Friday, June 10, 2011

Trigeminal Neuralgia Cured Using Integrated Medicine

Testimony From Patient

Mr A bin D Age 46 yrs - A Malay Businessman Record No. 5467

First Visit on 3 June 2011 at Our Kuala Lumpur Clinic

CO- severe pain on the left side of the face. GP diagnosed as ' Trigeminal Neuralgia' Suffered since 2003 and under hospital medication. Pain on and off without complete cure.
In 2006 severe attacked again with very painful strike.

" I did acupuncture 6 session at Rawang with a Chinese man and feel very much relief but unfurtunately the man closed the shop and I started to take pain killer again.

In 2011 the pain come back with with degree of pain 9 to 10 time stronger than before. I cannot tolerate the pain , I search internet and found Prof Dr Nik Omar clinic and came here first time on 3 June 2011 and after 5 session of acupuncture externally and one week of homeopathic medicine orally. My pain has goneabout 70 - 80 % and I hope I will get 100% complete cure once I complete all the 10 session of acupuncture with Dr Nik." said Mr Ahmad

Bahasa Melayu
: "Saya mengalami Trigeminal Neuralgia sejak tahun 2003, sakit datang dan pergi namun penyakit tidak sembuh. Hanya bertahan dengan 'pain killer' Hampir setiap tahun saja datang kadang-kadang kuat, kadang-kadang kecil-kecilan. Tahun ini kesakitan saya teramat sangat dan tidak tahan lagi. Nasib baik saya jumpa denga Prof Dr Nik Omar di Internet. Sejak menjalani terapi hmeopathy dan akupunktur dengan beliau sebanyak 5 kali penyakit saya telah hilang antara 70 - 80 %. Saya harap sangat bahawa dalam 10 terapi, penyakit saya akan hilang 100% peratus", kata En Ahmad.

Thank You
Mr Ahmad bin Daud
Kuala Lumpur 10 June 2011

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