Friday, December 17, 2010

Homeopathy For Growth of The Child

( Tinnitus with acupuncture treatment )

Masalah Pembesaran Kanak-Kanak Atau bayi
Cara Penyelesaian Melalui Kaedah Homeopathy

Parent may resort to strong medicines ( allopathy), but it is my plea that at least for children, leave them alone.

Homeopathic medicine are truely effective for all round physical, mental and spiritual growth of the child. Homeopathy has been able to increase intellectual limits. I think parent realize this sub-consciously, therefore even in families with little homeopathic exposure, they opt for homeopathy treatment for their children.

Abrotanum is the remedy for children with cases of emaciation, children has thin legs and distended abdomen, is unable to hold up his head and learns wakling late. Slow development.


For children large forehead, light dull hair, distended abdomen, enuresis or tonsil

Nat Mur
Emaciation around the neck, raised chest bones., oedema of the extremities.

Calc Carb

Children with chronic cough. Have taken alloptahic medicine but no respond.

Cuprum Met

For asthmatic and coughing, it is an excellent homeopathic remedy for chronic asthma

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