Monday, October 11, 2010

Problem of Urine @ Urination

Blood In Urine [ haemturia ]

Homeopathy has a very good medication for bloody urine

- Blood in urine - head the remedy
[ Ubat utama dalam kes kencing berdarah ]

- Blood in Urine will dull renal pain
[ Kencing berdarah disertai sakit sekitar pinggang ]

China Sulph - Blood in Urine without pain or uneasiness
[ Kencing berdarah tanpa kesakitan ]

Arnica Montana:- Blood in Urine from Mechanical injuries
[ Kencing berdarah kerana kemalangan atau luka dalaman]

Thalaspi B - Dark Blood and thick Urine
[ Kencing berdarah kehitam-hitaman ]

Ocimum Can - Blood urine with read sediments''Pulsatilla - dark coloured bloody urine with suppressed gonorrhoea.
[ kencing berdarah kesan dari kena gonorrhoea atau siphlis]

FREQUENT Urination [ Polyuria]

Argent Nit
;- head the remdy in frequent urination

: Passing urine about 30 times in the night due to nephralgia and cystitis. Dribbling urine. Cure polyuria, dropsy, painful urination, pus, abdomen and blood in urne.
[ Kencing kerap kali sehingga 30 kali satu malam; kencing tak puas, kencing dedas, kencing saki, kencing ada nanah dan kencing berdarah ]

- Frequentt urination Dribbling of urine on slightest provocation
[ Kencing kerap, kencing tak tos, kencing dedas ]

Causticum: - Kencing kerap siang dan malam, urging to urinate, but it takes a long time before he is able to urine.

Successful Cases.

Case 1: Bloodly Urination.

A man came to our clinic few month back
Complaint of - Bloody urination

Diagnosis by Hospital: After taking blood and urine - Nothing wrong. They said completely normal.

Have been to hospital and has been taken western medicines for 7 days . After 7 days of consuming the drugs, the urine still bloody.

The patient came to our clinic after all other method failed to cure.

On the first visit i prescribe ' Trebenth 30c tid for one week to be follow up by Hamamelis 30 c tid.

Suprising after one week of taking homeopathic pill the bloody urine stop and the urine become normal.

Thanks doc for your help, said the patient.

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