Thursday, September 18, 2008

Eczema & Homeopathic Treatment

Here are some guide for the treatment of eczema with homeopathic medication.

Rawatan Homeopati Untuk penyakit Eczema

* Eczema is intense burning and itching, aggravated by washing or scaratching. The skin is is rough and coarse, dry and scaly. Fiery redness of all the orifices, eyelids, ears, etc. Very offensive odour from the body. Sinking at the pit of the stomach. hands and head hot. Aggravation of irritation from heat of bed covers, pillows etc. Eczema caused by hair dyes. The patient is usually dirty and untidy.- Sulphur.

* Eczema on the back of hand, Bakre's eczema. Moist eczema in the bends of knoees, appearing during the full moon. Frequently in women who suffer from dysmenorrhoea.- Bovista.

* Chronic eczema dry and scaly on the scalp, face, crust over the scalp with dandruff, hair fall out. Eczema at aelbow, knee , around the ears.

Please Note: Even in homeopathy it is not essy to treat eczema, there is no cure in western medicine for eczema The allopathic medication normally prescribe very strong drugs - prednosolone or dexamatosone to suppres

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nataliya said...

Natural oils are used for soothing and itching. One can apply olive oil and avocado oil directly to the scalp. Keep this on body for half and hour and than remove this with gentle or natural shampoo. Do this every couple of days for best results. While this mixture may not completely clear your eczema but it is very effective that will reduce itching. There are some best eczema remedies in Internet.