Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Testimonial of Homeopathy

International Homeopathic Conference in Malaysia organised by MRHP, FAHOM & AHML under the Cahirmanship of Prof Dr Nik Omar

Our entire family has been tremendously helped by Classical Homeopathy. First my wife sought our Homeopathy for depression because there were many side effects with anti-depressants. She found antidepressants were a temporary fix at best, as where homeopathy allowed her body to naturally grow stronger to where she is coping much better on her own now.

Then, my 2 year old daughter suffered from the typical childhood ear infections, doctors wanted to overwhelm her with antibiotics, causing more health issues. Homeopathy really helped her, as well, grow stronger and healthier.
So I decided maybe if homeopathy helped my family so much then maybe it can help with my migraines. I was definitely impressed. No pain relievers helped my migraines but homeopathy has worked for me. The headaches have decreased and I am now a firm believer in homeopathy. Our family will turn to homeopathy to deal with any of its health needs.

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Under the Presidentship of Dr Nik Omar, Malaysia is gaining popularity in Homeopathy. He is one of the senior most homeopath in Asean country