Friday, June 10, 2011

Fistula In Ano

Photo: According to western medicine, fistula in ano must be operated just like in this picture.

1. Definition

A fistula is an abnormal connection between two epithelial lined surfaces. In this case it is an abnormal connection between the anal canal and the skin surface.

2. Examples of fistulae

* Commonest fistulae- Ear piercing!
* Commonest fistulae in medical practice- entero-enteric fistulae, but many are clinically silent
* Commonest presenting fistula- fistula-in-ano

3. Classification of fistula-in-ano

* Best to classify them according to their relationship to the anal sphincters
* Subcutaneous + submucous - below sphincters
* Low - traverses only the internal sphincter
* High - traverses internal + external sphincter
* Intersphincteric -travels between the two muscles with the opening being at variable levels
* Pelvirectal - opens above the anorectal ring

Fistula In Ano With Homeopathic Medication

If treated in time Fistula In Ano can be treated with great success by homeopathy. Some useful medication are Ac Nit - Head the remedy. I should be given in 200c dilution every week. Soreness and burning pain in the lower bowel, a thin reenish discharge flowing freely from fistula. While beb Vulg - Fistula in ano with bilious symptom and itching of part as if beaten with hammer.

Other useful remedies: Ac Flour., Bacillinum., Silicea, lachesis, Sulph., Calc Phos.,

Bahasa Melayu: Ubat-ubat homeopati cukup baik untuk merawat fistula. Dalam lingkungan 10 terapi biasanya fistula boleh baik tanpa pembedahan. selamat mencuba.

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