Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rome The Ancient City of Roman Empire

Dr Faridah & Zaharah has visited Rome from 27 th till 30 May 2008


The Story of a Monther of PCOS and manage to give birth

Mrs N, 35, is a sales manager at a local Bank in Kuala Lumpur.
" I 've had irregular periods since the age of 15 and when they did come they'd oftne last five to seven weeks and really heavy. Some time very severe painful period. I also had a terriby headache and very easy letargic. But it wasn't until I was 26 and trying to get pregnant that was finally diagnosed with PCOS and the doctors put on 'clomiphene ' to induce ovulation.
Even though I have taken 3 cycle of clomiphene but the sign of pregnancy are still far away.

One day I was introduced to Prof Dr Nik Omar, a homeopathic Infertiltiy Specialist at Kuala Lumpur. After consulting and caunseling for about 90 minutes. He prescribe me some small pills which was not known to me earlier. It was just like small sugar pills, sweets and the nurse told me to take regularly for two weeks, which I did.

I have taken the homeopatic pills continuously for 3 months non stop and my husband too taken the pill for man fertility they says it is for more sperm production, better mortility and to increase the morbility.
On the four month of taken such pills, my pregnancy was confirmed.

It was three year ago that my health is much better and I feel more energetic and up till now I have regular period. These natural product of homeopathy herbs have changed my life and my PCOS has gone. Thanks for homeopathic treatment"


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