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66th International Congress of Liga at Delhi 2011

It's a matter of great pleasure to invite you to the 66th World Congress of Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) organized at Sirifort Auditorium, New Delhi from 1st - 4th December 2011. It has always been an endeavour of LHMI to promote scientific, literary and genuine work for the Homoepathic fraternity. The theme of the upcoming congress is “Homoeopathy for Public Health”. The congress will also provide an opportunity to share the clinical experience and deliberate on latest scientific research in the field of Homoeopathic medicine.

The Topics of LIGA Congress 2011 are:-

1. Public health initiatives in Homoeopathy
2. Government policies of Homoeopathy around the world
3. Basic Research in homoeopathy- scope and limitations
4. Homoeopathy for “Healthy Mother & Happy Child"
5. Clinical studies of Homoeopathy- RCT, Meta-analysis etc.
6. Success stories highlighting various prescribing techniques
7. Quality control of Homoeopathic drugs- GMP
8. Human Pathogentic Trials (HPTs) – planning & protocol
9. Homoeopathy in Dentistry, Veterinarian science, Agro-Homoeopathy etc.
10. Open topics

For Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesian Delegates who wish to attent
66th LMHI Congress, kindly contact

Prof Dr Nik Omar
Vice President LHMI for Malaysia
No.122 Gelang Mas, Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia
No.128 Jalan Raja Laut,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 019 9181915 , 019 9401915
E Mail:

65 th Liga Congress at LA, USA

65th LMHI Congress in Redondo Beach, 18-22 May 2010
Logo Liga Congress 2010 in Redondo Beach, USA

"A Homeopathic Odyssey" – Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Organon of Medicine
Redondo Beach, California/USA
18-22 May 2010

More than 400 participants from 27 different countries of the world came together in Redondo Beach from 18-22 May to jointly celebrate the 200th anniversary of Hahnemann's "Organon of Medicine" and to listen to the lectures given by renowned international homeopaths.

logo_pdf "The Organon of the Healing Art" - Opening Lecture by former LMHI-President Dr. Ulrich D. Fischer
LIGA 65th Congress Proceedings

The complete edition of the 65th LIGA Congress can be ordered online. All available presentations not on the distributed CD can be downloaded from the Congress Website
New LMHI Executive Committee Elected

Prior to the Congress opening the LMHI's International Council, consisting of the National Vice Presidents from about 70 LMHI member countries, elected a new Executive Committee on May 18. The new President is Dr. Jose Matuk Kanan (Mexico).

Executive Committee of AHML at Delhi 2010

Homeopathy Works - Not Acceptable To British Researchers

Homeopathy works – not acceptable to British Researchers

I believe British researchers and pharmaceutical lobby have made their mindset not to accept the efficacy of homeopathic medicines in particular and finally not accepting homeopathy system of therapeutics.

In the first week of this month, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society has said “Homeopathic products are ‘clearly not’ medicines and should carry labels warning that there is ‘no scientific evidence for homeopathy’ “.

Responding to draft guidance on the advertising of homeopathic medicines published by the MHRA this week, the society expressed concerns that the public does not understand the principles on which homeopathy is based, and said there was ‘general confusion’ about the difference between homeopathic and herbal products.

On 13th Nov. RHEUMATOLOGY – a UK based journal published that “Homeopathy has clinical benefits in rheumatoid arthritis patients that are attributable to the consultation process but not the homeopathic remedy”.

Sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis who visited a homeopathic doctor experienced significant reductions in pain, inflammation and other key markers of the disease, the research shows. Yet it made no difference whether the solution they received was a genuine homeopathic tincture prescribed to treat rheumatism, or a placebo.

Researchers are from the School of Medicine, Primary Medical Care, Aldermoor Health Centre, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK, and Center for Managing Chronic Disease, School of Public Health, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA and School of Mathematics, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton, UK.

Their main objective was to assess whether any benefits from adjunctive homeopathic intervention in patients with RA are due to the homeopathic consultation, homeopathic remedies or both.

Exploratory double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled trial conducted from January 2008 to July 2008, in patients with active stable RA receiving conventional therapy. Eighty-three participants from three secondary care UK outpatient clinics were randomized to 24 weeks of treatment with either homeopathic consultation (further randomized to individualized homeopathy, complex homeopathy or placebo) or non-homeopathic consultation (further randomized to complex homeopathy or placebo).

Patients were randomized into five groups. Of the five groups, three received a homeopathic consultation (Groups 1 – 3) and two (Groups 4 and 5) did not. The consultation groups were further randomized to individualized treatment (Group 1), a homeopathic complex for RA (Group 2) or placebo (Group 3).

Non-consultation participants were allocated complex (Group 4) or placebo (Group 5); individualized homeopathy can only be prescribed through a consultation.

This study has not disclosed the homeopathic remedies given to Group 1 patients.

Researchers commented “Homeopathic intervention in patients with chronic, active but relatively stable RA has significant clinical benefits that are attributable mainly to the homeopathic consultation process. There appeared to be no specific benefit from the homeopathic remedies themselves”.

Researchers acknowledged the participant homeopaths, June Daniels and Hugh Harrison, and Francis Treuherz, homeopath for help with technical homeopathic queries.

Researchers concluded that homeopathic consultations but not homeopathic remedies are associated with clinically relevant benefits for patients with active but relatively stable RA.

This work was supported by the National Institute of Health Research, the Samueli Institute, USA, the Southampton Complementary Medicine Research Trust and National Health Service Fund for Science.

In the last Researchers mentioned “Disclosure statement: The authors have declared no conflicts of interest.”

This study clearly shows that individualized homeopathic treatment works, but such outcome is not accepted to these researchers.

Recently, we witnessed an International Homeopathic event in India organized by AHML (Asian Homoeopathic Medical League). We were happy sharing our results & success stories amongst ourselves that homeopathy works and we have evidences, but we could not founded any statement for such derogatory agencies.

I raised this question in one of the scientific session whether we are going to release any guideline or policy for homeopathic clinical trials/research which must be accepted universally. In spite of large gathering of senior homeopaths from many countries, government agencies and private parishioners, we could not release any guideline which might have curbed such reports.

I would appeal here that we need to have some mechanism from Indian govt. agencies like CCRH, CCH, HPL and others to establish the scientificity of homeopathic medicines and homeopathy and that to be accepted worldwide.

Dr. Anil Singhal

( Please take note that Dr Anil Singal is a close friend of Dr Nik Omar )

A Case of Giant Molluscum Contagiosum in a HIV Patient

A Case of Giant Molluscum Contagiosum in a HIV Patient

( This paper was presented at 19th Asian Homeopathic Medical League - AHML Congress at New Delhi, India 13 -14 Nov 2010 )

Dr. Pawan S. Chandak is a clinician and social worker , dedicated for the propagation of Homoeopathic Community . He is graduated from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Nashik. He had authoured a book 'Gems of Modern Homoeopathy' and he swears as National Secretary of Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association. His articles had been published in many Journals and he is a managing editions of an educational website

A five years old female girl presented cystic swelling and fungating growth in and around the right upper eye lid. The right eye was closed and covered with the growth. The left eye, naso labial fold and corners of the mouth also presented few papules.

The lesions were infected, painful, itching, discharge was seropurulent. Sticking pain in affected area by Molluscum. Pain in eyes. Vision affected. Few lesions were matted together and discharge was highly offensive and excoriating. The regional lymph nodes upper cervical area was swollen. Child is greatly debilitated as she is unable to eat food on account of pain. She is unable to rise from sitting position due to weakness. Complaints < night.
The child had itching all over the body. Generalised Pruritis.
When she stands she starts trembling.
She is trembling and shivery, sensitive and emotional

Past History
She had recurrent cold and Cough.
The Childs parents are HIV patients. The child also has shown positive study for serological Examination. Suspected mode of transmission: materno-foetal.
She had been treated for pulmonary Tuberculosis under modern medicine for six months .Refer Plate I

Family History
• Her parents passed away following HIV and she is under the Care centre for HIV patients.
The child also has shown positive study for Serological examination.
Refer Plate II and Plate III

Life Space:
Her Father was diagnosed seropositive just 3 month before his death. After the death of his father Tridot investigation of her mother was performed in which her mother shown Reactive for HIV I Infection.
Then only Tridot of Mayuri was done which shows she is reactive for HIV I Infection.
As per papers / sources available & history given by her grandfather & President of this Child care centre that no ART t/t was given to her till today or to her mother during ANC period as no investigations like ELISA or HIV test was done during pregnancy.
As patient’s parent died of HIV related illness she has been shifted in Care Centre for HIV AIDS patient.
She was diagnosed as Seropositive on 16/04/2007.
She was diagnosed as having Pulmonary Tuberculosis on 12/11/2008 & started AKT.

Physical Generals
Appetite: Loss
Thirst: Less
Sweat: on forehead.
Stool: Regular 2 times watery
Urine: Burning micturition.
Thermal:: Chilly
Sleep: Disturbed due to pain.
Discharge: Seroprulent & offensive.

Mental Generals

Mild, Yielding, frightened easily.
She has no interest to work or perform her regular activity due to pain & suffering.

General Examination:

Weight: 09 kgs
Pulse: 100/min
Abdomen: distended.
Chest: looks emaciated. With emaciation of lower limbs also.
Decreased CD4 Count: 154
Decreased CD4/CD8 ratio: 0.21
Viral load (Before Treatment): 357294 copy/ml

Diagnosis: ‘Giant molluscum contagiosum’ diagnosed by Dermatologist & Ophthalmologist of AIDS Department of J J Hospital Mumbai.

What Modern Medicine Says ?

• This case was examined clinically by AIDS Department of one of the famous Allopathic Hospital, Mumbai Prognosis given by them “as per WHO Clinical staging she is in last stage IV condition & so no any active treatment was given.”

• Giant molluscum are resistant to all therapy like cryosurgery, Co2 laser, TCA.

• Allopathic Treatment having limited scope as no medicines or Surgery was not going to help her.

Totality of Symptoms
• Molluscum Contagiosum.
• Cauliflower like growth in and around the right upper eye lid.
• The lesions were infected, painful, itching, discharging blood sticky secretion.
• The Discharge was highly offensive and excoriating.
• Complaints & pain < night. Night aggravations.
• Chilly Patient.
• Cervical lymph node swollen.
• Loss of appetite.
• Thirst Less.
• Frightens easily.
• No weakness in anything.
• Weakness and debilitated.
• Trembling and shivering

First Prescription: 18/05/2009

• Nitric acid 200 3 pill bds

Follow Up 1 24/05/2009

• Appetite good.
• The lesions started discharging around both eyes.
• Left eyes slightly opened.
• Eruption started breaking up & oozing.
• Improvement in general.


• Nitric acid 200 3 pill bds
Follow Up 2 08/06/2009

• Infected molluscum on face are bursting and decreasing in size.
• Eruption is drying up.
• Swelling around both eyes comparatively decreased.
• Now right eye slightly opened & Left eyes fully opened.


• Nitric acid 200 3 pill bds on empty stomach
• Placebo for 15 days

Follow Up 3

• Molluscum below & around eyes decreased.
• No Swelling. NO Pain in eyes. No Discharge.
• Appetite: improved. Both Eyes are opened now.
• Patient can see properly from both eyes.
• Swelling of cervical lymph node decreased.

• Nitric acid 200 3 pill tds on empty stomach
• Placebo for 15 days

CD4 Count: 259 dated 22/07/2009

The patient is on treatment for further HIV studies

Recent CD4 Count dated 16/02/2010 is 525


The drug selected on totality and prescribed on sycotic, syphilitic plethora has benefited the patient. Since the out warded manifestations re better the deep seated miasmatic tendency expressed as AIDS also expected to give positive serological study. The treatment is on with ray of hopes…

Dr. Pawan S. Chandak BHMS
'Shradha' Vishnu Nagar,
Basmat Road, Parbhani 431401
Maharashtra, India
Tel: +91-2452-222261
cell: +91-9422924861
Fax: +91-2452-222261

Prof Dr Nik Omar, Senior Vice President AHML has been selected again as NVP for Malaysia

Being the senior Homeopath who has served ' a full time homeopathic practitioners in Malaysia' for last more than 30 years, Dr Nik Omar again has been selected as Senior Vive President of Asian Homeopoathic Medical League for Malaysia for year 2011 - 2012.

Dr Nik Omar has served the Asian Liga for the last 20 years and more than 30 years service of Homeopathy in Malaysia since 1970 till today.

At the 19th AHML Congress at New Delhi, India he was awarded a Gold Trophy by Asian Liga in Recognition of his contribution to the cause of Homeopathy.

Viva Homeopathy
Viva Homeopathy Malaysia

Homeopathic Congress India 2010 Organised by AHML

Dr A K Seth, Secretary General of AHML HQ

Gala Dinner presented by the host country India. A very special night....

Tea breaks with Dr Rastogi

Lady Homeopathic Doctors attending AHML Congress at India.

Speech by President AHML Prof Dr Gidenral Pal

President has given a very special speech
He welcome all delegates from all over Asian countries and also from other european countries such as Spain, England, USA, Russia, Germany, Australia, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myammar, South Africa.

Asian Homeopathic Medical League was founded in year 1987 and the first congress was at New delhi, India. Ever since the congress has being going on every year rotating from one member country to another.

Last year 2009, the 19th AHML Congress was held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and this year the 19th AHML COngress is again coming to New Delhi, India.

AHML is getting stronger and stronger.......
says Dr Gidendral Pal.

19th AHML International Congress at New Delhi, India 13 -14 Nov 2010

Please take note that the first AHML Congress was in 1988 at New Delhi, India
The 2nd AHML Congress was at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1989 under the the chairmanship of Prof Dr Nik Omar
the 18th AHML Congress 2009 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The 19th AHML Congress 2010 at New Delhi, India

Prof Dr Nik Omar, Senior Vice President AHML Malaysia, Dr Chandhok India, Dr Faridah and Dr Visphala of Mumbai, India.

200 Homeopathic Doctors from all over the world attended this great congress.

20th AMHL Congress 2011 will be at Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dr Quader and Dr Dhillip Vice President AHML For Bangladesh

Prof Dr Walia, Minister of Health, India addressing the 19th AHML Congress at New Delhi on 13 Nov 2010.

Sri Lanka sent 10 delegates to 19th AHML Congress at New Delhi, India.
Some of Malaysian delegates attending the Congress.

19th AHML Congress New Delhi, India 2010

30 Papers were presented at 19th Asean Homeopathic Medical League International Congress at India
Malaysia sent 13 delegates with Prof Dr Nik Omar as the Senior Vice President for Malaysia

19th AHML International Congress at New Delhi, India 13 -14 Nov 2010