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Papers On Thyroid To be Presented at 18th International Conference On Homeopathy at Kuala Lumpur 4-5 Oct 2009


Function of thyroid gland and ovaries are interrelated .
By Dr Purnima Shukla, India.

Presented at 18th AHML & 8th International Conference on Homeopathy
& Compleentary Medicine 4-5th Oct 2009 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Abnormalities in thyroid function can alter the ovarian function resulting in menstrual disturbances and infertility .

With these considerations present study has

been conducted on 45 cases of infertility at “Purte Priya Memorial” Sri Ram

Medical & Research Centre, Gorakhpur (U.P.) . Out of which 40 were of

primary infertility and 5 cases of secondary infertility . All the cases were

within their reproductive age group with maximum cases in 21-25 years of

age group .

In 40 cases of primary infertility 19 cases (47.5%) had euthyroid level

and 9 cases (22.5%)had high levels and 12 cases (30%) had lower levels .

Out 5 secondary infertility cases 40% had euthyroid levels and 20% had

high levels and 40% had lower levels .

On studying the pattern of menstrual flow in relation to thyroid levels.

It was noticed that majority of cases with high levels of T3, T4 were having

regular menses with scanty flow / amenorrhoea (70%) . Cases with low

levels of T3,T4 has menorrhagia (50%) metrorrhagia (14.282%) where as

euthyroid cases have regular menses with average flow .

Premenstrual endometrial biopsy study in relation to thyroid

hormones it was observed that out of 10 Hyperthyroid cases . 1 case (10%)

had proliferative phase 2 cases had atrophic endometrium where as in14

hypothyroid cases 10 cases were of proliferative phase .1case of atrophic

endometrium meaning thereby a higher incidence of anovulatory cycles in

thyroid disorders .

Medicines were selected on the basis of symptom - similarity with

important drugs such as Thyroidinum, Spongia tosta., Nat. Muir, Calc.

iodide & Fucus ect . All the cases were followed at regular interval . Relief

in 5 cases of menorrhagia were observed in subsequent cycles .Where as in

metrorrhagia (7cases) in 3rd cycle after treatment . In 3 cases of secondry

amenorrhoea therapeutic response was observed in 1 case only .

Out of 12 cases of primary infertility with hypothyroidism . 4 cases

conceived after 6-9 months of therapy and 3 cases after 12-15 months . In

remaining 5 cases 2 cases still under treatment and in 3 cases further follow

up was not possible as they did n’t turn up . Out of 9 cases of primary

infertility with hypothyroidism . 5 cases conceived in 18-42 months of

treatment . 4 cases are still continuing the treatment .

In 5 cases of secondary infertility 2 cases with hypothyroid 1 case with

hypothyroid levels responded to treatment after 12-18 months . In remaining

2 cases with normal thyroid levels and non responsive to treatment other test

were advised to rule out genital tract tuberculosis anti sperm antibody titre

and endometrial glycogen content etc. and means which tuberculinum and

relevant medicines are given in hope to get response .

Key words :- Euthyroid, Hypothyroid, Hyperthyroid, T3, T4, TSH .

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