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A Case of Psorasis

A Case of Psoriasis

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A fifty two years old male presented with severe scaling and peeling of skin since four years. The lesions are more on face, hands, chest, back, both legs. The lesions started first from nose. The lesions are reddish and silvery scaling. Some lesions showed bleeding spots. Itching < night and undressing. Intense burning after scratching Additionally he had breathlessness < cold air, after midnight, dust, winter.

Personal History

He was an Indian Military servant, now under suspension following some irregularities in attending his duties. He is a perfectionist and suspicious over many things. He used to tell some illegal connections between the officers and even the politicians. Married and lives with his wife and son. After suspension he used to tell imaginary stories with day to day news updates and events. He is restless, anxious and fears about his illness. The lesions bother more than his respiratory complaints. Takes bath twice and changes his dress twice daily

Past History

Tendency to take cold treated with modern and Ayurvedic drugs.
Had dyspeptic symptoms after taking packed food, cheese, layssy.
Had urticarial rashes after an insect bite, when he was 12 years old, treated with modern drugs

Family History
Sister had similar problem, Father had depression, and Mother has DM, under treatment.

Treatment History
Initially had Siddha, Ayurvedic, Homoeopathic and finally Allopathic Medicine. Had tried topical applications and steroidal preparations. Uses inhalers and bronchodilators for breathlessness.}

Physical Generals

Appetite : Normal

Thirst : Normal

Stool : Normal

Urine : Normal

Sweat : Profuse, all over

Sleep : Disturbed

Food Type : Vegetarian

Desire : Sweets

Aversion : Nothing particular
Has the habit of tea, coffee

Mental Generals
Mental, intellectual state of mind is anxious, very sensitive and emotional


Erythrodermic Psoriasis
Scaly erythematous patches with desquamation in large sheets. Secondary infections with pustules makes diagnosis of “Erythrodermic Psoriasis”or “Exfoliative psoriasis”. Miasmatically the sycotic miasm is dominant in this case and psoric manifestations are active.

We need a prescription based on the surface miasm psora, a remedy which covers the dominant miasm sycosis. More over the remedy will be preferable which matches the whole totality and also constitution

First prescription 01/08/06

Ars 1m tds followed with placebo for fifteen days

Psoriasis is an incurable disease as termed by the scientific community, but homoeopathy could break the misconception by application of dynamic, energized pills and eradicate completely. In this case the suitable similimum is a polycrest which covered the entire varieties of prescription adapted by homoeopathic prescriptions. The remedy fits constitution, totality and deeply the miasmatic background of the dynamic noxious influence. The suitable similimum has helped for further recurrences with very low intensity and later no recurrence at all.

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