Friday, December 4, 2009

Few Piles Cases Treated With Homeopathy

Nux Vom & Sulphur head remedies for bleeding or non bleeding piles in homeopathy. To be given when there is a burning pain and constipation with ineffectual desire. I gave Sulphur 1000 one dose every month for 3 months and given Nux Vom twice daily on other day completely stop the pain and relif all symtoms.

Other useful homeopathic medication for piles: Aloe, Nat Mur., Sanguisage, Ignatia, calc Carb., Alumina, Ars Alb., Causticum.

If given according to similimum within one months of treatment you can cure piles very easily.

Rawatan Buasir Dengan cara Homeopathy

Ubat-ubat homeopathy amat berkesan untuk merawat sebarang jenis buasir. Jika diberi dengan tepat mengikut kanun homeopati, buasir dapat dihilangkan tanpa pembedahan dalam tempuh satu atau dua bulan rawatan.

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