Friday, September 3, 2010

Genital Wart

What is the HPV Virus and Genital Warts?

The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is one of the most common infections in the world. Commonly known as the wart virus, HPV affects a vast amount of people the world over. There are more than 100 known strains of the warts virus and hence, warts.

Many people may carry the virus for long periods of time without knowing that they are infected - something that can be confirmed with medical testing.

Genital warts may be so small they are undetectable from the human eye, or can multiply rapidly into larger clusters. They can have the appearance of small flat bumps, or cauliflower-like growths.

Genital warts in certain cases can be somewhat benign, however in others they may pose a serious health risk to both males and females. In women genital warts, vaginal warts, have been associated with cervical cancer, as well as other cancers. Whilst in males genital warts can also lead to cancer.

Genital warts are contagious. Skin to skin contact and of course any sexual contact should be avoided until the condition is eliminated or you may pass the the virus on and risk infecting others as well. It is extremely important that you pursue a genital wart treatment to both remove genital warts and inactivate HPV as soon as you are aware of their presence.

Thuja, Ant Crud, Caucticum, Dulcamara, Staphisgaria are few homeopathic remedies to eliminate all types of genital warts including: vaginal warts, penis warts, anal warts, venereal warts.

Ketuat Kemaluan

Awas jika ada bintik-bintik disekitar kemaluan sama ada di penis atau di vagina, sama ada gatal atau tidak, jika terdapat bintik-bintik yang mencurigakan, sila jumpa doktor segera, anda mungkin mengidap 'genital warts' atau ketuat kemaluan.

Jika ada bintik-bintik air atau letusan biji-biji air yang kecil sama ada satu , dua atau 4 biji benjolan berisi air jernih, itu mungkin herpes genitalis.

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michael said...

Genital warts can appear when you're immune system is low. Always eat nutritious food to boost your immune system.

genital warts treatment

alice ma said...

when it comes to std ,I hate how many people are using the word "end".It's not the end,start your new life