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Some Question and Answer Aabout Bisoprolol Fomurate 2.5 mg

Are this side effects? bisoprolol 2.5 mg?
a week ago i went to the emergency room because of chest pain, chills, sweating a lot, dizziness, confusion and fatigue, also fast heart beat, i Had never felt like this before, i suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks but never had one like this, i spent one night at the clinic but i was released the next day because there were no major indications of something bad they did some test but only my cholesterol and triglycerides were high, my blood was ok only my kidneys showed protein something i don't understand, i was prescribed concor a bisoprolol fomurate medication 2.5 mg but now i feel worse, chest pain, numbness, fatigue, anxiety,confusion, i feel like loosing control and going to bad i don't think this are panic attacks i think they are side effects, have you had this experience with this medication i want to stop

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I have been dealing with social phobia,anxiety,panic attack whole my life ,It is like living In prison my whole life.
The cause of most panic attacks is not clear, so treatment may be different for each person. Typically, it involves psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, or medication. Alternative treatments like meditation and relaxation therapy are often used to help relax the body and relieve anxiety.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps people learn to deal with panic symptoms, using techniques like muscle and breathing relaxation. They also gain reassurance that panic will not lead to the catastrophic events they fear, since many people fear they are having a heart attack.
You can take steps to lessen the chance of attacks and learn to manage them better. Learn to recognize a panic attack. When you sense the first symptoms, know that other symptoms may follow. You have survived them before and can do so again. Try slow, deep breaths.

Take your time. It's important not to hope for a quick cure. Therapy takes time, and improvement comes in small steps.
Go easy on yourself. People who feel panic tend to be overly critical of themselves.
Learn to lower your level of everyday anxiety through a variety of techniques, including meditation and exercise.
Avoid stimulants, such as nicotine and caffeine, which can be found not only in coffee, but many teas, colas and chocolate.

One of the reasons for participating to Yahoo! Answers were to be able to express what I have learned about shyness, panic attak,social phobia, anxiety, and depression, how it doesn’t make sense, how it ambushes you, how it hides from explanation, how it actually feels. Maybe something I say will help somebody to understand it better.
That’s my hope, anyway. Hope it helps you.

Take care always
My life:living with panic attak,anxiety

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