Saturday, June 25, 2011

Herpes Genitalis and Homeopathic treatment With Prof Dr Nik Omar

Herpes Genitalis 80 % Cured With Homeopathy Nik Omar

A Testimony

" When I first came for treatment last two week, I felt burning sensation , itchiness and discomfort at my sexual organ especially around the penis region. I have been to a private ordinary western clinic and they said I suffered from ' Herpes genitalis" and the doctor said, There is nothing that they can offer. They advise to try alternative treatment and suggest to see Prof Dr Nik Omar , a homeopath at Kuala Lumpur.
I was so much worried as they said that no medicine for this type of sexual problems.

Last month I have seen Dr Nik Omar and undergone his treatment and Dr Nik has given some small,tiny and sweet globules which I took regularly and after few eeks of taking homeopathi pills, all the symptoms of so called ' herpes' has disappeared and no recurring outbreak happens. I feel almost 80 % cured and happy with it.

Thank you to Prof Dr Nik Omar."

From: HMH Record dated 25 June 2011

Bahasa Melayu:

"Setiap penyakit ada ubat. Jangan dikatakan tidak ada ubat, tetapi kita tidak ketemu ubat," demekian kata-kata Prof Dr Nik Omar dalam ceramah Tajuk Perubatan Alternatif, Dalam Halal Bio ASTRO Oasis Channel 106.

Oleh itu jika anda mempunyai masalah walaupun Kayat kelamin atau herpes Genitalis, cuba lah berusaha untuk mencari ubat, pasti anda akan ketemu. Testimoni diatas telah membuktikan bahawa 'herpes genitalis' boleh dirawat dan boleh disembuhkan !!

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