Friday, November 2, 2007


Endometriosis; Dysmenorrhoea

Painful Period / Painful Menses

If properly taken, the case of endometriosis or dysmenorrhoea can easily be treated with homeopathic medication.

Many such cases were cured by our senior homeopath throughout the world. Recorded cases of ‘ Endometrosis Cure” can be seen at Homeopathic Trust Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan and also at Central Homeopathic Hospital at Karachi, Pakistan.

For severe endometriosis in normal hospital (allopathic) surgery is the best solution but before you go for surgery homeopathic medicine can be try for few months, if there is no respond with homeopathic medication than surgery is the best choice.

Prof Dr Nik Omar, the founder of Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia, suggest ‘Bellandonna 30c’ must be given for intensely painful period [[either endometriosis or dysmenorrhoea] with constant and violent drawing and bearing down pain. To early and too profuse menses of hot, bright red blood, with offensive clots. Uterine haemorrhage with bearing-down in the back, as if it would break, the violent pains that come suddenly and disappear suddenly and the general picture of ‘Bell’ decide.

“Trillium Pen” should be given where profuse and premature flow or utrine haemorrhages, during climaxis, with gushing of bright red blood on least movement.
“ Erigeron” indicate where alarmingly profuse flooding of bright red blood especially

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