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Miasm In Practice

Miasms in practice

The concept of miasm is one among the most controversial topic in homoeopathy. Many state that it is nothing but the microorganisms and few opinions that it is only a dyscrasia and disposition. We also study about the evolution of miasm and the Germ theory of disease is linked in understanding the infectious nature of the disease.

We find difficult to cure a chronic disease, even though a correct similium applied to that particular case. Such cases respond successfully to a follow up prescription which knowingly or unknowingly covering the miasmatic layer.

Hahnemann also faced failures in treating the chronic disease; he was geared to find the solution after 12 years of experiment, contributed the theory of chronic disease. He emphasizes to handle the chronic disease by understanding the miasm. He visualized miasm as a cloud that obstructing the pathway of cure.

He also explained well about the mode of infection through nerves, which could alter the vital force, which lays foundation for understanding the central equilibrium today, applying the action in the nervous, immune, endocrine systems and resulting changes in psyche with individuality.

We hold different types of prescription, which varies from case to case, but practically understanding the miasmatic layers will enable a physician to be very successful in a chronic disease. Miasmatic prescription is a constitutional prescription which brings the original state and understanding of the disease.

Many pioneers confess that they had been successful in treating the incurable disease and also one sided diseases, which gives exclusive name and fame to homoeopathy.

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