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Hormonal Problems & Homeopathic treatment

Hormonal Problems (endocrine disorders)

Hormones are special chemicals which act as messengers, triggers and/or commanders to many of the actions and reaction taking place in human the body. For example when we are excited or frightened for any reason all of a sudden our heart beats faster, breathing becomes quicker and hands and feet turns cold. Actually it is a hormone called adrenalin that does all this. There are a number of hormones playing vital role in our day to day living. These are produced from specialized areas called endocrine glands. Suppose if any of such glands are not functioning properly or start overwork (for a number of reasons) what we get is hormonal imbalance which will lead to many troublesome and often incurable illnesses (endocrine disorders). See for ex. diabetes (high sugar in blood). A hormone called insulin is a must for proper digestion of sugar. If it is less in quantity or absent sugar start accumulating in blood and diabetes results.
There are a variety of endocrine disorders. Diabetes, Goiter, Acromegaly, Dwarfism, Cushing's syndrome etc. are only a few. It can also be the lead cause of other major illness like menstrual abnormalities, infertility, hypertension, growth and developmental problems and even cancer. The conventional treatments available for endocrine disorders are to provide with external supply of natural or artificial hormones in its deficiency and to remove the particular gland or part of it in case of its excess. But both can have its unpleasant side effects, especially on long continued use.
If you have homeopathic treatment most cases of endocrine abnormalities can be corrected. Especially minor ones and those detected early. What homeopathy does is to correct the behavior of the gland so that it produces the right amount of hormones. Even though some times it will take a while to show its effect if you persist with the treatment it will surely give you a lasting and most often permanent solution to the problem.

Why Should YOU go to Homeopathy ?

Why should anyone go to a Homeopathic doctor?

Homeopathic treatment is suitable for most people and has the advantage of being completely safe when used correctly. A Homeopath makes efforts to see the disease holistically and that is the main reason why this system is getting more acceptability

Is Homeopathy getting more popular and if so why?

Many people prefer to be benefited through natural treatments rather than by conventional drugs or surgery. Public is also anxious about side effects of drugs, or about its long continued use, especially where children are involved. In case of Homeopathy, these problems do not occur. Studies shows an increasing number of people are turning towards Homeopathy every year as sales of Homeopathic medicines have more than doubled in the recent years. Homeopathy may be the most appropriate treatment for you.

Is Homeopathy safe?

Homeopathic medicines are not harmful because they are so greatly diluted. They are safe, non-toxic and non-addictive. They are prepared in laboratories licensed by the Department of Health, to stringent standards of quality.

Is Homeopathy effective?

Since the early nineteenth century homeopathy has proved effective for millions of people worldwide; it has often been successful where other forms of treatment have failed. In more recent years medical journals have published positive reports of the results of scientific research into Homoeopathy.

Can homeopathic medicine be taken with ordinary drugs?

Always follow your doctor advice as stopping some medicine may be harmful and taking some other medicines may also be detrimental.

If the symptoms become worse when first taking a homeopathic medicine is it all right or does this indicate the wrong choice of medicine?

Homeopathic medicines seek to stimulate symptoms, not suppress them, so that the body will overcome the disease naturally. Therefore, if symptoms are aggravated briefly, this usually means that the medicine is acting.

Can the medicines be taken safely during pregnancy?

The safety of homoeopathic medicines is well known, still it is advised to take the opinion of a qualified Homeopathic doctor in such situation.

Are homeopathic medicines safe for children?
Yes, They can be given safely to even to the youngest infant.

Can animals be treated with Homeopathy?
Homeopathy is as effective for animals as it is for humans

What the diseases for which Homeopathy has proven strength?
Homeopathy has proven strength in the treatment of allergic disorders, skin diseases, children's problems, several so called surgical problems like piles, tonsillitis, sinusitis, menstrual disorders, life style diseases etc.

Can Homeopathy Go together with Acupuncture Treatment ?

Why not, both homeopathy and acupuncture are natural medicines, holistic approach and oriental outlook. Both of them work closely between one another and helping each other to give relief and cure the disease faster.

Where can I find a good Acupuncturist in Malaysia ?

Just go to Nik Omar Acupuncture Centre at 118 jalan Raja laut, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-4042 2020 or refer to the web

A Testimonial of Homeopathy

International Homeopathic Conference in Malaysia organised by MRHP, FAHOM & AHML under the Cahirmanship of Prof Dr Nik Omar

Our entire family has been tremendously helped by Classical Homeopathy. First my wife sought our Homeopathy for depression because there were many side effects with anti-depressants. She found antidepressants were a temporary fix at best, as where homeopathy allowed her body to naturally grow stronger to where she is coping much better on her own now.

Then, my 2 year old daughter suffered from the typical childhood ear infections, doctors wanted to overwhelm her with antibiotics, causing more health issues. Homeopathy really helped her, as well, grow stronger and healthier.
So I decided maybe if homeopathy helped my family so much then maybe it can help with my migraines. I was definitely impressed. No pain relievers helped my migraines but homeopathy has worked for me. The headaches have decreased and I am now a firm believer in homeopathy. Our family will turn to homeopathy to deal with any of its health needs.

The Saying of Mahatama Gandhi

Homeopathy .... cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical and most complete medical science."
Mahatama Gandhi

Lung cancer Cured

Miracle Healing Through Homeopathy

Lung Cancer Cured

Last 30 years (1977) we had a special healing prayer. My father told us a very interesting story during our Hari Raya Gartering that I wanted to share with you.

He told us that a gentleman came to his clinic in early morning and invited my father to his house to treat a young boy who was critically ill. The lungs were badly damaged and the allopathic doctors confirmed that this boy is suffering from ‘Lung cancer’. The boys are dying at home for 2 months, coughing and vomiting of pure blood every now and than. He was very thin just like ‘starvation boys in Africa’
He was admitted in hospital for one month without any progress and was discharge without any sign of improvement. The parent has called three private allopathic practitioners to their house and almost all of them says ‘nothing’ that they can do, except just ‘wait and see’

On arriving at the house, my father goes direct to the boy’s bed and found out that about 15 people around him administer rite of “ Surah Yassin”. While my father was at the boy’s house, he has seen the boy has vomited half cup of blood every time he start coughing. He stayed for one hour and have seen that the boy has vomited more than three cups of blood.

After doing a careful case taking, my father gave him” Ipecac 3c to be followed by ‘Phos 30c’ bid for 5 days. However, he was curious what happened to the boy and called their parent in few days and asked about the boys.

Their parent told my father " Sir, ( Prof Dr Nik Omar ) we don't understand what happened, while he was in desperately very ill and dying, after taking you medication and prayers ‘ Solat-tu-Hajjat’ his conditioned are perfectly fine and no more coughing and no more vomiting “

This boy turn 30 now are still alive at Kg Chempaka, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.

I found this story very uplifting and wanted to share it with you. I believe in the healing power of Allah and the Miracle Cure of Homeopathy.

In conclusion: What ever disease that you or your family is suffering, don’t give up. Let us try Homeopathy. Homeopathy is the last hope for desperately dying patient.

Reported by: Nik Fairuz Hakim, BHMS, DAc.(Colombo)., D.Ac(Kel)

International Homeopathic Conference at Malaysia Organized by Prof Dr Nik Omar

Homeopathy Second largest

Homeopathy Second Largest System of Medicine in The World

According to World health Organization ( WHO) Homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine in the world.

Homeopathy is practiced in 66 countries and the treatment is individualized. In India, there are 185 colleges which offer 33 PG Courses. India has 2.17 lakh registered homeopathic practitioners. In India, Homeopathy has a RS 630 crore market growing at 25 % annually.

Homeopathy treatment has less side effects. In taking the modern allopathic medicines bad effect have been seen in the patients over the world. So, for circulation the homeopathic treatment, the world federation of homeopathy is working for the people to recovery from diseases

From Journal of World federation of Homeopathy Jan., 2008

Herpes Genitalis From India

Cured Cases
Herpes Genitals in Young Businessman

Mr. R R S at Mid of March comes with big medical file covers almost all pathological investigation for viral infection, list of prescriptions by leading dermatologists and Infectious disease specialist of Mumbai and New Delhi, taken almost all variety of the best drugs available in market, recurrence of herpes 15 to 21 days after each course of modern medicine but no cure.

Rich Person of the city having age of 28 years, not ready to consult local doctors to keep secrete of his illness. First sentence he spoken "Doctor I have never contacted any women and why should i get this infection, every doctors ask one question about exposure to find out Sexually Transmitted Disease STD !!!!!. Is this only cause for this ?

After taking detail history to find out the cause and to select right homeopathic medicine to cure this herpes and to prevent further recurrence of illness, after discussion I come to conclusion there are no point for STD.

Being a businessman he has to travel a lot, stays an hotel for 7 days a month, always use his towels after bath but once he use WET TOWELS of hotel and very next day he feel burning over genitals and small red eruptions, he started using local ointments but no relief, Disease increased with the time and burning pain and area of skin involvement increases, I advised him to stop applying external application of ointments and Dose of constitutional medicine given and asked come after 15 days.

After one month he comes at my clinic with big smiles on his face and replied doctor herpes get cured, I advised him let me inform if relapse of illness is there. After six month he reported me that no relapse. he comes at my clinic for regular check up since last five year no relapse of illness. What one can expect more than this with Homeopathy

Stroke and Alternative Treatment


Stroke Management by Homeopathic & Acupuncture Method

We are planning to make our Homeopathic Medicla Centre as one of the world's leading center for management of cerebral vascular diseases through holistic approach of treatment such as stroke, bell palsy, parkinson, etc

Our approach is to treat simple stroke and vascular diseases by incorporating recent developments in emergency medicine through alternative method of treatment i.e. via homeopathy and acupuncture therapy.

Our center provides comprhensive diagnostic and therapeutic care of patient with disorder of blood vessel of brain and spinal cord according to the law of similimum.

We have three centres, the one at Kuala Lumpur and Kota Bharu take only outpatient, who come to the centre for daily therapy.

While our Homeopathic Hospital at Pasir Mas, Kelantan is one of the nation's first didicated in-patient stroke units which offer state of art management of patient with brain infarction, brain hemorrhage and other cerebral vascular diseases where the patent's has refused other medical treatment.

For those who wish to try alternative method of treating stroke patient,. our medical centre offer such treatment

Of course as a holistic way of treatment we will first advised our patient to go first to the government hospital, when they fail, then they can continue their treatment at our centre.

Our pragrams are designed to be responsive to the needs of patients, referring physicians, and managed care payers. Clinical pathways, standardized outcome measure, continuous quality review and multidisplinary expertise assure excellence in patient management through homeopathy and acupuncture approach of treatment.

HOSNO and FAHOM as part of an academic medical centre, we are constantly in the process of analyzing our clinical results, and reporting them to the medical community at large. This process, which results in presentation at national medical conferences and publications in medical journal, allows us to judge our work critically, in our effort to constantly improve the quality of our centres.

Stroke, which are essence a 'brain attack' result from an interruption in blood circulation to the brain.They are the third leading killer in the country especially in US and leading course of disability.

According to Dr Nik Omar, a senior physician at Homeopathic Medical centre at Pasir Mas say a sudden difficulty with speech, usually slurring or confusion in the most common sign of a stroke.

Their symptom include sudden numbness or weakness in the face or limbs, sudden dimming or loss of vision in one eye and sudden falls or unexplained dizziness. Nausea, double vision and drowsiness are the other warning signs.

People who risk of suffering stroke are:
High blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, serious smokers, chronic diseases, etc.

Unfortunately, physician have not yet found a way to completely reverse the damage cause by stroke. Only 10 % of those stricken recover completely.

Our centre is a a research centre for stroke patient through holistic approach, we are doing our best to give a better percentage of cure through our special method of therapy by homeopathy and acupuncture, as we have done earlier.

With more than 22 years of experience, we hope that we can do something better to help the stroke patients in Malaysia.

For further info kindly visit our web

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Report, The Last Homeopathic Conference 2002

Reports, the last ICHCM 2002

13th Asian Homeopathic Medical League &
6th International Conference On Homeopathy &
Alternative Medicine
Kota Bharu, Malaysia 7-10th September 2002

The 13th AHML & 6th ICHC was held at Kota Bharu Malaysia on 7th - 10 September 2002 at Perdana Resort, near the beach off South China Sea.
It was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Kelantan State Government, who stressed the need to develop homeopathy and alternative medicines in the country.

The inaugural session was presided over by Prof Dr Sajjad Hassan Khan, the President of AHML , Dr A.K. Seth, the Secretary of AHML and guest welcomed by Prof Dr Sir Nik Omar., President of Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioner who is also the Convenor of the Conference.

It was attended by delegates from 15 countries such as Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Canada, Germany, Australia, England, Kuwait, Phillipine, etc.

The scientific session were devoted to the development and research in homeopathy. The first session was presided by Dr P. Bansal, Dr SS Moharana. While Dr Girish Gupta presented the good paper on 'The effect of Homeopathic Drugs Against Apergillosis in Human: In-Vitro Evalution." . He also inform about his activities in his Research Institute at Lucknow.

30 working papers were presented from 8th till 10 september 2002, such as;
1. Repertorial Aspect of cardiac Diseases by Dr SS Moharana, India
2. Untreatable Cases of cancer Treated by Homeopathy by Prof Sanjoy Benerjee, India
3. Homeopathy for Heart Problem by N. Sukumaran
4. Study of Efficacy of Albizzia Lebbeck in Bronchial Asthma by Prof Bishnu Prasad Sarma.
5. Homeopathy Rescued from Surgery by Dr M.A. Quader, Bangladesh.
6. Infiltrative Ductal Carcinoma of Breast by Dr Umesh Dayanandan, Kuwait.
7. The Effest of Nirami Karan, a clinical trial by Vaidya Dhirendra Joshi
8. Wholenss and health Through Homeopathy by Dr S.P. Nautiyal
9. Viral hepatis and Homeopathic Treatment by Dr Sanjiv Garj
10. Homeopathic Scientific Explained by Dr SS Vital
11. The present Status of Homeopathy by Dr M.S. Hossain Bhuiyan
12 Successful Homeopathic Treatment of a large pedunculated warty papillomatous growth in an elderly lady by S.K. Mandal.
13. Role of Homeopathy In Renal Stone Treatment by Dr Sharad Shangloo.
14.The Missing Link of Medicine Today by Dr RS Pareek & Dr Alok Pareek
15.Treament of Allergic Rhinitis by Prof V.P. Bansal
16. Homeopathy and Pathology by Dr Md Abdul Matin
17. Biochemical and Medicinal Investigation of Allium Sativa by Prof Dr Sohail Rashid
18. Efficacy of lesser Known Homeopathic Drugs on Skin Disorder by Dr J.P. Singh
19. Homeopathy Science by Dr Chandok Singh, Punjab Government.
20. Homeopathy in Singapore by Dr M Rangachari. etc.

On Sept 2002 all delegates were invited for BBQ Dinner hosted by The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia at their new campus at Pasir Mas. The function was a great gathering and all the delegates enjoy the hospitality by the Chairman Prof Nik Omar.

On the 9th September, the meeting of central Working Committee and General assembly meeting of AHML was held at Perdana Resort.
The President Prof Sajjad Hassan Khan announced his resignation because he was ahifted to England. All the members of AHML helped to elect a new President.
Dr Gidendral Pal of India were elected as President and The Senior President goes to Prof Dr Nik Omar of Malaysia. The Secretary General, Dr A.K. Seth remained unchange. The new Vice President of Philiipine, Singapore, Brunei, Saudi Arabia were elected.

All credits goes to Prof Nik Omar, President & Chairman of The Conference who was responsible for making excellent arrangements for holding the International Conference.

Prof Nik Omar and his devoted group of workers deserve our thanks for holding such an impressive international mood of immense value to the profession. It is worth to mentioned here that Prof Omar is the one of the pioneer in popolarising homeopathy in Malaysia and Asian region and is recognised by lovers of homeopathy all over the region.

The convocation of The faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia was also held during the conference. Diploma and degree were given to those who has qualified a two years and four years course in homeopathy.

Kota Bharu 5 Oct 2002

Call for papers For 2009 Malaysia Conference

Scientific & Cultural Program fro ICHCM 2009
4 - th Oct., 2009

* Latest Research ad development in T/CM
* Surgical Cases Cured by Homeopathy, Ayuvedic, Herbal, Chinese Medicine and other T/Cm on brain tomour, fibroid, cycst, etc supported by CT Scan, MRI, Untrasound, etc.
* The role of T/CM on psychiatric & psychological disorder
* Drug Abuse, ADIS and Chronic Cases Cured by T/CM approach

Sent you abstract before 15 Jun 2009

Our Contact No:
Prof Nik Omar
Vice President
Asian Homeopathic Medical League- AHML
c/o Nik Omar Homeopathic Medical Centre

No.118 Jalan Raja Laut,
50350 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: Clinic 603-4042 2020
Direct Line , Prof Nik 019- 940 1915

Message From Secretary of Asian Homeopathic Medical League - AHML

Message From Sheikh Hasina
Prime Minister
Government of The People's Republic of Bangladesh.


I welcome the Asian Homeopathic Medical League (AHML) for organizing the 11th International Congress st Dhaka. The disicion of our Governemnt to promote Homeopathy is going to get impetus from such an international congress. I believe it will help realize the dream of the Nation, which includes building up of a hunger and disease free Bangladesh.
I wish the congress a grand success

Joi Bangla, Joi Bangabandhu

Sheikh Hasina
Prie Minister of Bangladesh
16 January 2001

Brief History of Asian Homeopathic Medical League

The Asian Homeopathic Medical League (AHML) was founded in 1986 at Puna, the city of India. The eminent Homeopaths of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka got together and decided to form an organization of Asian Homeopath after the protest walkout during Liga Medicorum Internationlis, the then the only homeopathic orrganisation of the world.

The main point of protest is that the American and European Homeopath were basically allopathic doctors. The Asian homeopath which basically 100 % homeopath who qualified a full 5 yaers from full homeopathic medical college, were not given the right to vote and permission to sit in the scientific season of the Liga congresses, where as large number of homeopatha are all in Asian region.

Due to this discrimination The Asian senior and eminent homeopaths walk out of the Liga Congress in 1986 and formed the Asian Homeopathic Medical League - AHML.
India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Fiji, Brunei, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, South Africa, are its member countries.

In it first meeting, Dr Jugal Kishore (India) was elected as the first President, Dr P.Panday was its second President ( India), Third was Prof Dr Sajjad Hassan Khan ( Pakistan), fourth - Dr Giriendal Pal (India).

So far AHML has conducted 17th International Congresses in different Asian countries. The 18th will be in Malaysia from 4 - 5th October 2009.
AHML is a non political organization, it purpose is to uplift for the betterment of homeopathic system of homeopathic system through all its member countries by National Vice Presidents. The basic aim of this organization are:-

* to promote and coordination of professional activities in the field of education, research and dessemination of homeopathic knowledge.
* to encourage and persuade the establishment of homeopathic research institution, hospital, pharmacies and dispensaries at the government and semi government levels.
* to conduct basic and clinical research in the field of drugs proving.
* to establish basic libraries with reference to books and the latest research papers from all over the globe.
* dissemination of homeopathic research information, activities and trend to the member countries.
* to promote understanding between nations of member countries through seminars, workshop and conferences.

- Dr A.K. Set, Secretary General AHML.

Prime Minister of Bangladesh

Message From Sheikh Hasina
Prime Minister
Government of The People's Republic of Bangladesh.


I welcome the Asian Homeopathic Medical League (AHML) for organizing the 11th International Congress st Dhaka. The disicion of our Governemnt to promote Homeopathy is going to get impetus from such an international congress. I believe it will help realize the dream of the Nation, which includes building up of a hunger and disease free Bangladesh.
I wish the congress a grand success

Joi Bangla, Joi Bangabandhu

Sheikh Hasina
Prime Minister of Bangladesh
16 January 2001

Message from Vice President Asian Homeopathic Medical league - AHML

Message From The President

This is to inform all our friends that we are organizing the 18 th AHML , 29 th National & 8 th International Conference on Homeopathy and Complementary Medicine at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 4 - 5th October 2009

As this is consirede as the biggest event for alternative / Complementary Medicine for this year we shall be very happy to invite you and your friends to this prestigious International Conference.

We all know that complementary medicine is an important component of human civilization. In the history of human and social development, it has made significant contribution to the growth and prosperity of all nations of the world. Today it is still playing a due role in the peoples's medical and health care service. The World Health Organization-WHO has attached a great importance to the application of traditional and complementary medicine, education, research and development all over the world, as it has reach a new level and made great contribution to the people health.

Our research center of education in complementary medicine through The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia and with the help from the state and federal government of Malaysia, through Ministry of Health, has been consistently attaching a great importance to the exchange of cooperation of TCM and Complementary Medicine among countries, and positively promoting the application and development of TCM/ Complementary medicine in this country.

The purpose of this ICHCM 2009 is to enhance the cooperation among health workers, NGO's and governemnt of different countries, promote the unity of TCM medical practitioners of various countries, exchange the knowledge, cultural and scientific program, etc.

May I take this opportunity to invite and welcome all of you together in this coming International Conference on Homeopathy & Complementary Medicine at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 4 - 5th Oct., 2009

I have no doubt that with the application and development of TCM in this region and other part of the globe, the peoples's Health care in 21st century will turn to a new chapter. Let us join together whole-heartedly in this ICHCM and make it a great success.

See you at Kuala Lumpur 4 - 5th Oct 2009

Selamat datang - Welcome

Yours truly,

Prof Dr Nik Omar
Chairman ICHC Malaysia 2009

Spread of Homeopathy In UK and USA

Spread of Homeopathy In UK & USA
The Spread of Homeopathy

In the UK, homeopathy was established by Dr Frederick Quin (1799-1878) at around 1827 (Two Italian homeopathic doctors (Drs Romani and Roberta) had been employed two years previously by the Earl of Shrewsbury, but had quickly returned to Naples as they could not tolerate the damp English climate.) Quin contracted cholera in 1831 while travelling in Moravia, and attributed his cure to his use of the homeopathic remedy Camphor.
Quin, allegedly the illegitimate son of the Duchess of Devonshire, had excellent social connections, and homeopathy soon became the preferred treatment of the upper classes: the Dukes of Edinburgh and Beaufort were among Quin's patients, and he became physician to the Duchess of Cambridge. At its peak in the 1870s, there were large hospitals in Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow, London and Bristol [16]; the Bristol hospital was funded by the W.D. & H.O. Wills tobacco family, while the 'Hahnemann Hospital' in Liverpool was built by members of the Tate family of sugar importers, who also funded the Tate Gallery in London.
The primary reason that homeopathy became popular in the 19th century was the remarkable results that homeopathic physicians experienced in treating people suffering from the infectious disease epidemics that raged at the time. [10] [11] Epidemics of cholera, scarlet fever, typhoid, and yellow fever were rampant and killed large numbers of people who became ill with them. And yet, death rates in homeopathic hospitals were commonly one-half or even one-eighth of the death rates in the conventional medical hospitals.
From the very beginnings of homeopathy, its claims were treated with skepticism by the medical and scientific establishments. Sir John Forbes (1787-1861), physician to Queen Victoria, declared in 1861 that most cases of disease which recover under homeopathy "recover by means of the curative powers of Nature alone." He concluded that homeopathy is "one of the greatest delusions...of the healing art" and the only good it brings is by lessening "the monstrous polypharmacy which has always been the disgrace of our art - by at once diminishing the frequency of administration of drugs and lessening their dose." Professor Sir James Young Simpson said, of the highly diluted drugs, that there is "no poison, however strong or powerful, the billionth or decillionth of which would in the least degree affect a man or harm a fly."

Homeopathy came to India with Dr Martin Honigberger (1795-1869) in 1829-30. India now has the largest homeopathic infrastructure in the world, with 300,000 qualified homeopaths, 180 colleges, 7500 government clinics, and 307 hospitals, and 10% of the population are estimated to use homeopathy exclusively for their medical needs. [13]

Homeopathy was brought to the USA by Dr Hans Burch Gram (1787-1840) in 1825 and became popular there partly because of the excesses of conventional medicine, partly because of the impressive results it experienced in the treatment of infectious disease epidemics of the day, and partly by the influence of Constantine Hering (1800-1880). Hering immigrated to America in 1833 and became known as the 'father of American homeopathy' due to authoring textbooks for practicing homeopaths as well as books for the general public on how to use homeopathic medicines in home care Hering's contributions to the theory of homeopathy include his "laws" of cure. He proposed that healing proceeds (and symptoms disappear):

Homeopathy In US

By 1900, hardly any city in the USA with a population of more than 50,000 was without a homeopathic hospital, but in the 1930s, the popularity of homeopathy waned, partly due to the Flexner Report of 1910, which led to the closure of virtually all medical schools teaching alternative medicine, and by the 1950s, homeopathy had almost disappeared. Nevertheless, in 1995 sales of homeopathic remedies were estimated at US$201 million, and the number of homeopaths increased from less than 200 in the 1970s to about 3,000 in 1996.
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Brief History of Homeopathy Malaysia

Brief History of Homeopathy in Malaysia 1940 - 2009

Till today Homeopathy has been in existence for almost two centuries. Ever since its discovery Homeopathy has flourished all over the world. In Europe especially in Germany, where it originated, England, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria and other European countries, Homeopathy is not uncommon. Likewise it has flourished in Latin America especially in Brazil and Argentina where it has ever gained recognition by their respective governments since the very early days. It has also spread to other American countries.

Over times, Homeopathy has penetrated into Asia such as India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and further south to Australia. For after 127 years Homeopathy finally reached Malaya in 1940's.

It has almost been half a century now that Homeopathy being existence in Malaysia. Over the period only a fraction or our population really knows what is Homeopathy is all about. The process of disseminating information about homeopathy those days was rather slow.

Homeopathy in Malaya was said to be brought here by the Colonel A.S. Rajah, a British Army Officer who later spread the new idea to Mr Burhanuddin Al Helmy. Mr Burhanuddin later went to India to study Islamic Religious Theologies and while at India he suffered from bronchial asthma, who later cured with homeopathy treatment.

While studying religion theologies, he started study homeopathy and qualified both subjects at the same time. He came back to Malaysia in early 40's and started propagating homeopathy, That is the first time, homeopathy were ever mentioned among the Malay society. Dr Burhanuddin Helmy started teaching homeopathy in a class of 15 students at Gunong Semanggol Arabic School. Among them were late Dr Dali Muin, Dr Mohd Noor Nordin, Dr Ghazali Mahmood, Dr Hashim. and later came late Dr Mohammed Yaacob and Dr Hj Abd Hamid Baba.

In 1960 some of these students united to form a homeopathic society by the name of Persatuan Homeopathy Malaysia with the headquarter at Taiping, Perak and later came another Persatuan Homeopathy Bumiputra at Johor Baharu,

A Landmark The Spread of Homeopathy In MalaysiaIV>

In 1977 Dr Nik Omar bin Haji Nik Daud, a young professional who qualified homeopathy at Pakistan Homeopathy Homeopathy Medical College in 1975 and further his education at London, UK came back to Malaysia in 1977 and started a first complete Homeopathic Clinic right in the heart of his home town, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Although homeopathy was little known and widely misunderstood at this time, the cures brought by Dr Nik Omar through his homeopathic prescription won much acclaim for Homeopathy for Homeopathy.

In 1979 with seven students, Dr Nik Omar began teaching homeopathy, thus laying the foundation of the first ever homeopathic college in Malaysia with the name of 'The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia' When started the Advance Diploma in Homoepathy- ADHom. was a three years course. In 1990 the course was upgraded to 4 years Diploma in Homeopathy System - DHMS. In year 2000 when a group of Ministry of Health Malaysia came and inspect the college, a long discussion was held at Kota Bharu and with the advise form Minsitry of Health, we lift up the course at par with other homeopathic institution world wide with a five years - Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine - BHMS.

Today Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia is well respected by all admire of homeopathy throughout the world. Student all over the world are still coming to do various courses such as M.F.Hom. MDHom, Diploma in Acupuncture, Cupping, Naturopathy, Reflexology, etc.

"With 11.5 acres of college compound, it is considered as one of the biggest and only homeopathic and complementary organization in Asean ," says Cindy Tham, The Sun Newspaper July 26, 1998

" Dr Nik Omar has written hundreds of articles about his work in local and oversea newspaper and magazines. His is too bullish. Both his colleagues and rival acknowledge his tremendous energy. All recognise that he, more than anyone, is responsible for raising the medicine's profile in Malaysia," says Allison Nidel, A British Correspondent.

From one department of Homeopathy in 1979, today in year 2009 we have four Department
1. Department of Homeopathy Medicine
2. Department of Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture
3. Department of Malay Medicine
4. Department of Complementary Medicine.

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