Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cost of Medical Treatment & Homeopathic A Comparision

Cost of Medical Treatment and Side Effects Support Homeopathic Treatments

This article points out two key factors in the increase in popularity of homeopathic medicine. The first is the increase in the discomfort level many of us are feeling with conventional medicine. As the number of prescription drugs that are available to our conventional doctors increases drastically, the possibility for harmful side effcets goes up dramatically. Since each of us has a unique system, the range of potential side effects is virtually unlimited. Homeopathic remedies, due to the small quantities involved, greatly reduce this concern.

The other factor is cost. Even with a decent health care policy, the costs associated with conventional treatment are putting doctor visits and the associated tests needed beyond the reach of many middle class folks. And lets not even talk about how much time is needed out of out busy schedules for an urgent care visit.

The result is that more people are thinking of becoming more pro-active in the maintenance of their own health. Proper diet, exercise and correctly administered homeopathic products are all important tools in this pursuit. Personally, I am new to the use of homeopathic products. The good news is that so far my experience with homeopathy, mostly in the ares of allergy products and topical pain relief, has been very positive!

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