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Fits , Epilepsy

Epilepsy / Fits

Sawan / Gila Babi

Epilepsy is also called ‘ fits’ by lay man. The onset is frequently sudden with patient first emitting a loud cry that is followed by a loss of consciousness. Generalised convulsions, lockjaw, cyanosis, foaming at the mouth (sometimes blood comes out of the mouth if the tongue or lips have been bitten). For a few minutes the patients enters a stuporous sleep.
Upon awakening, the patient has a headache, and experiences a mental fatigue, generalized pain and discomfort and does not remember anything about the epileptic attack.

In chronic cases the attack of fits occurs daily or one that take place every few days, or few weeks or few month. In some cases attack occurs several times during a day after sometime the attack keep on increasing by weeks and months.

Please take note that: Attack vary from patient to patient. Most often they come without warning. The patient fall unconscious, he may cry out and not be aware he has done so.

Homeopathic medication responded well with epileptic cases are:

Dr J T Kent of USA suggests ‘ Arg Nit’ for fearful, nervous, low spirited, easily discouraged and frightened.

Dr Che Musa, The AJK MRHP Pusat, says “ Bufo Rana’ suit epilepsy which arise from fright or self-abuse (masturbation)

Nik Faiaruz Hakim recommended “Belladonna’ especially indicated in acute epilepsies with cerebral symptoms where the face becomes flushed. It is probably suitable to an attack of epilepsy with loss of consciousness.

Dr Sajjad Hassan Khan, ex President of Asian Homeopathic Medical League –AHML suggest “ Cauticum’ where a mild form of epilepsy ( petit mal) and the patient falls while walking in open air but soon recovers> And it is also useful when attacks occur a new moon.

Prof Dr Nik Omar suggests ‘ Cuprum Met’ should be given for epileptic attack which is accompanied by convulsion and spasms, and is most curative for fits or epilepsy occurring in childhood. This is a deep acting and a valuable remedy in homeopathy practice. It is also useful for nocturnal (at night) epilepsy, when the fits occur at regular intervals, such as the menstrual periods.

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