Friday, November 2, 2007

Problem of Ovary

Ovaralgia, Dysmenorrhoe, Menorrhagia

Vascular system of ovaries in powerfully affected, producing much congestion, enlargement and great irritation, with ovalralgia, dysmenorrhoea and especially menorrhagia.

Ovaries are inflamed, irritable, sensitive and swollen, with constant burning distress and painful from left ovary to uterus ; often a sharp pain cutting like knives, shoots around the hip down the legs with great rapidity, and makes walking painful – has to limp.

Uterus prolapsed, cervix swollen, sensitive, spongy, bleeds when touched. Oozing of the dark blood, highly coagulated, forming long, and black. Stingy clots with extreme pain during the period, which is rather too early.

Menses profuse, too long lasting, come in gushes of bright red blood, especially when rising from seat, but more frequent dark, clotted, fetid and stringy blood.

Homeopathic medicine recommended

‘Ustilago, L.C., Brom., Lyco., Lachesis., , Arg. Nit., Aurum Nur., Graph., Apis., Thuja

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