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Final Year MBBS Students From University of Malaya Doing Elective at Homeopathic Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur 22 June 2009

A group of four Final Year MBBS Students from The Faculty of Medicine, University Malaya has attended a day workshop at Homeopathic Medical centre at Jalan Raja Laut under the guide of Prof Dr Nik Omar.
Among the objective of the workshop is data collection of various aspect of homeopathic service programme such as: Hospital Vision, mission, core business, activities, staff categories, evaluation, documentation of program.

We show them homeopathic videos, how homeopathic medicine were prepared etc.

Almost every month we have a group of student from various local universities in Malaysia doing clinical at our Medical centre especially from UITM, UKM, UM and USM

On 23 May 2009 four (4) MBBS students from Faculty of Medicine, University Technology MARA, Selangor came here doing the same Internship at Homeopathic Medical centre. They are Munira bt Roslan, Noor farhani Sufari, Nur Zulaikha Riswan and Ainil Hawa Hamdan

MBBS or MDs student are always welcome to our Centres for Continuing Education.

2nd Homeopathic Malaysia MRHP -AHML- LMHI Meeting

Pasir Mas 19 June 2009

A Special Meeting of Committee members of
*The Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners association -MRHP
*The Asian Homeopathic Medical League - AHMl &
*International Homeopathic Medical League - LMHI
was held at Faculty of Malaysia main campus at Pasir Mas, kelantan
on 19 June 2009

Standing: Dr Nik Badrul, Dr Amin, Dr Yusoff, dr Ismail Ahmad,Dr Shaarani Perak, Dr Mat Trengganu, Dr Huzaimi, Dr Mohd nasir, Dr Tuan Yaakob, Dr Md Noor, Dr Shafie Muda ,trengganu, Mr Arripin Hulubalang, Dr rosli Dungun, Dr Abdullah Jerteh. duduk:: Prof dr Nik Omar., Dr zaharah, Dr kelthom Che Teh, Dr Mrs Rosli.

Members of Central Committee of MRHP, AHML & LMHI Malaysia 2009

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Miracle Cure Through Homeopathy by Dr. Punit Sarpal. India

The above photos speaks the truth about Homeopathy cures !

A Mail from Dr Punit Sarpal of India to Dr Nik Omar


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MRHP Homeopathy Malaysia Meeting on 14 June 2009 at Kuala Lumpur

plz contact us also if you organise any such function in future.

"I have have treated and cured a lot no. of patients suffring from Kidney Stone without any operation , Hydrocephalus Child and Infertility in women and Impotency in male. I am also regularly called as a Guest Advisor for health programme in 100.5 FM band for last few months in Bareilly and Rampur All India Radio" said Dr Punit Sarpal

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MRHP Homeopathy Malaysia Meeting on 14 June 2009 at Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur 14 June 2009

About 25 Combined Committee members of Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners association - MRHP, Members of Asian Homeopathic Medical League -AHML and Members of International Homeopathic Medical League - LMHI sit together for the 2 semester meeting at Homeopathic Medical Centre City Centre, Kuala Lumpur:

The Agenda of the meeting:
1. The confirmed the last minutes meeting
2. Discussion for the preparation of 18th AHML & 8 International Conference on Homeopathy to be held at Kuala Lumpur on 4 - 5th Oct 2009.
3. Discussion for the final selection of members of International League -LHMI who wish to participate at 64th Congress of Liga at Warsaw, Poland from 26-30 th August 2009.
4. The AHML and LMHI open their membership to Malaysian
5. The next MRHP- AHML & LMHI meeting will ne held at Pasir Mas, Kelantan on 19th June 2009.

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Letter From Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis Regarding H1N1 Flu 2009

Dra. Patricia Carballo Quiroz,Dr. Ana Maria Carballo Quiroz
Dra Rosario Sanchez Caballero,Dra A. Elena Rodriguez
Dr. Antonio Sanchez Caballero,Dr. Antonio Sanchez Carballo
Dr. Jaime Andrade, Dr. Fernando Dominguez Vello
Dr. Fernando Francois Flores., Dr. Corrado G. Bruno
Dr. José Matuk Kanan, Dr. Ulrich D. Fischer

Specially thanks to Dr. Sandra M Chase, MD, DHT

To All National Vice President
Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis
( Malaysia Att: Dr Nik Omar )

Dear homeopathic colleagues:
Since the outbreak of H1N1, all national and international health
organizations, governments and the worldwide population have been
concerned about the progress of this disease.
We all know that homeopathy offers a good alternative to the standard
treatments by university medicine.

The LMHI gathered the already documented experience of our
Mexican colleagues in the treatment of H1N1 and wants to
disseminate this information. In this way The LMHI fulfills its mission to participate actively in maintaining and improving the health of human beings.
With this first bulletin on H1N1, LMHI wishes to contribute to the application of homeopathic medicines in this pandemic.
Best wishes
Dr.Corrado Bruno Dr.José Matuk
Past-President LMHI Prime Vice President LMHI

The H1N1 flu is a respiratory infection caused by a strain of influenza virus of
the type A, which normally causes outbreaks of influenza in pigs. The disease
affects pigs almost exclusively, however, a new strain of virus, derived, in part
from the human influenza virus, and, in part, from the pig influenza virus, has
been demonstrated to be transmissible to humans and, worse, from human
being to human being. Another concern that has arisen is the serious form of
disease and, because of the high mortality rate of this strain of virus and of its
capacity to be transmitted between humans, there is the concern that the H1N1
flu could become a global pandemic.

The H1N1 flu epidemic has spread rapidly in the past weeks. The World Health
Organization increased the level of global pandemic alert from level 4 to level 5,
which means that, even if the majority of the countries has not been affected
yet, there are strong signs that a pandemic is imminent and that the time to
organize a contingency plan is short. The increase in alert level indicates that
the probability of an emergence of a global H1N1 influenza pandemic has
grown during the last weeks.

It should be noted that there are reports of cases of influenza caused by other
viruses which are not the H1N1. They must be distinguished from the epidemic
of human influenza as they present different behaviors. The human influenza
has a sudden appearance that evolves more quickly toward pneumonia, with
severe attack on the general state of the patient. On a parallel level, there are
many cases that do not correspond to human influenza, or to seasonal
influenza. They represent rather common colds that have no connection with

At present the homeopathic colleagues of Mexico have been able to identify
indirectly, by the written reports of doctors in hospitals, the following
• Fever
 Proceeded by 40% great chills
 Persistent fever between 38.5 °C (101.3°F) to 39.4 °C (102.9°F)
accompanied by fresh diaphoresis on the back, face and neck
• Generalized weakness, adynamia without extreme prostration
• Profuse sweating during fever
• Sore throat
 Pain by intake of solid initially and then even liquids
• Scarce cough
 Non painful
 In attacks
• Constant arthralgias in the hands, elbows and shoulders at the febrile
 Cold Applications amel
• Retroocular headache or eyeballs pain ("My eyes hurt")
 With rest amel
• Occipital and neck headache aggravated by being raised on a pillow
• Some patients with occipital pain of throbbing type
• Pneumonia with infiltrated interstitial or multiple pockets
 Productive cough with yellowish expectoration
Between 48 and 72 hours the medical situation has developed or has become
complicated. The symptoms are vague and have limited clinic homeopathy
application, but, as the symptoms were obtained directly from a significant
number of H1N1 confirmed infected patients, homeopathic medicine can be

Influenza ranks among the category of respiratory diseases, but, in reality, the
whole body is disrupted when the person gets sick. In short, people affected
are often very sick and are suffering from all or some of the symptoms:
• High fever. • Headache. • Clear nasal discharge. • Sneezing.
• Cough, often becoming severe. • Severe aches and pains.• Fatigue for several weeks.
• Sometimes sore throat. • Extreme exhaustion.
• Fever and pain throughout the body generally last from three to five days, but
the cough and fatigue can last for two weeks or more.
• Mexican fever may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Diagnostic Guides
Until now the guidelines that have been given to define a case of Mexican
influenza (case definition / swine flu) by CDC (Influenza like/illness ILI) are as

• A confirmed case of influenza A H1NI defines a person with an acute
breathing illness with laboratory confirmation of the A H1N1 influenza
virus through the following laboratory diagnosis:
1. PCR/RT in real time
2. Viral Culture
• A probable case of infection by influenza A H1NI defines a person with
influenza type symptoms
1. Positive for influenza A, but negative for H1 or H3 influenza by
• A suspected case of influenza A defines people who do not meet the
criteria at the top and have H1NI negative tests:
1. Healthy person, under the age of 65 years, hospitalized with
symptoms similar to the influenza.
2. Lives in a state (country) where no cases of influenza have
been confirmed, but has traveled to a state (country) where
there are one or more probable cases.
3. Has been in contact in the last 7 days with a person with
similar symptoms to the influenza (ILI).

Homeopathic Medicines
Homeopathic medical treatment is individual, but in the face of an epidemic, we
can obtain groups of drugs characterized by the peculiarities of the symptoms
of the sick.
For this specific epidemic, we have obtained the following remedies for the
symptoms found in different patients.
The symptoms listed above are the common symptoms of the disease that, for
the homeopathic doctor, serve to show whether or not it is Influenza.
However, they are not useful for the prescription of homeopathic medicines.
The pattern and the individuality of the symptoms of each patient are what
determine the prescription of a homeopathic remedy.
We have listed the symptoms for which these remedies have been indicated,
without determining an epidemic genius. The drugs mostly indicated for this
epidemic given by homeopathic Mexican doctors are the following:
Aconitum n.
1. Fear will die because of the disease
2. Red Throat
3. Onset of the symptoms after exposure to cold
4. Harsh beginning
5. The symptoms appeared suddenly
6. Red Congested face
7. Muscle aches and pains
Belladona a.
1. Red teary eyes
2. Red flushed face
4. High fever - greater than 39oC (102.2°F).
5. Acute inflammation of the throat
6. Throbbing Pain while coughing
7. Severe headache
8. Violent pulsations caused by the headache
9. Red face. Brilliant and Injected Eyes
10. Cannot stand the least light or noise
Bryonia Alba
1. Begins with sudden head pains
2. Worsened by body movement
3. Painful cough
4. Fever with chills.
5. Intense back and leg pain
6. Aggravated by the least movement, improved by rest
7. Extreme thirst for large amounts of liquid
8. Cold, red throat
9. Limb pain while walking.
10. Dryness of mucous
Arsenicum Album
1. Begins with arduous throat pain
2. Improvement by consuming hot drinks
3. Widespread cold, feels cold
4. He covers himself too much
5. Feels prostrated, tired, exhausted
6. Violent vomiting, and has frequent, but scanty diarrhea
7. Thinks will die
8. Burning evacuation
9. Cough after drinking
10. Agitated and anxious
11. Does not want to be alone
Eupatorum Perfoliatum
1. Fever that starts with chills, shivering and shaking
2. Back pain
3. Continued fever, with intense and insatiable thirst
4. Bone pain, as if they had been beaten
5. Back pain, as if it were broken
6. Snoring
7. Painful cough, aggravates the chest when coughing
8. Great pain of muscles and bones
9. Feels as if the back were dislocated
10. Congested face during fever
11. The sweating improves all the symptoms, except the headache
Mercurius Vivus
1. Begins with hoarseness and aphony
2. Catarrh, running nose, burning.
3. Sore throat as if it were raw meat
4. Dry cough, spasmodic
5. Fever with night sweats that do not improve
6. Constant thirst
7. Indented tongue
8. Halitosis
9. Very wary
10 Bone Pain
1. Has a fever chill
2. Hand trembles
3. Abundant perspiration
4. Downcast
5. Intense muscle aches, with leg pain
6. Remains immobile in bed
7. Face congestion
8. Injected Eyes, sore throat
9. Dry cough, rapid pulse
10. Despite the fever, has no thirst
11. Depression and pain

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MRHP Homeopathy Meeting 14 June 2009 di Kuala Lumpur

Persatuan Pengamal perubatan Homeopathy Berdaftar Malaysia
AJK Meeting of
Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association

Bertempat / At: Klinik Homeopathy Dr Nik Omar
No. 118 jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur.
Tarikh / date: 14 June 2009 ( Sunday)
Time: 3.00 pm

Semua Di Jemput hadir

1. hal-hal berkaitan Homeopathy
2. 18th International Conference on Homeopathy 2009
3. Asian Homeopathic Medical League
4. International Homeopathic Medical league

Dari Setiausaha Agong
MRHP Malaysia.

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Avoid Hysterectomy Naturally Shrinking Fibroids and Trying To Conceive

Surgery Without Knife.

Of Course in Homeopathy, we dont use any surgery for fibroid and any growth.
In Homeopathy we use homeopathic remedies for fibroid, tumor or growth. No matter how big the growth.

Here are few homeopathic remedies for fibroid or tumors
Such as:
Conium, Thuja, Kreosote, nat Mur., Silicea, Phytolacca, Calc Phos., Hydratis, Sepia, Chamomilla.

I have treated a case of fibroid of Che Gu Rashidah of kelantan.
Age 45 years she suffered a growth as big as a pregnant woman of 8 months. She told that a gynae told her it is a fibroid and should be removed ! There is no medicine for such a big fibroid.

Afraid of surgery she came to my clinic and tell me all the story of her suffering for the last 7 years. He had been to all medical doctor in towm and all of them says the same words " removed it by surgery" which she refused !

When I first saw her at my Pasir Mas clinic, I said the same thing, the growth is so big why not you remove it. She started crying and said to me.
'If I wanted to do surgery, than why should I come to you "

She gave the the best answer and shock me with the words. She gave a very simple and forward answer. She gave the right punch on my face !!

Than I admit, " All right, sorry madam, I will help you through my homeopathic therapy and will give you the best that we have"

The therapy goes on for one years and four months, her 8 months old size of fibroid has gone forever and completely with a proof of 'MRI' which she brough to me - Nil - Normal Uterus !

This is what I means by Surgery Without Knife !!
The Best of Homeopathy or Homeopathybest.

Homeopathy's Best Kept Secret

Homeopathy's Best Kept Secret

<> You were trained as a Western medical doctor. What made you turn to homeopathy? <>
Dr. Luc: When I was a young doctor fresh out of medical school in Belgium, I thought I knew everything. But then I started seeing patients whom Western medicine just couldn't help. One young girl of 15 got headaches every time the weather changed-and in Belgium the weather changes three times a day! She had everything in Western medicine you can dream of, but nothing helped.

Another lady, I will never forget it, she came in my office absolutely dripping with sweat. The sweat was pouring off her and dripping onto the floor. Western medicine could do nothing for her.

Another lady could not speak. There was nothing physically wrong with her. Her family said she had not spoken a word since looking out the window and seeing a funeral procession-with her best friend's husband walking behind the hearse. The sudden shock of her best friend's death made her mute.

I wanted to do something for these patients, but my Western medical training gave me no answers. So I went to a bookstore to look up alternative medicine and found a book on homeopathy. I wish these patients would walk through my door today, because these would all be easy cases for homeopathy.

What would you suggest for someone who wants to get started with homeopathy but feels bewildered by all the different remedies?

Dr. Luc: Get to know one or two remedies and all the different things they can be used for. Arnica would be my first choice-it's king of the trauma remedies and king of the sports remedies.

Arnica is good for the whole family for bumps, bruises, pulled muscles, and overuse of muscles, like someone who has a desk job and then gets 14 days vacation and wants to be a hero playing sports with his kids. It's even good for elderly people who get spontaneous bruises, because as we get older the capillaries become fragile and burst easily.

Some lesser known uses of Arnica include overworry, overuse of the voice when someone is speaking all day, and for the flu, especially when there is a bruised feeling. Arnica is for bruises in general, and for illnesses with a bruised feeling, like when you feel as though a tank just ran over you and everything is sore, you don't want to be touched.

Arnica is also a great absorber of blood. For example, my patients have had amazing experiences with their kids who bump their heads and get a big egg on their forehead, which of course means there is a hematoma, a leakage of blood. With Arnica the swelling goes right down and then they don't have to take their kids to the emergency room.

So Arnica is great for the whole family starting from Day One. In fact it's a great remedy for Day One! Give Arnica 200c to the mother for bruising from the delivery and give it to the baby for the trauma of coming through the birth canal.

Any other favorite remedies?

Dr. Luc: Arsenicum would be my second choice, especially for traveling. Never leave home without it! It's the top remedy for traveler's diarrhea and for food poisoning. Some people get diarrhea just from the change of diet when they travel. Arsenicum has rescued many, many a vacation, especially in the Middle East, China and South America where the water can be contaminated.

Arsenicum is also great for the first stages of a cold or flu, when you are just getting a scratchy throat and your nose is running like a faucet with a clear, watery discharge. Arsenicum will nip it in the bud.

Arsenicum is one of the top remedies for asthma and for shortness of breath in general, especially when you feel as though you are going to die because you can't catch your breath. And it's one of the best remedies for people who wake up after midnight, anxious and restless and unable to get back to sleep.

But in both these cases people shouldn't diagnose themselves. For example, in homeopathy we have so many remedies for anxiety. The remedies are so precise, depending on whether the patient has fear for the future, fear of death, of disease, of failure, of flying, of taking exams, and so on. This is the kind of thing we will teach in our school.

What's the best way to take the remedies?

Dr. Luc:
This is one of homeopathy's best-kept secrets: take the remedies in water. When you buy a little tube in the store with 80 pellets, the label says to take 3 pellets 3 to 5 times a day under the tongue. (There is no secret door under the tongue!) But it will work much better and much faster if you take one pellet and dissolve it in 4 ounces of water.

Take one teaspoon as needed-as often as every 20 to 30 minutes in acute cases such as high fevers and accidents. One cup will is good for 24 hours. If you need the remedy again the next day, make another cup. Putting it in water makes it reach more nerve endings. As soon as it touches the mucous membranes it starts to work. If someone can't swallow, you can even swab it on their skin.

What if you run out the same day, can you make another cup?

Dr. Luc: You could but you shouldn't need to, because as you start to feel better you slow down and take a teaspoon only maybe every hour or two. If you don't see any improvement by the time you finish the cup, it probably means you have the wrong remedy. (It could also mean the potency is too low, but this is something you will learn from experience.)

So why don't they say this on the label?

Dr. Luc:
Maybe because they can sell more tubes this way! Or maybe because they just don't know. Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, developed this method of taking the remedies in water at the very end of his life, and the manuscript in which he described it was lost for nearly 100 years. Even now it is not well known. The people who work in the pharmaceutical companies have probably never read it.

Are there any situations when it's better to take the remedy dry?

Dr. Luc: Only if it's impractical to take it in water. When I play tennis I keep Arnica and Rhus tox. in my pockets in case I sprain my ankle. I can take some pellets and keep on playing, then as soon as I have a chance I put them in water.

Here's another secret: if you are going to be out all day, driving around in the car, put the remedy in a water bottle and take it with you. Then each time you take the remedy you can succuss it (give it a hard thwack, a "slam-dunk"). This gradually increases the potency of the remedy and it will work even better this way.

How many pellets, say for a typical 16 oz. spring water bottle?

Dr. Luc: Just one. You don't need four just because there is four times as much water. We are dealing with energy, not with molecules. It's a little more dilute this way, but succussing it will keep increasing the potency of the remedy.

Should you reduce the dosage for kids?

Dr. Luc: Not at all! In fact kids need higher potencies than adults. Never hesitate to give a child a high potency. It's the opposite of Western medicine, where our dosages are based on bodyweight.

In homeopathy the dosage is based on the vital energy of the patient, and kids usually have much stronger vital energy than adults. Look at how fast a child can spike a fever. That shows how strong the vital energy is.

Let's say someone looks up in a homeopathy book and figures out that Lachesis is the best remedy for her left-sided headache, but when she goes to the store to buy it, the tube says it's for hot flashes. Why is that?

Dr. Luc: Each of the major remedies (the polycrests) has many, many different indications or uses. The pharmaceutical company can only fit one or two of them on the label. The good thing is that they have the freedom to do that, unlike vitamin companies, because homeopathic remedies are under a different law and the FDA allows this kind of labeling.

Do the remedies have side effects?

Dr. Luc: No, again because we are talking energy, not molecules. When you use potencies over 24c there is not even one molecule of the original substance left, and then when you put it in water it is even more dilute. You can get what we call a similar aggravation, though, if you take too much.

An aggravation is a temporary intensification of the symptoms. It's unlikely to happen in acute cases, because you are using up the remedy so fast. You would have to really take a lot, maybe 3 or 4 cups of the remedy in a row, to get this kind of reaction.

If you do get an aggravation, just stop taking the remedy and your body will use up the excess. It's like speeding in a car. It's not a bad car, just a bad driver! You need to get used to the car. As you get experience using the remedies, you will get to know how fast you can take repeated doses.

Some people say you have to go through an aggravation to be cured with homeopathy. Would you agree with that?

Dr. Luc: Not at all! Hahnemann developed the water method to save people from the discomfort of aggravations.

Can you be allergic to the remedies?

Dr. Luc:
No, for the same reason. Sometimes my patients say they can't take Sulphur as a remedy because they are allergic to sulfa drugs. An allergy to sulfa drugs is actually a good indication that the patient needs Sulphur!

What if someone is allergic to lactose, can they have a reaction to the lactose the pills are made from?

Dr. Luc: Not usually, but if they are extremely sensitive they could have a reaction if they take the pills dry. It's another good reason to take the remedies in water.

Can you develop a tolerance to the remedies the way you can to a drug?

Dr. Luc: As long as you need the remedy, it will continue to work. If your baby is learning to walk, all the time falling and smacking his head, you can give Arnica every day and it will continue to work. If a remedy stops working, it means you no longer need it.

Can the remedies be addictive? There is not one patient in a Betty Ford center addicted to homeopathic remedies!

Dr. Luc: Whereas there are many treatment centers and detox centers for people addicted to Western drugs. It's scary how easy it is for people to and get addicted. All it takes is one hospitalization, and they give you painkillers sleeping pills without your knowledge or your permission. Before you know it you're addicted. I have seen it many times in my practice.

What do the numbers mean - 6c, 30c, 200c?

Dr. Luc:
They represent the successive dilutions the remedies go through. "C" stands for centesimal and it means a dilution of 1 part of the remedy to 99 parts of alcohol at each stage. The remedy is succussed, or shaken, 100 times at each stage so that the energy of the remedy is imparted to the liquid. The higher the number, the higher the dilution-which in homeopathy means a more powerful remedy, because the vibrational energy is higher.

Usually in health food stores you find 6c, 12c and 30c potencies. What's the difference in how they are used?

Dr. Luc: I would rather see 30c and 200c in stores. I encourage my students to get 200c kits once they are familiar with the remedies. 30c is better when you are first starting out because if you take the wrong remedy in a 200c, you could get an aggravation.

6c and 12c are too low to do any good for acute situations. 6c and 12c are only indicated for chronic diseases, and people should definitely not diagnose or treat themselves for chronic diseases. Only a professional homeopath can do that.

Is that because 6c and 12c could be dangerous?

Dr. Luc: Not at all. It's because a layperson could not prescribe the right remedy for a chronic situation, in which the choice of remedy depends not so much on the physical symptoms as on the mental and emotional onset of the disease.

For example, if I have four patients with chronic fatigue, one may be never well since taking birth control pills, another never well since overwork and overworry, another never well since multiple operations, and the fourth never well since heartbreak. They may all have the exact same physical symptoms and the same diagnosis in Western medicine, but they each get a different remedy from me, because homeopathy is so individualized to the patient.

What do you mean by acute and chronic?

Dr. Luc: Acute is something that just happened within the last day or two, within the last several weeks at most, that is self-limiting (it will go away by itself). In an acute disease, the vital energy of the patient is usually strong enough to overcome it. If not, it can turn into a chronic condition, one that develops over a long period of time and does not go away by itself.

In a chronic condition there can be a steady overall downfall of the patient's health unless it is opposed by the right remedy. Other times there can be acute symptoms of a chronic state of imbalance or disorder in the system, such as PMS. A woman can have acute symptoms each month which can be treated with acute over-the-counter remedies each time-but if her overall constitution is treated by a professional homeopath, her symptoms will not recur. I have seen this many times in my practice-I do not even address the patient's PMS symptoms directly because they go away automatically with the well-chosen remedy.

A lot of times health food stores have combinations that have 6 or 8 different remedies. Wouldn't that be better than a single remedy, since you would be sure to cover your bases?

Dr. Luc: Actually, no, because the remedies can cancel each other out. I would rather see people become familiar with the single remedies. For example, I've seen a combination for Grief that has one remedy, Pulsatilla, for people who are very clingy and needy of consolation, and another, Nat. mur., for people who just want to be left alone in their grief. How can one person possibly need both?

Many homeopaths say you can't use mint, camphor or coffee when you are taking remedies. Would you agree?

Dr. Luc: Coffee is the only one I put the accent on in my own practice. If someone is drinking more than one cup a day, I get them off the coffee first (with Chamomilla, Nux vomica or Coffea).

Decaffeinated coffee and other caffeine-containing foods like chocolate and cola are okay (not in other ways but in terms of canceling the remedy!) Mint and camphor are only important for the high potencies used by certain professional homeopaths, the Kentian prescribers. They won't make much difference in acute situations where you are repeating the doses frequently.

Some homeopaths tell their patients not to do acupuncture or polarity or take vitamins while on a remedy. Why is that?

Dr. Luc:
I tell my patients to do anything they can to support their vital energy while they are healing. Any healing modality such as acupuncture that follows the same natural laws as homeopathy will do nothing but help. The only thing is, they shouldn't start doing these things the same week they start the remedy. That will muddy the picture. Then if they have a reaction, it's not clear what they are reacting to.

I've heard that remedies are prescribed based on the symptoms present. So does that mean the remedies can't be used preventively?
Dr. Luc: No, in fact here's another little-known tip. They can be used ahead of time if you know you are going to need them, but in this case take 3 pellets dry in the mouth. For example, Arnica should be taken before and after strenuous sports for someone who is not in shape, or for weightlifters, football players, soccer players and others who are likely to get pulled muscles or bruises. And if one person in the family comes down with a flu or cold, everyone else in the family can take the same remedy.

If you know there is a flu coming to your area, before it even hits you can start taking Arsenicum or Oscillococcinum, the two top preventive flu remedies. Take 30c doses, 3 pellets dry once a day during an epidemic.

What's your basic approach in finding a remedy for your patients?

Dr. Luc: I have them make a timeline with all the major traumas in their life, whether mental, emotional, physical, financial, or whatever. Any event that causes lasting symptoms will need to be treated eventually. We call it a layer. We start with the most recent layer first and work backwards, every time treating the Never Well Since (usually a mental or emotional trauma that triggered the onset of symptoms).

You are both a homeopath and an acupuncturist. What do you see as the connection between these two healing modalities?

Dr. Luc: They both work with the healing energy or vital qi, and they both follow the same natural laws of healing. For example, we know the patient is healing if the disease goes from the inside to the outside. Also both disciplines accent the mental and emotional origins of disease (unless there is a direct physical trauma like a cut, blow or burn). In both, each organ has certain emotions associated with it, like the liver and anger.

Each of the main homeopathic remedies has a place on the Star of the Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Homeopathy is so similar to acupuncture that Hahnemann must have read the acupuncture texts that were available to him in translation.

Does someone have to be a medical doctor to practice homeopathy?

Dr. Luc: In terms of licensing, it varies from state to state. In terms of knowledge, many of the greatest homeopaths of the past have been laypeople.

Can you share one last secret with us?

Dr. Luc: Here's a great one for sports injuries: if you're a basically healthy person and have a serious acute injury, like a pulled muscle, take Arnica 30c, then 200c, then 1M, each time 3 pellets dry, 4 hours apart. I did this once when I pulled my thigh muscle while playing soccer. The muscle swelled up and turned hard as a rock. By the time I was through the Arnica it was back to normal again! I learned this tip from a Swiss-French homeopath and very few people in this country know about it.

Luc De Schepper, M.D, Ph.D., Lic.Ac., C.Hom., D.I.Hom., is in private practice in San Diego, CA (tel. 619-281-8800). He has medical, acupuncture and homeopathy licenses in the U.S. and Europe. He has written twelve books on alternative medicine and is the founder and teacher of the Renissance Institute of Homeopathy in Boston, MA, open to health care professionals. He has taught extensively in the U.S., Europe, Canada and Australia. His site is:

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The Place of Homeopathy in Alternative Medicine

The Role of Homeopathy in Healing Gynecological Problems

Endometriosis and Homeopathy

An overview of energy healing methods: medical astrology, Reiki, Bach flower remedies, Su Jok, Radionics, Crystals, vibropathy

Healing With Homeopathy , The Safest Medicine for Pregnancy and Labor

"Healing with Homeopathy"

It is worth noting that the subject is dealt with at length, the more so, as this discussion has been overdue in view of preceding ample observations gained in the field. It is, therefore, no exaggeration to claim that homeopathy is in fact "the safest medicine for pregnancy and labor." If gynecologists and obstetricians would finally be aware of established facts, many failures could be avoided. "The outrageous high number of cesareans" should be subjected to close scrutiny in view of homeopathic success.

However, both presentations in Townsend Letter #222 did not touch the fact that not only maternal health can benefit a great deal from homeopathic applications but also in special fetal development as well as the early period of infancy. Comparing pregnancy and post-partal development under homeopathic coverage with orthodox medicine, one will be highly surprised in that homeopathic treatment turns out to be overwhelmingly beneficial. This can be seen, in particular, in a number of births of the same mother with respect to applied and omitted homeopathic treatment respectively.

Development and result of pregnancy under homeopathic attendance deserves high attention and appraisal. I would encourage this in view of observations in my practice over many years in bio-energetic medicine.

Dr. Hartwig Schuldt, MBBS

Homeopathic Doctors Without Barriers

The Homoeopathic Doctor Without Barriers (International)

Parent Body:
The Registered Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners
Association (MRHP Malaysia)

No.11, Bangunan Tabung Haji Lama, Jalan Dato Pati, 15000 Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.

Tel: 09-7976948, 09-7440440, 03-4042 2020
Fax: 09-797 6942, 09-7437400, 03- 4045 6945
Web: http;//

Prof Dr Nik Omar describes the Organisation:

In early 1987, a land trip by Toyota Land Cruises escorted by Mujaheddin Freedom Fighters treads its way early in the morning over the treacherous Khyaber Pass in Northern Pakistan. The vehicles are carrying Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Volunteers from The Registerd Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association (MRHP); they were on their way to staff a Mobile Homoeopathic Clininc in freedom fighters' held territory, near Jalalabad inside Afghanistan.

There they will treat civilians and Mujahideen wounded in the war between Mujahideen Afghan Freedom Fighters and the Soviet backed Government.

Around the world, in war zones and areas striken by natural disasters, this special breed of homeopathic doctor and nurse are infusing the Hippocratic Oath with fresh force, risking their lives out of commitment to what Prof Dr Nik Omar, one of the founders of this volunteer-medics movement calls "The duty to mankind"

These are some of the first ever medical volunteers from homeopathic groups in the world to treat tribespeople for diarrhoea and malaria in Yala, Narathiwat, and Nakornsithamarat in Thailand. In slum ares in Colombo, the same group were giving free treatment for worms and tropical diseases to children and adults in rural areas of Walliwata Bridge. In the deep jungles of Malaysia, they treat the 'Orang Asli' ( aborigines ) for skin disesaes and jaundice.They are there cleaning bandages on victims of land mines and gunshot under mortar fire and bombing in Afghanistan and giving treatment for ailments to the refugees in camps around Peshawar, Pakistan, etc.

Every year approximately 50 homoeopathic doctors from Malaysia give up their annual holidays. They make their medical knowledge and skills available to the charity - Homeopathic Doctors Without Barriers, free of charge for a period of a least four days, and up to eight weeks. On top of this, they even pay for their flight to help the country to which they are sent.

In 1979 Prof Dr Nik Omar, the President of the Association established the organisation in Kota Bharu with the aim of providing medical help in countries with low levels of medical provision. Since then he has been able to arrange almost 80 assigments worldwide, including Malaysia. They work in various projects in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Colombo, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, and Indonesia.

They volunteer for all kinds of reasons. Some serve out of moral duty, others adventure and challenge. Some grasp the opportunity to be in the real life laboratory where nearly every case is an emergency.

Many of these members discover that much of what they learned at The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia is irrelevant to the life and death crises and health needs of millions of the world's poorest people and finally decided to venture forth as the Malaysian Homeopathic Volunteer Medical Corps.

Prof Dr Nik Omar, 49, the founder member of the group, vividly recalls his apprehension. Early one morning in Autumn 1987, the Malaysian Volunteers were discussing some of the cases they had treated the day before. As it happened, the mountainside also made an excellent lookout from which to scan the skies for approaching MIG 25 Fighter Bombers. All of a sudden, a dozen bombs dropped around our hospital, but they were poorly targeted and we all were safe. It became so, that throughout our service in Afghanistan, the bombing was a routine and there was bombing at our camp near the Pakistani border almost every day and night. It was a strain to our voulnteers, who had also to cope with the lack of equitment and medicines, and a workload of over 150 patients a day with artillery shell exploding overhead.

" There is a tremendous responsibility in knowing that you are the only doctor in the desert for 20,000 to 50,000 people. You are often alone in making a decision on who should treated and who should be sent for further emergency treatment in a hosiptal 300 to 400 kilometers away. And when you are alone, you are always thinking, "Maybe I was wrong."

The idea of forming the volunteer group in Malaysia, started in London in 1975 when Dr Nik Omar met with a member of the French-based organisation Médicines Sans Frontières who invited him to join the group but he refused due to his pressing studies in England. He came back to Malaysia in 1977 and wondered about the possibilities of setting up a similar volunteers' group based on Malaysian cultures.

The nucleus started in 1979 during the flood seasons on the East Coast of Kelantan. When it was started the sole member was Dr Nik Omar, but by the end of 1998 there were 500 members of MRHP and 50 active members in the volunteer group. Ever since it started in 1979 more than 50,000 Malays in rural areas already get free tretament from this group, with various projects all over Malaysia.

Prof Dr Nik Omar is always ready with new assignments and duties to carry out charity's organisational work and he is proud of the fact that almost all his assignemtns are successfully done well in time.
" We are not carrying out development works. We are not able to bring any changes in our patients' living conditions, nor in structures of the countries concerned," adds Dr Che Musa Che Mohammad, an active volunteer who has served on many missions abroad.

Nevertheless the work in the slums, where the doctors also live during their stay in the Third World, gives personal satisfaction. It is not only important that acute hardship and pain can be alleviated. "In relation to the experience we take home with us, we take a lot more from the people there, than we actually invest ourselves," says homeopathic paediatrician Associate Professor Dr Mohd Nasir bin Mohd Zain, who has just returned from Colombo, in Sri Lanka slum areas off Waliwata Bridge. He is also the secretary general of The Asian Homeopathic Medical League (AHML) for the Malaysian Chapter.

Dr Mohammad Ali Hamzah, who served in Pakistani Refugee Camps, told us that he has learnt a great deal from the people in those areas who radiate vitality and confidence in spite of their poverty. " When you return from such trip, you stand above the everyday concerns of the normal Malaysian, " says Professor Dr Mohammad Hairuddin Hamid, who is also president of MRHP Johor Branch. He has served in Afghanistan and Pakistan, while his brother Dr Maohmad Fauzy Hamid served in Sri Lanka for two weeks.

Inexperienced doctors are not sent to the projects. "The doctors have to fulfil certain requirements. In addition to qualification, character is also important. Anyone who is squearmish and can't do without sweet-smelling bath water would do better to stay at home," sums up Dr (Mrs) Faridah Awang Hamat, another volunteer who just returned from Nakorn Sithamarat, Thailand's worst flooded disaster area.

The aid provided by Doctors Without Barriers is financed exclusively by members of MRHP, donations and support from a group of sponsors who bear the administrative costs. "One hundred percent of the money donated goes directy to the projects, " stated Dr Mohd Nasir, who is also finance conroller of the association. With five volunteer staff he runs an office, a small room attached to the Homeopathic Medical Center owned by Dr Nik Omar, at Kota Bharu, Kelantan, 450 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur, near the Thai border.

PCOS & Homeopathic Treatment

What is PCOS?
I have heard that I might have a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. What is this?
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a problem caused by having abnormal levels of certain hormones in your body. It affects 5 to 10 percent of women during childbearing years. Symptoms start as a teenager or later in life. Learning about how hormones work in your body will help you understand PCOS.
Hormones and your menstrual cycle
Your body makes hormones that affect your menstrual cycle. The pituitary gland in your brain makes lutenizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). They tell the ovaries to make estrogen and progesterone (female sex hormones). The ovaries also make a little of the male sex hormone (androgen) called testosterone.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
PCOS may occur when the pituitary gland makes too much lutenizing hormone. This causes your ovaries to make more testosterone. That makes it harder to have regular periods. If you don’t have regular periods, it can be harder to get pregnant. Extra testosterone in women can cause problems with hair, skin, weight and insulin levels.
I have been told that I have cysts on my ovaries. Does that mean I have PCOS?
No. Not all women with cysts on their ovaries have PCOS.

Cost of Medical Treatment & Homeopathic A Comparision

Cost of Medical Treatment and Side Effects Support Homeopathic Treatments

This article points out two key factors in the increase in popularity of homeopathic medicine. The first is the increase in the discomfort level many of us are feeling with conventional medicine. As the number of prescription drugs that are available to our conventional doctors increases drastically, the possibility for harmful side effcets goes up dramatically. Since each of us has a unique system, the range of potential side effects is virtually unlimited. Homeopathic remedies, due to the small quantities involved, greatly reduce this concern.

The other factor is cost. Even with a decent health care policy, the costs associated with conventional treatment are putting doctor visits and the associated tests needed beyond the reach of many middle class folks. And lets not even talk about how much time is needed out of out busy schedules for an urgent care visit.

The result is that more people are thinking of becoming more pro-active in the maintenance of their own health. Proper diet, exercise and correctly administered homeopathic products are all important tools in this pursuit. Personally, I am new to the use of homeopathic products. The good news is that so far my experience with homeopathy, mostly in the ares of allergy products and topical pain relief, has been very positive!

The Best of Homeopathy

Homeopathic Treatment Are Very Good In

* Gastric problems - IBS
* Migraine and chronic headache
* Gout & Arthritis
* Falling of Hair
* General Weakness or letargic
* Parkinson
* Loss of Memory
* Down Syndrome
* Autism
* Hyperactive
* Chilren & Babies
* Ladies Problems

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