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How Effective Was Lung Cancer Treatment

How effective was your Lung Cancer treatment?
Some comments

Comment from: 55-64 Male (Patient)Published: October 21

I was diagnosed with stage one non-small cell lung cancer in January of 2011. I was operated on in April for a lobectomy of the upper right lobe. I had no follow up chemo therapy because my oncologist said they caught it early enough where they could more than likely get all of the cancer during the surgery as long as it hasn't spread to my lymph nodes. It has not. I will be going for follow up CAT scans and blood work every six months for a couple of years, and should be fine as long there is no reoccurrence.

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Comment from: annette, 55-64 Male (Caregiver)Published: December 27

The cancer was already in stage 4 when diagnosed. It was in the lining of the left lung and the lymphnode above the lung. I was given chemo treatments for a period of three months, making me very ill. It could not be removed surgically due to being in the lining of the lung. A scan was done showing it wasn't spreading at this time. Three months later it had spread more. I am finishing 16 weeks treatment now with Avastin and different meds. They seem to be helping more.

Comment from: shocked, 75 or over Female (Caregiver)Published: January 06

My mother-87 had stage 3 lung cancer. Very healthy except for this. A smoker for 40 years, she had stopped smoking for 5 years prior to finding out she had cancer. She went through chemo and radiation at the same time. Diagnosed in June- died in Oct of the same year. I would not go through what she did seeing that the treatment killed faster than the actual disease.

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Comment from: Pat, 65-74 Female (Patient)Published: April 19

I had lung cancer in 1994, which would be 17 years ago. I had my lower right part of my lung removed, and I had no chemotherapy or radiation. I am 70 years old and in good health.

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Comment from: Georgeanne, 55-64 Female (Patient)Published: March 11

I had a heart attack on Oct. 5. From an X-ray, it showed a mark on my right lung. A CT and PET scan showed it was cancerous. It was only about 2 centimeters in size, but that small thing turned out to be stage III. I had the lower lobe removed and just finished my first round of chemo. I start radiation next week. I'm trying to stay upbeat, but sometimes the fatigue just makes me depressed. The chemo didn't cause any issues with nausea or losing my hair.

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Comment from: tinahen, 55-64 Female (Patient)Published: January 26

I was diagnosed with stage 4 NSLC in July 2008 and put on a trial - had chemo (cysplatin and venorobin) daily for three weeks and 30 sessions of radiotherapy at same time - then two more weeks of chemo - it's January 2012 and I'm still here and feeling good - treatment was very hard going - didn't lose my hair! Still get tired sometimes, but also have rheumatoid arthritis which does not help - am going to be 60 this year and intend to party all the way. Cancer is a word not a sentence - think positive.

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Comment from: Lsprenkle, 45-54 Female (Caregiver)Published: January 12

My uncle has had small cell lung cancer for almost five years. He's only 47 years old and his family is watching him slowly die. He is always in pain and the past month he has lost a lot of weight, he only is 111 lbs and he wants to die. My grandpa died February 14, 2011 he had the same thing but he never got any treatment. My uncle's wife won't let him go but he really isn't living life. I see it in his eyes he wants to go and he has made peace with god.

Comment from: Noah Marcum, 55-64 Male (Patient)Published: July 05

Small Lung Cancer

I was diagnosed with non-small-cell lung cancer. In October of 2010 after I had a lot of tests and procedures done. I had surgery on February 14 of 2011. I had about half of my bottom right lung removed and also about 9 lymph nodes removed. The Doctors say they got it all cut out. I'm now taking 6 chemotherapy treatments. This is given to me intravenously like an IP throw a Port in my chest; I have taking 3 already and got 3 more to go. They do make me really sick and I've lost most of my body hair. (But Thanks To God And My Great Doctors) I'm going to a Lung Cancer Survivor.

I have stage 3 lung cancer I have been through radiation and chemo it is truly a battle but you have to have faith in God to see you through this. I have met some wonder people along the way which gives me more hope. I done 20 rounds of radiation treatment and 8 rounds of chemo with no problems but now I have had the mass removed they said I needed about 3 rounds of chemo I had my 1st round and it took me down my hair is falling out my body is so weak. I told the doctor I didn't want another round he said he would lower the dose by 10 percent. I hope the 10 percent makes a difference.

Comment from: nafisa, 55-64 Male (Caregiver)Published: June 15

My father is a stage 3 lung cancer patient. May 20, 2011 is the worst day in my life because his fnac test came back positive. He had peripheral and pericardial effusion. So the doctor refused to give him any chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Now he is taking tarceva 150mg every day. He is ok now. I don't know how many day will god help us to live with him. Please pray for him.

Comment from: Worried55, 75 or over (Caregiver)Published: May 24

My mum is 82 years old and has suspected NSCLC. Diagnosed last Oct 2010 when SOB was present and water in the pleural area. Now water is normal. But CEA has changed from 250 to 500. She does not have much symptoms apart from right should pain occasionally. CT showed a sizable tumor near the bronchial on the right and some showed in the lymph nodes. (2nd CT actually improved, some small dots are gone in the right lode). Not spread to other parts of the body yet. No treatment so far apart from some claimed Indian-made Irressa, as in China people this age no chemo- or radiation therapy. I am overseas and can only phone my sibling there. Will consider to start GB made Irressa soon - although costs a fortune. My siblings in China do not agree to use this as the cost is one reason; also it's not going to be a cure. It can only prolong life or lessen the suffering. Not sure is it the right decision to use GB made Irressa for treatment.

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Comment from: Survivor, 55-64 Female (Patient)Published: April 26

I was originally diagnosed in February 2007 with Stage II non-small cell. I had upper left lobe and some lymph nodes removed. Followed by 6 rounds of chemo. Recurrence in August 2008 with 4 rounds of chemo, 33 radiation treatments and began a regimen of daily oral chemo with Tarceva which I am still on today. Please don't ever give up hope and I know how very, very hard it is to hear the news, go through the treatment, and discover that cancer may always be a part of your life. Don't give up hope and try and stay positive. I always looked forward to chemo because I knew it was my quiet time, my angels were with me, and I always imagined it healing me. May God bless each and every one of you.

Comment from: jonas, 13-18 Male (Caregiver)Published: April 26

Lung cancer is really a dangerous disease. After I read this article, I suddenly get affected and remember my father who is smoking. I was just doing a research on my report about this disease and it really helps me. Thanks for this article I will tell my father to quit smoking now and this article was really a great help for my report.

Comment from: Robyn, 55-64 Female (Patient)Published: February 22

I was diagnosed September 2009 with non small cell lung cancer, had left lung resectioned November, started chemotherapy December 2009 continued through February 2010, had radiation on chest May and June 2010. Had seizures in September 2010. The cancer moved to my brain and I had 10 radiation treatments, I was told I am terminal but not actually given a time; I am doing pretty well. I smoked for 46years. I was originally diagnosed in June 2009 with rheumatoid arthritis, my doctor said I was too fit and active to be worried about cancer.

Comment from: Donna, 45-54 Female (Patient)Published: January 26

I had a heart and body scan through my husband's work that they were offering in July 2008. I really didn't want to go but it was free. We went and I was diagnosed with Stage 1A lung cancer. I went through CAT and PET scans right away. The PET scan showed something by the rectal area. I then had a colonoscopy and an internal pelvic exam which all came back negative. I had my top right lobe removed and go for yearly CAT scans now. I still have a fear of not really knowing what the future will bring, but I am very happy to be living life now.

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Comment from: faith, 55-64 Female (Patient)Published: January 25

In august I had kidney cancer they removed the right kidney, before the surgery they gave me a CAT scan, a small spot showed up on my lung they said it was probably the lungs folding over each other. For three weeks I have had pain in my chest to touch it is in the same spot and is painful to touch. I'm short of breath a lot.

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