease in the areas covered by homeopathy; no decrease was apparent in the areas covered by conventional vaccines.

This was repeated in September 2008, but this time, 2.3 million people received the homeopathic remedy. Again, in the areas receiving the remedies, disease rates were significantly below the average, with no decrease in the other areas.

"The total annual incidence of Leptospirosis was reduced in the intervention region by 84% from 2007 to 2008, while incidence rose in the non-intervention region by 21%. The researchers considered numerous variables besides homeopathy that may have influenced the trends, but all were shown to be statistically non-significant.
See also

Yet, the (conventional) Medical Journals, whose task it is to publish medical evidence of this sort, have refused to publish this evidence. This should not be too much of a surprise (it is certainly not to the world of homeopathy). The medical journals are fully under the malign influence of the Big Pharma companies - who certainly would not want this kind of evidence to be widely known.



Orang-Orang Yang Berjaya Menjalani Rawatan Kesuburan Mengikut Kaedah Prof Dr Nik Omar

Rawatan Kesuburan Homeopathy Prof Dr nik Omar
Homeopathic Therapeutic of Infertility by Prof Dr Nik Omar

makan ubat antara 4 hingga 8 bulan

Foto: Sebahagian dari ibu ibu yang berjaya mendapat anak mengikut kaedah HTI

Some of successful mother who follow Prof Dr Nik Omar method of HTI P200

Homeopathic Therapeutic of Infertility

Rawatan Kesuburan

Rawatan Kesuburan Mengikut Kaedah Perubatan Integrasi
atau Perubatan Alternatif
Kombinasi Akupunktur dan Homeopathy

Dapat lihat keputusan Dalam Tempuh 4 hingga 5 bulan.
Selamat mencuba
Baca laman

Fistula In Ano

Photo: According to western medicine, fistula in ano must be operated just like in this picture.

1. Definition

A fistula is an abnormal connection between two epithelial lined surfaces. In this case it is an abnormal connection between the anal canal and the skin surface.

2. Examples of fistulae

* Commonest fistulae- Ear piercing!
* Commonest fistulae in medical practice- entero-enteric fistulae, but many are clinically silent
* Commonest presenting fistula- fistula-in-ano

3. Classification of fistula-in-ano

* Best to classify them according to their relationship to the anal sphincters
* Subcutaneous + submucous - below sphincters
* Low - traverses only the internal sphincter
* High - traverses internal + external sphincter
* Intersphincteric -travels between the two muscles with the opening being at variable levels
* Pelvirectal - opens above the anorectal ring

Fistula In Ano With Homeopathic Medication

If treated in time Fistula In Ano can be treated with great success by homeopathy. Some useful medication are Ac Nit - Head the remedy. I should be given in 200c dilution every week. Soreness and burning pain in the lower bowel, a thin reenish discharge flowing freely from fistula. While beb Vulg - Fistula in ano with bilious symptom and itching of part as if beaten with hammer.

Other useful remedies: Ac Flour., Bacillinum., Silicea, lachesis, Sulph., Calc Phos.,

Bahasa Melayu: Ubat-ubat homeopati cukup baik untuk merawat fistula. Dalam lingkungan 10 terapi biasanya fistula boleh baik tanpa pembedahan. selamat mencuba.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Cured Using Integrated Medicine

Testimony From Patient

Mr A bin D Age 46 yrs - A Malay Businessman Record No. 5467

First Visit on 3 June 2011 at Our Kuala Lumpur Clinic

CO- severe pain on the left side of the face. GP diagnosed as ' Trigeminal Neuralgia' Suffered since 2003 and under hospital medication. Pain on and off without complete cure.
In 2006 severe attacked again with very painful strike.

" I did acupuncture 6 session at Rawang with a Chinese man and feel very much relief but unfurtunately the man closed the shop and I started to take pain killer again.

In 2011 the pain come back with with degree of pain 9 to 10 time stronger than before. I cannot tolerate the pain , I search internet and found Prof Dr Nik Omar clinic and came here first time on 3 June 2011 and after 5 session of acupuncture externally and one week of homeopathic medicine orally. My pain has goneabout 70 - 80 % and I hope I will get 100% complete cure once I complete all the 10 session of acupuncture with Dr Nik." said Mr Ahmad

Bahasa Melayu
: "Saya mengalami Trigeminal Neuralgia sejak tahun 2003, sakit datang dan pergi namun penyakit tidak sembuh. Hanya bertahan dengan 'pain killer' Hampir setiap tahun saja datang kadang-kadang kuat, kadang-kadang kecil-kecilan. Tahun ini kesakitan saya teramat sangat dan tidak tahan lagi. Nasib baik saya jumpa denga Prof Dr Nik Omar di Internet. Sejak menjalani terapi hmeopathy dan akupunktur dengan beliau sebanyak 5 kali penyakit saya telah hilang antara 70 - 80 %. Saya harap sangat bahawa dalam 10 terapi, penyakit saya akan hilang 100% peratus", kata En Ahmad.

Thank You
Mr Ahmad bin Daud
Kuala Lumpur 10 June 2011

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Dr M A Latiff , Sri Lanka Passed Away

Photo: Dr M.A. Latiff with The sultan of Kelantan at Homeopathgic International Conference at Kota Bharu, kelantan, Malaysia

Dear Dr Omar

I wish to convey to the Homeopathic Community about the demise of my father Dr.M.A.Latiff who was a legendary Homoeopath in Sri lanka well known in internationally. he passed away yesterday 1st April 2011 at 1.45 PM at my residence. he had been suffering from Dimentia for a few years he was free from any illness except for his general weakness owing to his state as a result of dimentia, his janaza was taken the same day evening at his native place in Mawanella about 100 km away from Colombo

Dr.Imthiaz Latiff

Psorasis & Depression Cured With Homeopathy

Photo: HH The Sultan of Kelantan, official Opening of The International Conference on Homeopathy at Kelantan, Malaysia organized by Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioner Association and Asian Homeopathic Medical League. 300 delegates attended with great success

A case of Psoriasis with Depression:

Hi All,
I was been introduced to Homeopathy at the age of 10, when I was suffering with Round and Tape worms in stomach, a common decease at this age.
As a usual practice, my parents too took me to Allopathic doctors, who gave me heavy medication (Sta 500 etc.). The potencies of these doses increased with increase of each white spot on my face.

Then we turned to Dr.K.M.Vishnu Nambison for treatment. He treated me and I was actually “cured without any side effects”.

At the age of 14 I was again cured for Tonsillitis by Homeopathy.

Later at the age of 16 I was detected with “Eczema” and chose to take allopathic treatment again. Till the next 12 years my decease was kept under covers with continuous medication. Actually, it grew with each passing year. My decease was completely dependent on medication and led me to other complications (Anxiety, depression, weight gain, roughness of skin and loss of self confidence).

Then, I started taking Homeopathic treatment with a local doctor. For almost 3 years I was been under medication. It was effective but only a little.
Finally, 5 months back, I contacted Dr. Nisanth Nambison (S/O Dr.K.M.Vishnu Nambison). The situation was not perfect to start medication, as I was located in Mexico and could only explain my symptoms on phone and email through snaps and videos. But Dr. Nisanth Nambison, thankfully, accepted the challenge and I was been detected with “Psoriasis”. After almost 14-15 years of treatment, for the first time, I was diagnosed properly. We started medication and as was expected by my past experiences with the Nambison's, I started to heal. My levels of anxiety and depression are lower. All the scars on my skin are now almost gone and I am feeling much better.

Though, I know it is going to take some time for me to come out of this extremely chronic disease. But, Lately I found a Doctor whom I believe will pull me out of this trauma for ever.

My journey with this disease led me to some conclusions:

Homeopathic treatment, though sometimes may seem slow, is accurate and is always without any side effects.
No matter which method of treatment you follow, it is extremely important to find a Doctor who is really efficient in his job and who follows his profession passionately as a religion then mere profession. I am lucky to find Nambison's!

Thank you Nambison's. Thank you Homeopathy.

Av. Paseo De Los Colorines,
412-C, Col Jardines Del Valle,
San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Dr Nishant Nambison of India

nambison's Homeopathy Zone has a forty year standing experience in the field of Homoeopathy through founder Dr.K.M.Vishnu Nambison. nambison's Homeopathy Zone aims at offering Homeopathic treatment to the needy. Individuals suffering from acute & chronic ailments, who want to escape from the potential side-effects of synthetic drugs. At the same time it seeks to educate patients about disease, its origin, pathology & conservative + main line of treatment.

Inventor of World's latest & unique medical gadget DIGITAL DOCTOR (software cum hardware)

DR.K.M.NISANTH NAMBISON (Gold Medalist) the Hon. Consultant to Nambison'S is:
M.D (Hom), M.F.Hom (Mal), FBIH (London), PGDCA, MDP (IIM)

►Asst. Professor, Head of Surgery & Computer Department, Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College, Bhopal (M.P)
►Professor, Faculty of Homeopathy, Malaysia
►Ex-Vice-President, HMAI (Homeopathic Medical Association of India) MP State.
►Research consultant, L.B.S.Hospital, Bhopal
►Examiner & Paper setter for several Universities in India.
►Speaker (Homeopathy, Motivation & IT) at several National & International Conferences.


He has been appointed as Hon. Prof. Faculty of Homeopathy, Malaysia by Prof Dr Nik Omar and delivered by Her Highness Queen Aishah of Malaysia at International Homeopathic Conference at Kuala Lumpur.

A Post-graduate research scholar in Homeopathy, awarded with several National & International recognition including Bhartiya Chikitsak Ratna (New Delhi), Star of Excellence 2000 (Malaysia), Fellow British institute of Homeopathy by the grandson Discoverer of Homeopathy (Singapore).

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Photo Dr Nik Omar & Sultan of Kelantan at International Homeopathic Conference at Kota Bharu 1998. The Sultan has given great support for the struggle of Homeopathy in Kelantan and Malaysia.
Dr Nik Omar is the Chairman of the Conference


The products of potentisation are termed as potencies in different degrees.Potency denotes the power that is derived by the grades of medicinal power developed by the process of dynamization. They are a result of series of successive dilution, according to scale and friction through succussion or trituration.

Each stage of dynamization results in a medicine that is quantitatively reduced and qualitatively enhanced. The power generated is termed as 'potency' indicating the potentiality of the medicine.

The potency of the medicine is indicated by suffixing a numerical and an alphabet(s) to the indicated medicine.

* The numerical indicates the number of times the original drug is subjected to the process of dilution and friction.
* The alphabet indicates the scale under which the dilution is carried out - decimal, centesimal or fifty millesimal

Decimal scale
Decimal scale is denoted by 'X' or 'D' suffixed to the numerical.Hence, when the original drug is potentised once on the decimal scale, it will be represented as 1X or 1D.
If 'Cinchona' is potentised six times on the decimal scale, the power attained by 'Cinchona' will be denoted by 'Cinchona 6X', where 6 means the number of times 'Cinchona' is serially diluted and potentised and 'X' denotes that this potentisation is done according to the decimal scale.

Centesimal scale
Centesimal scale is denoted by 'C' or 'CH' suffixed to the numerical.Hence, when the original drug is potentised once on the centesimal scale, it will be represented as 1C or 1CH.
If 'Cinchona' is potentised six times on the centesimal scale, the power attained by 'Cinchona' will be denoted by 'Cinchona 6C', where 6 means the number of times 'Cinchona' is serially diluted and potentised and 'C' denotes that this potentisation is done according to the centesimal scale.
The potency of medicines prepared according to centesimal scale may also be represented by suffixing only the numerical and omitting the alphabet. Thus, Cinchona, serially diluted and potentised six times on the centesimal scale may be represented also as 'Cinchona 6'.

Fifty Millesimal Scale

* In India and Bangladesh - 0/1, 0/2, 0/3
* Western world - 1/0, 2/0, 3/0
* Hahnemann - 0/1, 0/20/3
* LM1, LM2, LM3

The '0' represents symbolically the poppy sized globule.'L' stands for Fifty and 'M' stands for Millesimal

Drug strength signifies the strength of the drug in the given potency.In short, it is the concentration or the amount of the actual drug present in the given potency.
Class I = 1/2
Class II = 1/2
Class III = 1/6
Class IV = 1/10

Uniform drug strength is 1/10
Sulphur = 1/5000
Phosphorus = 1/667
Cactus, Moschus = 1/20
Croton tig, Glonoine = 1/100


Decimal scale

Potency - 1X
This is prepared by mixing 1 part of the original drug with 9 parts of vehicle. On potentisation, it gives 10 parts of 1X potency of the drug. Hence, 1 part of the original drug is present in 10 parts of 1X potency. Hence the drug strength of 1X potency is 1/10 or 10-1.

Potency - 2X
This is prepared by mixing 1 part of 1X with 9 parts of vehicle. On potentisation, it gives 10 parts of 2X potency of the drug. Hence, 1 part of 1X is present in 10 parts of 2X potency. Hence the drug strength of 2X potency is one-tenth of the strength of 1X potency, that is 1/10 X 1/10 = 1/100 or 10-2.

This can be tabulated as follows
1PX 1/10 = 1/101
2PX 1/100 = 1/102
3PX 1/1000 = 1/103
30PX 1/1030
nth potency - decimal scale 1/10n

Centesimal scale

Potency - 1C
This is prepared by mixing 1 part of the original drug with 99 parts of vehicle. On potentisation, it gives 100 parts of 1C potency of the drug. Hence, 1 part of the original drug is present in 100 parts of 1C potency. Hence the drug strength of 1C potency is 1/100 or 10-2.

Potency - 2C
This is prepared by mixing 1 part of 1C with 99 parts of vehicle. On potentisation, it gives 100 parts of 2C potency of the drug. Hence, 1 part of 1C is present in 100 parts of 2C potency. Hence the drug strength of 2C potency is one-hundredth of the strength of 1C potency, that is 1/100 X 1/100 = 1/10000 = 10-4. ???

This can be tabulated as follows
1PC 1/100 = 1/102 = 1/1001
2PC 1/10000 = 1/104 = 1/1002
3PC 1/1000000 = 1/106 = 1/1003
30PC 1/1060 = 1/10030
nth potency - centesimal scale 1/102n = 1/100n

Homeopathic Potentization

Potentization Details

Homeopathic Dynamizations are processes by which the medicinal properties that are latent in natural substances while in their crude state, become aroused, and then become enabled to act in an almost spiritual manner on our life, i.e. on our sensible and irritable fiber.

Homeopathic potentisation is a mathematico-mechanical process for the reduction, according to scale, of crude, inert or poisonous medical substances to a state of physical solubility, physiological assimilability and therapeutic activity and harmlessness, for use as Homeopathic healing remedies.

Dynamic action or power is the action of one substance on another substance without being able to recognize a sensible connection between cause and effect.

Hahnemann calls such effects dynamic, virtual, that is, such as result from absolute, specific, pure energy and action of the one substance upon the other substance.

*** The earth carries the moon around her in an orbit, in twenty-eight days and several hours, and the moon alternately, in definite fixed hours raises the seas to high tide and again correspondingly lowers them to ebb. This takes place not through material agencies, not through mechanical device, as are used for products of human labour.

*** Similarly, the energy of a magnet attracting a piece of iron or steel needle is not material, not mechanical. One sees that the piece of iron is attracted by one pole of the magnet, but how it is done is not seen. The steel needle becomes itself magnetic, even at a distance when the magnet does not touch it, and magnetises other steel needles with the same magnetic property (dynamically) with which it had been endowed previously by the magnetic rod.

In the same way, the dynamic effect of the sick-making influences upon healthy man, as well as the dynamic energy of the medicines upon the principle of life in the restoration of health is not in any way material or mechanical.

This is effected by mechanical action upon their smallest particles by means of rubbing and shaking and through the addition of an indifferent substance, dry or fluid. This process is called dynamizing; potentising (development of medicinal power) and the products are dynamizations or potencies in different degrees. [Aphorism 269, 6th edition, Organon of Medicine]

Potentisation is not merely the process of dilution that liberates the dynamic property of a drug, but the friction with an inert vehicle, by the process of succussion or trituration. So it is dilution plus friction that liberates the pharmacodynamic properties of the drug.


1. By a continued process of reducing the material quantity of a drug, unnecessary medicinal aggravation and side effects of crude substances are avoided
2. Medicinal properties that are latent in crude state become aroused and awakened into activity.

3. Substances that are poisonous or toxic in their crude state like corrosive acids, poisons, heavy metals, venoms, etc. become important beneficial remedies after potentisation

4. Substances that are medicinally inert in their crude state may be rendered active after potentisation.

5. The concept of life, health and disease is not material, but dynamic in nature. Hence the concept of cure is also dynamic - and these properties are revealed by potentisation and provings.

6. Potentisation helps reveal peculiar 'individualistic' properties of a drug aiding in selection of the similimum on the basis of similarity of these peculiar individualistic symptoms.


* Quantitative reduction of the drug material
* Qualitative increase in the disease curing properties
* Elimination of toxicity of poisonous drugs

Successive dilution and friction

* Centesimal scale
* Decimal scale
* Fifty Millesimal scale


* Trituration
* Succussion


The principle of drug dynamization succeeded the proving of drugs and the enunciation of the law of similars and it was the third step in the evolution of Homeopathic principles.

Hahnemann began experiments of the application of proven drugs for the cure of the sick upon the basis of the law of similars, by using drugs in their full strength. He found that many times the patient became greatly aggravated. Hahnemann reasoned that the dose was too large, and he experimented by diluting the drug on a definite scale. To his surprise he found that he secured better results. He continued this process until he discovered that the curative power of drugs bore no proportionate relationship to the crude quantity, but that under the peculiar and systematic reduction by a regular scale, and the proper manipulation, many drugs in common use, and many substances supposed to be inert in their crude states, became endowed with new and hitherto unsuspected activities and powers.

Two closely related discoveries brought Hahnemann closer to the principle of dynamization -
One was the improved curative effect of reducing the dosage of previously used medicines.
The other finding was that substances such as salt or lycopodium, not previously identified as medicines became therapeutically active on undergoing this process.

* 1790 - 1796: Essay in Hufeland's journal
* 1798 - 1811: Prescribed medicines in usual doses, but slightly reducing doses. Upto this period, decrease of the dose was advised for the sake of preventing the violent action of the remedy. No mention in Medicine of Experience (1805) and 1st volume of Organon of Medicine (1810).

* Hahnemann gradually increased the dilution of medicines. Around 1825, Hahnemann began viewing these preparations as "dynamizations" or "potentisations" rather than as mere dilutions.
* It was this phase, when he understood the idea of friction as bringing about the remarkable change in the activity of the drug. This is represented in his article "How can Small Doses of such very Attenuated Medicine as Homeopathy employs still possess great power" in 1827.

* Hahnemann felt in 1829, the necessity of a limit in potentising and declared the ultimate degree of dilution to be the 30th centesimal potency.
* In the 5th edition of the Organon, Hahnemann clearly described the concept of potentisation in §269. He provided the first specific instructions on dynamization in §270-271.

* He then developed the Fifty Millesimal scale and described it in the 6th edition of the Organon (§270).


Photo: Dr Nik Omar presenting paper at Malaysian Medical Association MMA Seminar at Kuala Lumpur.


This scale was introduced by Hahnemann in Aphorism 270 of the 6th edition of Organon of Medicine, published in 1921. Hahnemann termed it - "Renewed Dynamisation".

Dr. Pierre Scmidt and Dr. Charles Pahud popularized this method. Since the publication of French translation of the 6th edition of Organon by Pierre Schmidt of Geneva and his articles in British Homoeoapthic Journal, July - October 1954: ''The Hidden Treasures Of The Last Organon'', attention of homoeopaths was drawn to these changes. These potencies were termed by Pierre Schmidt as "Fifty Millesimal Potencies".

The potencies prepared according to this method are denoted by prefixing '0', representing symbolically - 'medicamens au globule' or by the letters 'LM', representing 'fifty millesimal'.

* 0/1, 0/2, 0/3, ... 0/30 [in India and Bangladesh]
* LM 1, LM 2, LM 3, ... LM 30
* 0/I, 0/II, 0/III, ... 0/XXX
* 1/0, 2/0, 3/0,... [in Western world]



1. 1 grain of the drug substance is triturated for three hours with sugar of milk up to 3C in powder form.
2. 1 grain of 3C is dissolved in 500 drops of a mixture of one part of alcohol and four parts of distilled water.
3. 1 drop of this solution is put in a vial. To this are added 100 drops of pure alcohol and given one hundred strong succussions with the hand against a hard but elastic body. This is the medicine in the first degree of dynamization in the liquid form.
4. Small sugar globules are moistened and kept in a well-corked vial with the sign of (I) degree of potency. These globules are such that 100 weigh 1 grain and 500 of which absorb one drop.
5. Only one globule of this is taken for further dynamization, put in a second new vial (with a drop of water in order to dissolve it) and then with 100 drops of good alcohol and dynamized in the same way with 100 powerful succussions. With this fluid, globules are again moistened and put into a well-stoppered vial and protected from heat and sunlight and given the sign (II) of the second potency.


1. Triturate the crude drug substance with sugar of milk in the proportion of 100 mg of dry substance or 0.1 ml of liquid substances with 10 g of milk sugar, up to 3C.
2. Prepare solution of 3C potency by adding in the proportion of 100 mg of the third potency to 50 ml of a mixture of Purified Water and dispensing alcohol prepared by taking 4 parts of Purified Water and 1 part dispensing alcohol. This is termed ''mother solution''.
3. Mix one drop or part of this mother solution with 100 drops or part of dispensing alcohol and give 100 strong succussions. This makes the first Fifty Millesimal potency, expressed as ''0/1''.
4. Soak globules of nearly uniform size, 100 globules of which weigh 65 mg, in a drop of the preceding potency, dry them. Take one globule and dissolve it in a drop of Purified Water in new phial. Add 100 drops of dispensing alcohol to it and give 100 strong succussions.


1. For preparation of further potencies in centesimal scale, 1 part of previous potency is potentised with 99 or 100 parts of vehicle - MEDICAMENS A LA GOUTTE. In LM scale, globules are saturated and used to further potencies - MEDICAMENS AU GLOBULE.
2. The mother tincture or substance in the centesimal scale is a drop of the drug or one grain in weight. In LM, the starting solution is the solution of 1 grain of 3C in 500 drops of diluent containing water and alcohol in the ratio 4:1.
3. No. of strokes is ten in the centesimal scale and 100 in the LM scale.


In the 6th edition of Organon of Medicine, Hahnemann mentions making an aqueous solution of the LM potency. A fundamental reason for using the medicinal solution is to make it easier to adjust the dose of the remedy to fit the sensitivity of the constitution.

The preparation of the medicinal solution for administration is as follows

1. Take 1 globule of the desired potency and place it into a clean bottle. Take 4 oz. of distilled water. Add a small amount of pure alcohol, as a preservative and stabilizer. This medicinal solution is now ready for use.
2. Succuss the bottle just prior to ingestion 8, 10 or 12 times, depending on the sensitivity of the patient. This raises slightly the potency and activates the remedy.
3. Take 1 or 2 teaspoons of the medicinal solution and place it in 4 oz. of water and stir. Most cases are begun with 1 teaspoon and the amount is increased only if necessary. This is the first dose. Throw away the rest.
4. Each dose from the medicinal solution of each potency is to be applied in the same manner. In case of any aggravation to this dose, further administration is halted and the aggravation is allowed to settle down. If the same remedy is indicated, then it is now administered by diluting the medicine in 2nd, 3rd or 4th glass of distilled water, to make the dose as safe and harmless as possible.


1. The remedy is always succussed just prior to ingestion for slightly raising the potency. The number of succussions is directly linked to the dynamic effect of the remedy at the time of ingestion. In aphorism 248 Hahnemann mentions 8 (hypersensitive), 10 or 12 (hyposensitive) as the number of succussion given to the solution prior to ingestion.
2. The dosage of the medicinal solution can be carefully adjusted to suit the sensitivity of the individual's constitution.
3. The average size of the dose is 1 teaspoon of the medicinal solution stirred into the water in the dosage glass. From this glass the patient takes 1, rarely 2, teaspoons of the mixture. Normally, start with 1 teaspoon and only increase the amount when necessary.
4. This two-fold process of succussing and diluting causes a considerable change in the dynamization of the remedy. As the succussing raises the potency, the dilution reduces the amount, thus allowing the remedy to work rapidly, gently and permanently.


1. It becomes easy to select from a limited range of potencies.
2. No fear of aggravation of disease or patient's condition by administering it in high or low potency and in repeated doses.
3. Can be repeated any time when there is need for medicine according to Law of Similars.
4. Action is quick and rapid.
5. Accurate judgment of the nature of cure.


1. Hahnemann wrote the preface to the 6th edition of Organon in February 1842. After a gap of 77 years, Dr. Haehl of Germany managed to get hold of the original manuscript in the early part of 1920 with the financial assistance of Dr. Boericke. In 1922 Dr. Boericke published the English translation of this edition. This long delay is one reason for the unpopularity of this scale.
2. Some of Hahnemann's followers started using these high potencies, even before Hahnemann had laid down instructions about this new method. Hering, Kent, Dunham and Nash advocated the practice of using high potencies like 200, 1M, 10M, 50M, CM, MM and claimed better therapeutic results in many cases that did not respond satisfactorily with thirtieth and lower potencies. With the absence of the new directions and the popularity of the high potencies for about ninety years, sufficient experience was gained with the high potencies. When the 6th edition of Organon was available for the profession, it found some reluctance amongst the profession also due its authenticity.
3. The intricacy of the mode of preparation of medicines and its administration and regulation has led to a lack of usage amongst the profession.