Friday, November 2, 2007

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Swelling of glands
Glandular Swelling

If treated earlier with homeopathic remedies, glandular swelling will be reduce immediately. It is better to treat earlier when the swelling is small, rather than at late stage.

Dr Mohd Nasir, Secretary of MRHP Malaysia suggest ‘Conium” for gland enlarges, stony hard, with little or no pain. Useful in beginning of Carcinoma. Especially indicated after injuries to glands – mammary, axillary, testicles – when they become hard and indurated.

Homeopath Dr Zaharah Loman prefer “ Graphite 200c’ for scrofulous swelling of cervical and lymphatic glands, with pain and sensitiveness, in patients who look fat, but are not healthy, with rough, harsh, dry skin and a tendency to eczema and to take cold easily.

Dr Girish Gupta from Lucknow says “ Cistuc Canadensis” should be given for malignant diseases of the glands of neck and submaxillary glands, with caries of the jaw; gland inflamed, indurated and ulcerated.

“Belladonna” indicated for inflammation of glands and lymphatics to be follow up by “ Hepar Sulph and Merc Sol”

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