Friday, September 2, 2011

Arnica Montana - Homeopathic Medicine

Tincture made of whole plant when in flower.

The Queen of TRAUMA - not only physical but mental and emotional, recent trauma or previously years ago.

Dr. Peter Chappell in his book "Emotional
Healing with Homeopathy, a Practical Guide, writes: Arnica is very well known
for her properties to cure bad effects of physical injuries, by coincidence when
a new trauma injure is treated arnica will take away some previous bad effects of any lesion of trauma in the past, and they will disappear,

Dr. Peter Chappell says that the lack of love is the essence to most of the emotional traumas, specially the ones that have a feeling of isolation, abandom, rejecting or lack of confidence and low selfesteem and include fear that also contributes to all traumas. Trauma can also
be do to repressed inside feelings of pain, rage and resentment or tormenting
thoughts like hate, treason or rejection. You all know Arnica's Materia Medica, but arnica can also cure our soul,

This mountain hights rocky flowers with fear to be touched or approached, with
a bruised, all over pain as if beaten, sensitiveness of mind, indifferent,
allways feels well, cannot stand pain cause is so sensible, but never weak and every thing in which he lies is too hard is the Queen of the body and the soul.

Homeopathic Medicine - Digitalis Purpurea

Digitalis Purpurea - Purple Foxglove

Indicated in affections of the heart, with weak, irregular contractions, causing a fluttering sensation. Sense of faintness and fear of death from dread that the heart?s action will suddenly cease. Of great value in organic heart disease, with scantiness of urine and dropsical effusion. Also in hepatic disease with jaundice, ascites, nephritis with cardiac symptoms, percarditis with effusion; pneumonia, especially of the aged, with weakness of the heart?s action. Less often in urethritis, specific and non-specific, and in prostatitis.
Mind sad, fearful, apprehensive.

Great dyspnoea, praecordial anguish, faintness; feels as though dying.

Difficult, irregular, sighing respiration.

Cardiac affections with great dyspnoea and faintness, with pulse irregular and intermittent, small and intermittent, slow and intermittent, small and slow.

Heart feels as though it would stop at any time, causing great distress and anxiety.

Stitches in the heart.

Weak, irregular pulse when lying down; worse from assuming erect position.

Coldness and oedema of feet; coldness of hands.


Great thirst for sour drinks.

Eructations of watery fluid, so sour it sets his teeth on edge.

Faintness and weakness at the stomach; excessive nausea, not relieved by vomiting.

Soft, white stools, like chalk.

Dark, turbid urine, with much burning and pain while passing; ammoniacal.

Worse when sitting erect; after meals; after excitement.