Thursday, August 12, 2010

WHO view on Acupuncture Effective For Osteoarthritis

Acupuncture effective for Osteoarthritis - WHO

Needle your joints: Both the United Nations World Health Organisation (55) and an expert panel of the National Institutes of Health (56) (NIH) consider acupuncture effective for treating osteoarthritis. The NIH panel analysed six studies. Five showed that compared with placebo treatment, acupuncture produced significant improvement (57). Here's a sampling:

At the University of Maryland, Dr. Hochberg prescribed mainstream treatment for 58 people with osteoarthritis of the knee. Half also received acupuncture (two sessions a week for eight weeks). The standard-treatment group experienced no improvement, but those receiving acupuncture reported significantly less pain and disability. (58)

Danish researchers divided 29 people awaiting surgery for a total of 42 arthritic knees into two groups. One received acupuncture; the other, no treatment. After six months, the acupuncture group had significantly less pain, and greater range of motion. Then the control group began receiving acupuncture. Six months later, compared with baseline, the participants reported 80 per cent relief of knee stiffness. Seven participants responded so well that they no longer needed surgery, saving $9,000 (U.S.) per operation. (59).

Points used depend on the affected joints. Acupuncturists often needle the opposite joint. If your right knee is the problem, they may needle your left to move chi (life force) from the healthy part to the weak part.

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