Tuesday, October 6, 2009

18th AHML Congress At Malaysia 3 - 5 Oct .2009

Speakers at 18th AHML Malaysia 2009
Venue: International Convention Centre
First World Hotel, Genting Hihhland, Malaysia

" City In Cloud "

19th AHML Conference will be in India Oct 2010

1. Prof Dr Naik, Director of CCRH Homeopathy, Ministry of Health, India
2. Dr Ali Zailaa, University of Queensland, Australia
3. Dr J D Daryani, MDHom, FFHom (M'sia), Principla Dr MPK Homeopathic Medical College & Hosiotal, Jaipur, India
4. Mrs Montaka, TCM Unit, Ministry of Health, Thailand.
5. Dr Nik Omar, Vice President AHML Malaysia
6. Prof Dr A K Seth, Secretary General HQ New delhi, India
7. Dr A K Seth, Secretary Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi, India
8. Dr Mohd Nasir Zain, Secretary MRHP & AHML Malaysia
9. Prof Dr S M Singh, MDHom India, FFHom (M'sia), member of CCRH Ministry of Health & family Welfare, Govt of India.
10, Dr Abhays S Talwalkar

Prof dr C Naik, Director Central Council of Research Govt. of India

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