Saturday, February 14, 2009

Prof Dr Mohd Nasir Zain, Secretary Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioner Association

Prof Dr Mohd Nasir bin Mohd Zain
Secretary: Asian Homeopathic Medical League _ AHML Malaysia Chapter ( 1990 - 2009 )
Deputy Director: The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia ( 2000 - 2009 )
Member: Board of Examiner, The Council of Homeopathy under FAHOM & MRHP Malaysia
One of founder member of : MRHP Homeopathy Malaysia.
Lecturer: Homeopathic Pharmacy, Dept. of Homeopathy, FAHOM

Kelulusan Perubatan Alternatif

1982 - Memasuki Fakulti Homeopati Malaysia
1994 - Lulus Diploma Homeopathy Malaysia , D.F.Hom
1989 - Lulus Advance Diploma In Homeopathic Medicine, DHMS (Adv) dari FAHOM
1992 - Lulus Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine, M.D.Hom., dari FAHOM Lulus Diploma In Acupuncture, D.Ac ( Kel)
Lulus Member of Acupuncture Foundation, M.Ac.F ( Colombo )
2000 - Lulus M.D.Hom, FAHOM
2002 - Lulus MFHom Malaysia
2006 - Lulus FFHOM Malaysia

Member of:
Keahlian Dalam Bidang Perubatan

Member Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association, MRHP
Member of Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia ,FAHOM ( Kota Bharu )
Member of Asian Homeopathic Medical League, AHML ( New Delhi )
Member of International Homeopathic Medical League, IHML ( Geneva)
Member of Acupuncture Foundation, ( Colombo )

* Volunteers at Flood Disaster at kelantan 1979 till 2008
* Served at Flood Disaster at Nakorn Si Thamarat, Thailand 1988
* Served at Slum Area at Colombo, Sri Lanka 1992
* Organizing more than 15 Seminar on Homeopathy
* One of active member of homeopathic community in Malaysia.

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