Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bypass - Heart Operation

How Long Will My Bypass Grafts Last ?
By THLee

HOW LONG does a coronary graft last ? It depends on where your grafts came from. The most common sources are leg veins ( the saphenous veins), arteries that supply the chest ( the internal mammary artery), and arteries from arm ( the radial artery)

Grafts made from leg veins tend to become blocked by cholesterol-filled plague and blood clots over times, so that half or more close up within 10 years.

Grafts made from internal mammary arteries resist such blockages and most stay open for 20 years or more. Graft made from radial arteries fall somewhere in between.

Why aren'tinternal mammary arteries used for all bypass grafts ? For one thing, each of us is born with only two of these, and many people need two, three, or more bypass grafts. Using both internal mammary arteries could compromise blood supply to the chest wall.

In addition, they are relatively short, usually reaching only the front part of the heart. That's why most people have their blockages bypassed with a combination of internal mammary and asphenous vein or radial artery grafts.
If you have vein grafts, do't feel like your clock is tickling beased on these numbers. In many people, as vein grafts narrow, the heart responds by growing new blood vessels that can compensate for the reduced blood flow.

One thing you can do to nurture the growth of these collateral vessels in excercise regularly. If you do this and take care of your heart in other ways, the chances are good that even if your vein graft blocks, neither you nor your heart will notice it - Harvard Health Letters.

Pembedahan Pintasan Koronari: Di Malaysia Hari Ini, pembedahan jantung secara bypass merupakan suatu pembedahan yang lumrah dan hampir 99% kejayaan telah dicapai oleh pakar-pakar bedah di Malaysia. Ya 15 - 20 thaun dahlu memang kita bergantung kepada pakar-pakar bedah antarabangsa untuk mebuat pintasanb koronari, tetpai hari ini, pembedahan seumpama ini begitu mudah dan selesa dapat dilakukan di Malaysia dengan aman.
Pakar-pakar bedah kita kini setanding, malah boleh diperakui adakalanya lebih baik dari pakar-pakar bedah luar negara.
Contoh Mantan Perdana Menteri Malaysia Dr Mahadir Mohammed sendiri melakukan pembedahan bypass dengan pakar bedah Malaysia dan beliau kekkal sihat sehingga ke hari ini.

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