Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lung cancer Cured

Miracle Healing Through Homeopathy

Lung Cancer Cured

Last 30 years (1977) we had a special healing prayer. My father told us a very interesting story during our Hari Raya Gartering that I wanted to share with you.

He told us that a gentleman came to his clinic in early morning and invited my father to his house to treat a young boy who was critically ill. The lungs were badly damaged and the allopathic doctors confirmed that this boy is suffering from ‘Lung cancer’. The boys are dying at home for 2 months, coughing and vomiting of pure blood every now and than. He was very thin just like ‘starvation boys in Africa’
He was admitted in hospital for one month without any progress and was discharge without any sign of improvement. The parent has called three private allopathic practitioners to their house and almost all of them says ‘nothing’ that they can do, except just ‘wait and see’

On arriving at the house, my father goes direct to the boy’s bed and found out that about 15 people around him administer rite of “ Surah Yassin”. While my father was at the boy’s house, he has seen the boy has vomited half cup of blood every time he start coughing. He stayed for one hour and have seen that the boy has vomited more than three cups of blood.

After doing a careful case taking, my father gave him” Ipecac 3c to be followed by ‘Phos 30c’ bid for 5 days. However, he was curious what happened to the boy and called their parent in few days and asked about the boys.

Their parent told my father " Sir, ( Prof Dr Nik Omar ) we don't understand what happened, while he was in desperately very ill and dying, after taking you medication and prayers ‘ Solat-tu-Hajjat’ his conditioned are perfectly fine and no more coughing and no more vomiting “

This boy turn 30 now are still alive at Kg Chempaka, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.

I found this story very uplifting and wanted to share it with you. I believe in the healing power of Allah and the Miracle Cure of Homeopathy.

In conclusion: What ever disease that you or your family is suffering, don’t give up. Let us try Homeopathy. Homeopathy is the last hope for desperately dying patient.

Reported by: Nik Fairuz Hakim, BHMS, DAc.(Colombo)., D.Ac(Kel)

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