Friday, November 2, 2007

Gonorrhoea / Veneral Diseases

Gonorrhoea / Veneral Diseases -VD

Raja Singa

Prof Dr Nik Omar , a homeopathic specialist in Malaysia recommended “ Canthris 200c’ should be given when the inflammation has spread to the bladder with intense tenesmus, urine scalds him and is passed drop by drop, with extreme pain and intolerable tenesmus; the entire urethral canal scalds and burns before, during and after maturation; urine is often mixed with blood and discharge is yellow or bloody mucus-pus. “ Merc Sol and Merc Cor to be follow up by “ Canthris” when the discharge become worse at night and is green purulent.

If the burning is more violent, burning and swelling “Merc Cor and Cannabis Sativa” should be given. If the discharge is yellow, white like cream or thick and purulent “ Capsicum 200c, especially the penis is sensitive. “ Cann Indica” should be given when urination is painful with increased sexual desire.

The effect of VD is very long and it can be domain for years if not treated carefully. So it is advice to take a proper treatment once you get gonorrhoea, or any other VD’s
Some of the known effect of gonorrhoea are impotency, premature ejaculation, shrinking of penis, forgetfulness, psychological problems, etc.

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