Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Laser Therapy With Prof Nik

LLLT Radiant Life Dr Nik Omar

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has been used widely in Canada, Europe, US and Asian since 1960's to treat various neurologic, muscleular and nerves, chiropractic, dental and dermatologic disorder. Intravascular LLLT first began in Russia and Cuba and was introduced in China in 1990

Laser ini diguna secara meluas di Canada, USA, dan negara-negara ASia sejak tahun 1960 untuk merawat berbagai penyakit khususnya penyakit urat saraf, tekanan jiwa, pembersihan darah, buah pinggang dan lain-lain. Rawatan ini amat popular di Russia dan Cuba dan diguna secara meluas di Negara China sejak tahun 1990.

According to an acupuncture book: Laser is giving a wonderful result in cosmetic like acne, wringkle, scars, renal failure, diabetes, heart problem, lupus, sle , colestrol etc.

The laser product from Germany and USA are considered the best

Silent Features of Our Laser

* Safe
* Effective
* Non-Drugs
* Non- Invasive
* Scientifically Proven

Natural Life Saver
Gift One Unit To Your Parent at Home
Price in Malaysia RM 1,350 - postage add RM 35

Price for Other Countries US $ 600.00 including postage
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