Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Healing With Homeopathy , The Safest Medicine for Pregnancy and Labor

"Healing with Homeopathy"

It is worth noting that the subject is dealt with at length, the more so, as this discussion has been overdue in view of preceding ample observations gained in the field. It is, therefore, no exaggeration to claim that homeopathy is in fact "the safest medicine for pregnancy and labor." If gynecologists and obstetricians would finally be aware of established facts, many failures could be avoided. "The outrageous high number of cesareans" should be subjected to close scrutiny in view of homeopathic success.

However, both presentations in Townsend Letter #222 did not touch the fact that not only maternal health can benefit a great deal from homeopathic applications but also in special fetal development as well as the early period of infancy. Comparing pregnancy and post-partal development under homeopathic coverage with orthodox medicine, one will be highly surprised in that homeopathic treatment turns out to be overwhelmingly beneficial. This can be seen, in particular, in a number of births of the same mother with respect to applied and omitted homeopathic treatment respectively.

Development and result of pregnancy under homeopathic attendance deserves high attention and appraisal. I would encourage this in view of observations in my practice over many years in bio-energetic medicine.

Dr. Hartwig Schuldt, MBBS

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