Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dr Faridah at Pisa, Italy

Pisa Italy 28 May 2008

Info On PCOS

What Are Possible Treatment For PCOS ?

Women who wish to be treated with western method @ allopathy treatment can go direct to any GPs or local hospital for the treatment. The doctors will consider either to do drilling, operation, or medications such as clomiphene citrate for ovulation, metformin for helping go balance blood sugar.

In alternative tretament worth of trying, homeopathy is considered as one of the best alternative treatment. The homeopathic medication is no side effect and it will heal naturally. Acupuncture is another choice, where nature of healing help without surgery.
Diet and herbal is another worth of trying.

Photos taken during Dr Faridah and Zaharh visit to Slanting Tower of Pisa, Italy. They said It's is one of the Seven Wonders ?

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