Friday, November 2, 2007

Heart , Diseases

Affection of The Heart
Diseases of The Heart

Dr E.A. Farirngton a great homeopath an ex Professor of Materia Medica at the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia USA suggest “Aconite Nap’” should be remembered for cardiac congestion; hyperemia preceding Peri-carditis of Endo-carditis with fever, mental anxiety, oppression, palpitation, worse walking; stitches, preventing erect posture or deep inspiration.
Angina pectoris, with intense pain down left arm, with numbness and tingling in fingers. Uncomplicated hypertrophy. Fear he will drop dead in the street.

Dr Alook Pareek of Agra, India suggest “Apis” for cardiac inflammation and dropsy, hydro-thorax; unable to lie down; as if could not draw another breath; feeling as though going to die with sudden stinging pains, dysponea and restlessness.

Dr Mehmet Kocabas of Saudi Arabia recommended “ Arg Nit for constant cardiac anxiety, violent palpitation and throbbing through the whole body from slightest emotion, worse in horizontal position, better when walking fast.

Ac Nik Fairuz suggest “ Cimicifuga’ for angina pectoris, maltral valve blockage with pain radiate all over the chest, numbness of let arm. Beside that he uses integrated medicine with 3 ‘Acupuncture Points’ such as ‘Pericardium P6, Heart 4, Lung 7’ which give very good and prompt result.

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