Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Message from Vice President Asian Homeopathic Medical league - AHML

Message From The President

This is to inform all our friends that we are organizing the 18 th AHML , 29 th National & 8 th International Conference on Homeopathy and Complementary Medicine at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 4 - 5th October 2009

As this is consirede as the biggest event for alternative / Complementary Medicine for this year we shall be very happy to invite you and your friends to this prestigious International Conference.

We all know that complementary medicine is an important component of human civilization. In the history of human and social development, it has made significant contribution to the growth and prosperity of all nations of the world. Today it is still playing a due role in the peoples's medical and health care service. The World Health Organization-WHO has attached a great importance to the application of traditional and complementary medicine, education, research and development all over the world, as it has reach a new level and made great contribution to the people health.

Our research center of education in complementary medicine through The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia and with the help from the state and federal government of Malaysia, through Ministry of Health, has been consistently attaching a great importance to the exchange of cooperation of TCM and Complementary Medicine among countries, and positively promoting the application and development of TCM/ Complementary medicine in this country.

The purpose of this ICHCM 2009 is to enhance the cooperation among health workers, NGO's and governemnt of different countries, promote the unity of TCM medical practitioners of various countries, exchange the knowledge, cultural and scientific program, etc.

May I take this opportunity to invite and welcome all of you together in this coming International Conference on Homeopathy & Complementary Medicine at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 4 - 5th Oct., 2009

I have no doubt that with the application and development of TCM in this region and other part of the globe, the peoples's Health care in 21st century will turn to a new chapter. Let us join together whole-heartedly in this ICHCM and make it a great success.

See you at Kuala Lumpur 4 - 5th Oct 2009

Selamat datang - Welcome

Yours truly,

Prof Dr Nik Omar
Chairman ICHC Malaysia 2009

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