Thursday, December 22, 2011

Herpes and Homeopathic Treatment

There is no cure for herpes but here's the next best thing. These "Herpes
Herbs" stop outbreaks.

Hi, my name is Steve and I've had herpes for over 16 years. At first I had
outbreaks a lot, and I was very discouraged. I didn't know that that there
was something I could do to end outbreaks. My outbreaks lasted for 10
days, a week later I would have another outbreak. My doctor said it would
get better with time, but after 10 months I was still having outbreaks every
3 or 4 weeks. I was very discouraged and thought that I would never have
a girlfriend again.

But as luck would have it, I started to run across articles regarding the
immune system. I learned that some herbs seemed to strengthen the
immune system, and some people were having success fighting off cancer
and other diseases. I started to look for other information regarding herbs
and the immune system. I was looking for a cure for herpes.

I tried using some of the herbs I had read about. Some of them were hard
to find, and some had to be chopped up and taken as tea, but they did seem
to help. The period between my outbreaks increased to 3 or 4 months. And
my outbreaks lasted only 5 days instead of 10. My emotional state
improved a lot too.

Sincere and honest help for herpes.


I began to get excited about the herbs I had discovered. Time went by, and I continued to learn more.

One day I learned about a new herbal combination which I thought would be good for preventing herpes
outbreaks. I bought some and tried it. And it worked! I checked with the company that produced it, to find out if I could be a distributor. They said OK, and I began selling it through small ads in newspapers and magazines. Within a few months I began to get testimonials from people who had used it, and I got many reorders as well. It was obviously of great benefit to others with herpes, and not just myself. I knew I was really onto something when I heard that a doctor had recommended it to a patient as a means of preventing herpes outbreaks. I later had the formula modified to make it work even better.

AT LAST!! Freedom to stop worrying about herpes.


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