Friday, November 2, 2007

Tips of Getting Baby

Tips of Getting Baby
For Childless Couple

According to our HTI P2000 technique

• Must be a satisfactory intercourse technique
• The time of coitus is a simple, but important factor in achieving conception
• Minimum frequency of coitus 2 time a week
• Normal frequency of coitus 4-5 time a week
• The most important part of male examination is semen analysis
• Sperm velocity may be the most important predictor of fertility
• Fertility is maximum in woman between 19 to 25 years of age
• You may try HTI P2000 technique after failed to conceive within one year of marriage
• A woman’s normal ovulatory cycle is more likely to achieve conception than an induced cycle
• The life span of sperm in the female is about 3 days
• The life span of ovum is about 12 – 24 hours if not fertilized
• Dyspareunia is an important factor in causation of infertility
• The embryo transfer may be accomplished IVF with embryo between the development of 2 – 8 cells.
• HTI P2000 is considered as one of the latest alternative method of getting baby through homeopathy [ refer our web above ]
• Conception cannot occur without ovulation of an oocyte
• A change of prostaglandin content in seminal ejaculate may suggest dysfunction of seminal vesicles and may have a prognostic value in determining fertilizing factor.
• Concertration of FSH of less that 40 mIU/ml clearly indicate the presence of oocyte.
• Concentration of more than 100 m IU/L indicate a lack of oocyte with virtual certainity.
• If the testicular biopsy shows complete degeneration and atrophy of testicles the patient may be pronounced sterile.
• Life of sperm for fertilization is 48 hours
• Most common cause of secondary sterility is tubal block
• Pots coital test is used to detect antibodies in cervical mucus
• Following tests in diagnosis of ovulation; vaginal smear examination, spinnbarkeit, endometrial biopsy, basal body temperature chart.
• Mucus is thick after ovulation
• Raise in basal body temperature is due to progestogen
• Ovarian failure is diagnosed by increased FSH & Decreased Oestrogen
• The side effect of clomiphene is multiple pregnancy, increased in weight [obesity]

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