Saturday, September 5, 2009

Papers To be Presented at 18th International Conference On Homeopathy at Kuala Lumpur 4-5 Oct 2009

4th Oct 2009

11.15 am - Working Papers

1. Reconstruction of water Molecules in Homeopathic
Potencies and their Effect on Protein Molecules by Dr
Anirban Sukul, India

2. “Dynamic Science” The New Science that Explains the Scientificity of
Homeopathy, Spirituality and Help in the Understanding, Prevention and
Management of Cancer - By Dr Kudiyat, Phillipine

3. Evidence Based Pilot Study on The Role of
Homeopathic Drugs in Cases of Kidney Stones by
Dr Girish Gupta

4. The Logic Understanding Homeopathy /
Complementary Medical practice by Dr Al Mitri
5. Jabat Urut by Dr Din singapore
6. Autism & Homeopathy treatment by Dr Sundradas Singapore


1.00 - Lunch First World Cafe Level 3

2.30 pm - A Ultrasound based Clinical Study of Bening
Enlargement of Prostate in Respond to Homeopathic
Treatment by Dr Allen Nigel, France

2.45 pm - Function of Thyroid Gland and Ovaries Are
Interrrelated by Dr Purnima Shukla, India.

3.00 pm - Effect of Homeopathic Mother Tincture Amygdalus
Persica Folium & Murraya Koenih11 on Diabetes Type
11 by Dr M. Zubeir Qureshi Pakistan.

3.30 pm - Diabetic Ulcers - Their Homeopathic Cure &
Management by Dr C. Weerasekera, Sri Lanka

- Theory and Practice of Homeopathy In Agroculture
by Dr H.U. Gangar, CIRCT, Indian Council of Agriculture

5.00 pm - Discussion Tea Breaks
Free & Easy - Play Roller Coaster
Own Dinner

October 5 th , 2009 ( Monday )

9.30 am - Session 1 start

- Cancer of Lympatic System & Homopathic

- Biological Tumours, fibroids & Cycsts Treated by
Homeopathic treatment by Dr Nik Omar, Malaysia

- The Newly Proved Remedies in Homeopathy - Scientific Classicfication,
Source, Parts Used, Habitat, Totality and clinical Condidtion by Dr
Jawahar Shah, India

- Role of Homeopathic In Modern medicine by Dr
Mohamed Kocabas, Saudi Arabia

10.30 am - Tea Breaks

10.45 - Free Subjects
Efficacy of Homeopathy in The Treatment of Ovarian Cycsts
by Dr Rajesh Gupta & Dr Sapna Gupta

11.00 - Verterinary Homeopathy & TCM, New Potentials of
Alternative Medicine
- Developing and Demonstrating Effectiveness of Homeopathy
and Alternative Medicine In Animal Health by Dr Surjit S Makker

11.15 - Advanced Homeopathy Protocol of Treatment by Dr Kurshal Benerjee

11.45 - Case Record Miracle Cure by Homeopathy by Dr Selvanayagam
Vijayanayagam, Sri Lanka

1.00 Lunch

2.30 pm - 1. Acupuncture Effect on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A
Brain Mapping Study using FMRI by Dr Ali Zailaa,
Australia University

2. Study various Types of Arthritis & Homeopathic
treatment by Sudhansu Sekhar Moharana

- Diabetes Mellitus _ Mental States & Its Role
by Dr Amit M Nimbhorkar

3. Mind , Body With Alternative & Complementary

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