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Homeopathy Cure Dengue From Sri Lanka News

Homoeopathy cures dengue

Dr Yasmin FAZLI

Dengue mosquitoes usually bite during the day time. Mosquitoes become infected when they bite infected humans and later transmit infection to other people they bite. They breed in artificial accumulation of fresh water, such as broken bottles and tins, flower pots, coconut shell, tree holes etc.

Dengue Fever is also known as Breakbone fever. The symptoms of Classical dengue fever as the onset is sudden with chills and high fever raised from 102 to 105 degrees and continued about three-five days, intense headache, severe muscle and backbone pain, vomiting, reddish eye, and oedema on face etc. The fever lasts for five-seven days after which the recovery is usually complete.

Dengue Haemorrhagic fever is the severe form of Dengue fever caused by infection of double Dengue virus. The first infection sensitizes the patient and the second appears to produce immunological catastrophe.

Clinical manifestations

a)Fever - acute onset-continues-lasting for two-seven days; ;

b) Liver enlargement and tenderness. Pain feels at pressure on liver.

c) Nausea and vomiting, abdomen pain,

d) Severe pain on whole body especially in backbone and joints.

e) Haemorrhage- Bleeding under skin.-Bleeding from nose.-Gum bleeding.-Blood in vomiting.

Blood in stool.

f) Retro-orbital (behind the eye) pain

g) Rash - may appear over most of the body three to four days after the fever begins

Most people who develop dengue fever recover completely within two weeks. Some, however, may go through several weeks of feeling tired and/or depressed.

Others develop severe bleeding problems. This complication, dengue haemorrhagic fever, is a very serious illness which can lead to shock (very low blood pressure) and is sometimes fatal, especially in children and young adults.

This can be diagnosed by blood test of Leucocyte, platelets count, haemocrit with serological test are important to diagnose dengue fever. But in epidemic situation every patient having high fever is required to suspect for dengue fever unless other cause for the fever is identified.

To help with recovery, health care experts recommend;

a) Getting plenty of bed rest.

b) Drinking lots of fluids.

c) Taking medicine immunity.

Homoeopathic management Homeopathy has proven to be a potent and effective system for healing individuals. Individualizing each remedy to the person being treated has been the essence of its methodology.

Homeopathy greatest asset, though, may be in individualizing treatments for larger totalities, such as the collective symptoms of epidemic diseases rather than treating each person with that disease individually.

Homoeopathic system of medicine can treat and prevent dengue fever and dengue haemorrhagic fever by immuno-modulation of the patients without any side and adverse effects.

Homeopathy has been used successfully in the other countries apart from India in past. The selection of homoeopathic drugs in these cases depends upon the individual response to infection and virulence of the virus.

The symptomatology of the patients those who are having dengue fever and dengue haemorrhagic are studied to decide about the curative and preventive homoeopathic medicines for any patient as well as epidemic as a whole.

These medicines can be safely used in every patient along with the general treatment being given by the allopathic doctors.

In dengue the blood platelet count drops very rapidly and homoeopathic medicines can make the platelet count to rise in twenty four hours.

To prevent the infection of dengue virus, social awareness and control of mosquitoes is the foremost.

The environment should be clean, water tanks and containers should be covered and mosquito nets should be used. If there is fever immediately consult a qualified Homoeopathic doctors, if required get hospitalised for proper observation and take Homoeopathic treatment.

The writer is a Consultant Homoeopath from Colombo 6, Sri Lanka

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Demam Denggi adalah salah satu penyakit yang banyak menyerang penduduk Sri Lanka. Rawatan Homeopathy adalah salah satu rawatan alternatif yang amat berkesan untuk merawat kes-kes Denggi di Sri Lanka. Hal ini telah diperakui oleh Dr Yassmin dan Dr Latiff di Sri Lanka

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