Saturday, September 5, 2009

News About Chikungunya Treatment From India

Cirrcular letter to all my doctor-students and former patients who got
cured completely of Chikungunya disease with one single dose prescribed
by me during 2007-2008.

Sub: Treatment for Swine Flu, Chikungunya etc.
By V. Krishnamurthy, India

During the years 2007-2008 lakhs and lakhs of Chikungunya victims had been completely and permanently cured with one single dose of the homoeopathic remedy called Polyporus Pinicola-10,000X. (Rate of success: more than 97%)

The undersigned was the first homoeopathic practitioner to find out and tell the name of this homoeopathic medicine being almost a specific for chikungunya. For nearly six months I had done individual and independent research by going through medical records of hospitals and nursing homes in India and abroad and by paying fifty staff and interviewing thousands of Chikungunya victims. At last I could find out Polyporus Pinicola, being almost a specific remedy for chikungunya.. Prior to my finding, all homoeopaths had been giving more than one remedy for weeks with 25% temporary relief only. In that work I had spent about fifty lakhs of rupees. It is most unfortunate that no credit had been given nor any honour made to me for my hard work.. Be that as it may.

Those patients who got cured of chikungunya 1-2 years ago and also homoeopathic and other medical practitioners who had successfully cured chikungunya victims with one single dose of Polyporus Pinicola, are now writing me and inquiring over phone as to what is to be done for the dreaded Swine Flue prevalent today all over India .

If any rich person or institution or government department comes forward to pay me about seventy-five lakhs of rupees I can work by employing persons and in two or three weeks I can find out and reveal the name of a homoeopathic medicine for swine flu, useful both as a preventive and curative in one single dose, and declare its name openly to the world as I had done in the case of chikungunya disease.

After spending more than a month with the help of fifty part-time and full-time employees I have identified an ancient herbal formula both for treatment as well as prevention of Swine Flu.

To get this herbal remedy you may send money order or bank draft for Rs.500 (Rupees five hundred only) (overseas: US$ 23=00 or Euro 21=00) to the following address.

Dr. V. Krishnamurthy, Raman House, Old No.21, Kuppaiah Street, West Mambalam,
Chennai - 33, India . Please avoid phone callsWe have no e-mail please.

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