Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Is Homeopathy Slow ? - Second Case

Case Record From
Homeopathic Hospital Gelang Mas, Kelantan.

Name of Patient: Raja Rusnani Raja Sulaiman Lady Age 43 years
Adreess; Kg Kedai Lalat, Kelantan.
Diagnosed: Chronic Ammenorrhoea.

The patient came to our clinic on 14 July 2008 complaining of Absent of period for last two years. During this two years she has been to various hospital and private medical centre in the city of Kota Bharu, but no improvement. Still no period.

The patient was our patient at Kuala Lumpur clinic since last 10 years, which she had the same problem and after getting homeopathic treatment her period was normal for 8 years until year 2006 she again having the same problems when shifted to Kelantan.

On first consultation 14 July I prescribe her Sepia 200c for one week and ask her to come back after one month.
Today 27th August 2008 she came back and told me that her period has come after 3 weeks of taking the medicines.
No more medicine were given, Only free consultation.

Is this we consider as Homeopathic Is slow working ?
Other method of treatment failed to bring good result. But within one consultation of homeopathic pills, the patient is alringht !

Homeopathy is not slow. It is one of the best method of treating chronic cases with holistic approach.

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