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Chikungunya and Homeopathic Treatment in Sri Lanka

Homeopathic treatment for Chikungunya

CHIKUGUNYA is a contagious fever which spreads through a mosquito bite. It is a viral disorder caused by 'alpha virus' also called as chik virus. Mosquitoes can be found all over the place.

There are several types of mosquitoes. for example: Anopheles, Culex, Aedes etc. They transmit diseases to humans through their bites. Anopheles type spreads malaria, Culex viral encephalitis, whereas Aedes spreads filaria, yellow fever, dengue, Chikungunya etc.

They all grow from lava to pupa to become adult mosquitoes. Usually all male mosquitoes feed on plant juices and they never bite humans, but all female mosquitoes are bloodsuckers.

They breed more commonly on rainy days, on artificially stagnated fresh water, i.e. water tanks, water stored flower vases filled with water, old ponds etc.

It is called the Asian tiger mosquito as it has white stripes in its black body and legs. it bites chiefly during the daytime. Symptoms: Usually symptoms differ from place to place, patient to patient depending upon the age and stamina of the sufferer.

The most common symptoms are: sudden rise in temperature above 101 F, severe pains in joints, especially knee and ankle, with restlessness, continuous fever with headache sometimes, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea, swelling in joints, redness of eyes, itching and burning skin rashes, ulcers or blisters in mouth, bleeding internal or external (occassional). Generally fever takes 3 - 4 days to subside if properly treated, whereas symptoms if developed take longer to go, for example, the joints pain and swelling.

Management: Bed rest in a well-ventilated cool room until the fever subsides, sponge bath with luke warm, extra fluids to compensate dehydration (water, juices and vegetable soups), ice cap if necessary for high fever, a light diet without oil, care for bleeding tendencies.

Avoid: Coffee, soft drinks which are carbonated aereated water.

Homeopathic treatment: In Homeopathy we treat the patient (symptoms of the patient) and not the diseases.

Homeopathic medicines are usually prescribed with the onset of complaints, characteristic symptoms with respect to appetite, thirst, shivering, restless, urine, stools habits and character of the disease and its exciting cause etc. A well selected remedy quickly supports the body mechanism and clears the complaints at the earliest.

In Homeopathy, medicines are not going to act against the disease or killing bacteria or virus directly, and diagnosis with lab investigations and causative factor are less important. Patients diagnosed having Chikungunya can be easily treated by increasing the immune mechanism with Homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathic remedies make the patient more comfortable by stimulating the immune mechanism which helps their body to fight the infection, which is called the natural law of cure. Homeopathy plays the major role by increasing the resistance power.

The resistance is sought to be improved by giving no chance or recurrence due to re-infection of the same bacteria or virus. One can feel the well-being sensation while being treated with Homeopathic medicines. Consult a qualified Homeopathic doctor and take treatment at the earliest before it is too late.

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